What Is AkMoney Win? Is AkMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 11, 2018

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Answers to What Is AkMoney Win



Short Story: The Truth About What Is AkMoney Win.

Researching to answer What Is AkMoney Win? Maybe asking is AkMoney. Win nonsense? Is Ak Money Win genuine and really paying out? This is an unaffiliated review of AkMoney where we will seek owner data, work and pay particulars. To start, the owners have 1000s of duplicated site’s that are running a scam on their members. Scam Witness has uncovered some of their site’s that are fake such as:-


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Those that have been scammed by these guys are welcome to let us know in the comments below this post. Anyone looking for a real way to earn online are welcome to view full details >HERE<. That is our #1 Recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate. Sign up >HERE< for a free account. Paid options are there but not compulsory.




The Ugly Truth About What Is AkMoney Win, Site ID, Job and Pay Offer.

We know they are a scam but there is a lot more to this site’s story. Let us see who owns it before broadening our answer to what is akmoney win. Created 18th of March 2018, set to expire 2019 same date, they have no email attached to their site. Name of the person responsible for the site is not available anywhere online. Address stemming from PANAMA, but IP tracks to USA! Online for only one year and all signs of a scam site.

The owners, whoever they are, come from Russia. Beginning in 2014, they brought out English and French versions as well. Name of their network is webdengi_eng with site ethos of “Sample of Sentinels”, whatever that means. As mentioned, they have 1000’s of these identical site’s. So identical the wording, offer, script, reviews are all the same. Sometimes they may change some names. URL is different with site logo.

They offer to pay you for ads, but I have seen reports, that people are not watching ads but filling out captchas! Maybe it is randomly selected who watches ads and who does the codes – I don’t know. The ads net 10 cents per click and making referrals, once they sign up and do some work, earns you 50% of their take home page. This is too high in both counts. Consider advertisers can gross nearly 4000 for $20, why then would they pay 10 for a lousy click? Such site’s, as they very well must know, are poor site’s to advertise on as people just don’t care about your product or service and only want the few pennies per click. Bad audience targeting.


Fake Average Earnings.

Should you wish to work for these guys they are offering $50 a day. This can go as high as $300 per day. You will see that some members are supposed getting over $400 per day for this work. Others, who view nearly 1000 ads in one month, are said to take home $4800! All utter and fantastical rubbish to illicit member work efforts. The owners of AkMoney will receive very small fee’s from advertisers for al lads viewed. These monies ad up especially with many members, across 1000s of site’s, clicking for no pay.



Beware of Fake YouTube Videos!

During my time researching these site’s, I have stumbled upon so many YouTube videos promoting these fake PTC scam site’s. They will show you how to cash out, how to trick the captcha and how to make good money etc. There WILL BE comments confirming this lie. Do not fall for this little trick as it only serves to drive them more traffic. All monies are kept by the owners. No one has ever been paid by these people nor will they ever.

This is why I can not promote or endorse their site and another reason why I only advise our #1 RECOMMENDATION to make a full time income from home.



The Money End of this Scam!

At minimum payout point, $150, they will try to pull off a few tricks with you. First you have to wait many months for your money. Then you can apply for a quicker option and now they want $10. This is not said anywhere on their site. You pay, now they want 40 referrals. Again, this is not said anywhere on their. You can buy those referrals for $9! Just another way to extort you!!

Should you pay, or not, you will never supplicate them enough for them to releases any of your earnings. As time goes by, you will see a hoard of complaints leveled against all the site’s listed herein. Many of the batch listed here below to the new 2018 to 2019 batch and many have shut down already.


This article will help you to tear apart fake PTC sites from real ones:- How to Distinguish a Real PTC Site from a Fake One. Courtesy of simplepassiveincome.net and opens in a new browser.



DISCLAIMER:- This article is based on my opinion. The research is to my own satisfaction and those that require further assistance are advised to research on until they are satisfied. Thank you.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! They download malware to steal passwords. Owners are a mystery. Complaints of no pay will forever go unheeded and unresolved. Unreal payouts for too easy work. PTC sites are too hard to earn any money from and will come to just pocket money. This is why I do not think they are any good and no longer recommend any of them!





Anyone registers with these guys that would like to share your story? When did you realize they were not going to pay you for your time and efforts? You are most welcome to leave those comments below where I will respond to them all. Your story will also help protect others by informing them further. That is all the time we have today to answer What Is AkMoney Win and hope to was of service to you. Looking forward to your comments below and do remember our #1 recommendation before you depart 🙂 .



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