What Is AkoMoney Bid? Scam or Legit – Find Out Here!

By | June 16, 2018

AkoMoney Bid Exposed



Fully Investigating to Answer What Is AkoMoney Bid.

Congrats to those that researched first possibly asking What Is AkoMoney Bid before joining them. We will also answer Is AkoMoney. Bid fishing to make victims out of members? Is AkoMoney Bid sincere in their work offer? This AkoMoney Review is going to set the record straight on all that and try to find out who this PTC site, lay out the work and the pay. Let us begin by saying that we know 100% without that AkoMoney is a pure scam. No Doubt on this!! We will also say they have more copies of ‘Ako’ than any website online has had the ability to keep up with to expose.

We know all too well this is going to be bad news for some. However, there is a silver lining in that we do have an opportunity to help all those interested to earn full time incomes online, with time and effort of course. We will leave good info and links at the bottom of this article. Let us begin!



Company:- HTTP://akomoney. bid.

Created:- 01-06-2018.

Owners:- Unknown.

Origins:- Russia.

Price:- Free to Join but must pay to try to cash out.

Scam/Legit:- A Scam – No Doubt on this issue. We are simply warning you be all.

#1 Recommendation:- Bottom of this article.




The Nitt-Gritty on What Is AkoMoney Bid, Owners, Work and Pay Data.

Need a List of Internet Scammers?

AkoMoney Bid is going into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.

We know already THAT we don’t know who the owners are – lol – it does makes sense 🙂 . But also they don’t even have a legit address or email for support. The only email available is on the site and you will, if you Google it, see that their support member email is linked to many online scams.

The owners, as stated, are from Russian. We also know they make these sites in English, Russian (of course) and German. 1060 English copies exist up to the date of this post.


Below is a small list of the sites, by same scam owners, as AkoMoney Bid which have been released this year so far:-


  1. atmoney bid.
  2. opymoney bid.
  3. ewumoney club.
  4. enymoney site.
  5. ugamoney bid.
  6. audmoney site.
  7. olmoney club.
  8. enamoney site.
  9. fsamoney bid.
  10. ugmoney win.
  11. eromoney win.
  12. afmoney win.
  13. satmoney win.
  14. ukmoney win.
  15. ummoney win.
  16. elmoney club.
  17. afumoney club.
  18. nonmoney bid.
  19. yxmoney bid.
  20. ydmoney bid.
  21. edmoney site.
  22. elmoney win.
  23. akmoney win.
  24. ubmoney win.
  25. agmoney bid.
  26. utemoney club.
  27. etimoney bid.
  28. oxmoney win.
  29. ogmoney win.
  30. opmoney win.
  31. avmoney win.
  32. yhmoney win
  33. ovmoney win.
  34. epmoney win.
  35. abamoney bid.
  36. fawmoney site.
  37. ebomoney win.
  38. ocemoney bid.
  39. ubemoney site.
  40. ammoney win.
  41. agmoney site.
  42. uxmoney win.
  43. osmoney win.
  44. ommoney win.
  45. ifmoney win.
  46. exmoney win.
  47. asmoney win.
  48. uvmoney win.
  49. odmoney win.
  50. ytmoney win.
  51. ygmoney win.
  52. olomoney site.
  53. ewmoney win.
  54. ekmoney win.
  55. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  56. ehmoney site.
  57. obamoney win.
  58. ormoney win.
  59. emumoney club.
  60. arimoney bid.
  61. immoney club.
  62. ubamoney club.
  63. duomoney site.
  64. otmoney club.
  65. atmoney win.
  66. ecamoney site.
  67. aqmoney win.
  68. epomoney club.
  69. efomoney win. termoney bid. ucemoney bid, netmoney 2017. ycamoney win, apimoney win.exumoney club, ozumoney site.

*The links in the above list go to their own reviews and do not include all the reviews, by same scam owners, from 2017! They have been operating online in this manner since 2014 unabated and unchallenged.



Real Work for No Money.

This is a real callus scam because so many comments left on this site by people who are surprised when they find out they aren’t getting paid!

Anyways, simply sign up via email and without confirming. They will direct your attention to all the ads you can click on and earn some money. All the money you think you are earning is put into your member account where you see it topping up. No one seems to be suspicious until cash out.



Referral Work Commissions.

When you make referrals then you are told that you are to b make 50% of their work efforts. This is simply not true. All members are promised a certain amount of time per task. SO where then does the extra money come from when you are given half of your sign ups profits? We see now that their system is building up debt that they can never pay to all members


Daily Earning – Digits on Screens.

These so called ‘earnings’ are only digits on screens convincing minds that they are honestly earning some cash. Don’t get me wrong, al the work done by members does generate money for this scam company, but they don’t pay out to anyone.




Cashing Out into a Scam.

AkoMoney Bid will never pay you.

$150 is when you are allowed to ask for your money. You are informed of the length of time it takes to ‘verify’ your earnings. You are given the option to use another feature of theirs that allows cash out quicker. This is to cost you $10. Then they want 40 sign ups to exchange for you unreal money.

Those that don’t have 40 sign ups will have to pay $9! Should you pay all the way then you are not allowed access to your account anymore. This is the end of the scam.

Your account can’t be deactivated.

Your personal emails etc will be sold onto the highest scamming bidder to target you once again for fraud.

Those sincere to make it online properly should take a good look down below. We are not asking for credit cards for you to sign up so you have nothing to lose.

This new PTC scam is going make a nice addition to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.

People are given Two Free Websites and 20 Free Training Videos to learn how to earn 10k A MONTH and beyond. Those who are not interested in earning real money online then we wish to than you very much for visiting us here to day. Do leave a comment regarding your experience with AkoMoney Bid.






I am Interested in Making $10,000 a Month – Show Me How!

Those interested in working towards making big money online are in the right place. I help people Globally how to build sites and how to earn money. I will personally mentor all who desire financial freedom. Those who are wasting my time – I will know all to quick. This is for sincere people –

– everyone else has to learn that there is no such thing as ‘QUICK MONEY ONLINE‘- good luck!


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Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.




Below is a table to show you the comparison with AkoMoney and Wealthy Affiliate:-





Save yourself further reading you may also join up here:-


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We welcome and deeply appreciate all comments on this website. Those who have questions on what we said here today are welcome to ask us. We respond to all comments. Due to the amount of online scams we expose we have become more confident in our #1 Choice. Should you have any questions on this then do ask and we will be happy to further assist. Thank for you coming by to find out What Is AkoMoney Bid and we hope it has helped you greatly.

You may also report a scam to the bbb.org.




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