What Is Almoney Bid? Scam or Legit -Know for Sure!

By | June 17, 2018

AlMoney Bid Exposed!



Be Certain on What Is Almoney Bid before Joining them.

Anyone asking What Is Almoney Bid has just saved themselves a lot of time. We will answer as well Is Almoney. Bid tricking money out of people? Is Al Money Bid a good and generous ptc paying site? This is the first Almoney Bid review online. We will also try to know owners identity, work along with pay out data. To save you some time, we are just going to tell you straight:- ALMONEY IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM! Below is all the reasons why believe so. Read to the bottom of this article to find out how to earn a six figure income a month without a start up fee!



Company:- http://almoney. bid.

Created:- 29-03-2018. Expires – same time 2019.

Owner:- Unknown.

Price:- Free to join but they try to charge to cash out.

Scam/Legit:- Nothing but a SCAM – don’t waste your time.

#1 Recommendation:- Bottom of this article.




Almoney Bid Work, Pay and their Not-So-Secret-History Online.

Need a List of Internet Scammers?

Almoney Bid is going into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.

Let us start off with their ‘secret’ history first – its just more fun that way 🙂 .

The secret-scammers behind Almoney Bid have been making copious amounts of these as copies of each other. They are identical barring URL and Site logo. Sometimes there maybe other minor differences like paid out figures.

Operators have been manufacturing such PTC sites since 2014! They come in three languages-

  1. Russian.
  2. German.
  3. English.

There are now 1060 copies in English. These sites are released routinely every couple of weeks and each one is set to last one year. Some only last for a few weeks to a few months – but most seem to do very well for traffic and scamming people financially. Because no one can trace them then no one can find the real people. This is the whole problem with the Internet!!



Take a quick look below to view the sites we have exposed by these scammers. They are all evidence that Almoney Bid is 100% SCAM:-


  1. akomoneyclub.
  2. atmoney bid.
  3. opymoney bid.
  4. ewumoney club.
  5. enymoney site.
  6. ugamoney bid.
  7. audmoney site.
  8. olmoney club.
  9. enamoney site.
  10. fsamoney bid.
  11. ugmoney win.
  12. eromoney win.
  13. afmoney win.
  14. satmoney win.
  15. ukmoney win.
  16. ummoney win.
  17. elmoney club.
  18. afumoney club.
  19. nonmoney bid.
  20. yxmoney bid.
  21. ydmoney bid.
  22. edmoney site.
  23. elmoney win.
  24. akmoney win.
  25. ubmoney win.
  26. agmoney bid.
  27. utemoney club.
  28. etimoney bid.
  29. oxmoney win.
  30. ogmoney win.
  31. opmoney win.
  32. avmoney win.
  33. yhmoney win
  34. ovmoney win.
  35. epmoney win.
  36. abamoney bid.
  37. fawmoney site.
  38. ebomoney win.
  39. ocemoney bid.
  40. ubemoney site.
  41. ammoney win.
  42. agmoney site.
  43. uxmoney win.
  44. osmoney win.
  45. ommoney win.
  46. ifmoney win.
  47. exmoney win.
  48. asmoney win.
  49. uvmoney win.
  50. odmoney win.
  51. ytmoney win.
  52. ygmoney win.
  53. olomoney site.
  54. ewmoney win.
  55. ekmoney win.
  56. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  57. ehmoney site.
  58. obamoney win.
  59. ormoney win.
  60. emumoney club.
  61. arimoney bid.
  62. immoney club.
  63. ubamoney club.
  64. duomoney site.
  65. otmoney club.
  66. atmoney win.
  67. ecamoney site.
  68. aqmoney win.
  69. epomoney club.
  70. ozumoney site. efomoney win. termoney bid. ucemoney bid, netmoney 2017. ycamoney win, apimoney win.exumoney club, .

*Those are linked reviews and all should open in a new browser window. Do report all experiences of being scammed in the comments below. Should you know of another one then we would appreciate you letting everyone know. We will try to expose them for you on page 1 of Google.




They offer mind-numbingly easy work for genius pay. Imagine, nearly $500 a day for click on ads!! All who apply are accepted globally with only an email address. They fail to ask for email confirmation either which was something that struck me the first time I signed up to one of the sites to investigate.

All money per clicks are sent to your member account where you can observe it totting up. This is only to convince you work on.



Referrals and the huge commissions.

Members are advised to make many referrals to make even more easy free money. Simply sharing one’s affiliate link to social media ensures other will be scammed as well. In many instances members are pulling in their own family and friends.

Those you refer and start to work and earn then it seems you are making some extra money from their efforts. Problem here is the logic is all wrong!

All members are promised 10c an ad. Now 5c is to go to you! Where does the 5c go to so your sign up gets 10c an ad? Now we see their money system does not make sense as it is getting into debt according to their work offer. Obviously, no one’s getting paid anyways.



Daily Take Home Pay.

All promises of getting paid via PayPal, Bank Account, Card, Western Union are utterly bogus!!

These companies have a reputation to maintain and would quickly be investigated if they are knowingly dealing with online fraudsters. So we see how none of those legit ways may not be possible in most instances.

The pay you are offered is minimum $150 a day. This is easy to get very close to $500 a day. Then they are saying you can earn $4800 a month! Why not 1 MILLION A MONTH?! Both figures are ridiculous because ad clicks, in reality, only pay out from fractions of a cent to 3c a time. That is all!! PTC Industry is slave wages anyways and should be considered illegal.



How They Scam You.

Eliminate Self Doubt in Making Money Online

These guys will leave you high and dry.

Everyone is allowed to ask for their easy-earned money by application. Then you see verification to process your cash takes a long time. So you decide, perhaps, to take the quicker way and pay the $10. Then you maybe surprised, and suspicious, when they are asking for a $9! All bad news. They are only trying to rob you before you are kicked out.

I mean, you have already made them some money by clicking on some ads. This is tantamount to free labor.

No one is able to close their account.

All personal info maybe sold onto cyber-crooks for a profit.


Those looking for a real way to earn online may have a look below for further info. Those that are not interested then we say thank you coming by and we hope you all the success online. Just remember, we offer a real to earn online that does not require a credit card to start with free training and websites.






How To Earn Online Without Scams.

Quite simply review our #1 Approved Online Program to learn how to earn a six figure income each month.

Below is our table to compare with the site we have just exposed. You wills see what is on offer – Free to Start!




I can personally mentor anyone up to a huge level of success over time. Should you be teachable then I can personally help you live a financially free life


OK! Enough from me. Your options are below and I wish you all the success in the world whatever you decide to do. Thanks for coming by to find out What Is Almoney Bid.






Or, click the image below for our full review into our #1 Approved Online Program:-



Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.






Please feel free to share this article with your family and friends. We are very much looking forward to all of you comments to come. You may also report a scam to the citizensadvice.org.




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