What Is AgMoney Site? Is AgMoney Site a Scam or Legit!

By | April 6, 2018

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Disclosing What Is AgMoney Site as a Warning.

Curious to know What Is AgMoney Site? Perhaps as well to know is AgMoney. Site a criminal enterprise? Is Ag Money Site an excellent money earner? Or maybe you just want a general review of AgMoney? Whatever your query this article has you covered along with work info, pay and how they scam you. AgMoney owners have so many replicated sites such as opmoney win, odmoney win, ydmoney bid, ygmoney win, yhmoney win, ytmoney win, ummoney bid, yxmoney bid, xymoney site, nonmoney bid, unmoney win, ugmoney win, afmoney win, armoney win, asmoney win, exmoney win, ubmoney win, ommoney win, uvmoney win, osmoney win, ekmoney win, ubmoney win, ifmoney win, oxmoney win, edmoney site, agmoney bid, epmoney win etc. These sites exist in the thousands = Total Scam!


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Complete Break Down on What Is AgMoney Site, Owners and Work.

The beginning of the expanded answer on what is agmoney site is very simple. They are a PTC Site where participants are paid some pennies for clicking and viewing ads. The owners are always unknown with no legit website registration detaisl such as no email etc. All bad signals we are dealing with people who not genuine and indeed are black marketers.

These shy owners have set up thousands of these sites and operating since 2014. They operate in German, Russian and have 714 English Copies. They are exactly duplicated from one site to another right down to errors contained in their site. It is a simple copy and paste job. The only thought put in is the site name and the URL.


How it Operates to Deceive.

New members are fished for via existing member affiliate links most notably on Facebook, Twitter and most definitely YouTube. Many videos exist seemingly to show how legit these sites are by showing how to cash out and misuse the captcha function to your advantage. Take a look at the comments on such videos and you will see fake comments praising their sites. These comments can only ever be from the scammers themselves as NO ONE GETS PAID!!

Once a new participant use their email to create an account with Agmoney, they will soon see there are ads to view. There are instructions to share your link for a 50% commission rate. This commission comes from all the money your referrals generate ergo you get half. This is absurd and if real would put any PTC Site out of business day 1

PTC sites are notorious for either NOT PAYING members, or, taking forever to earn anything worthwhile for participants. Here is the primary reason why Paid to Click sites are quickly becoming an archaic way to earn online as people wake up to their advantage taking nature. Consider as well, those that do pay out only pay fractions of a cent per click, leaving members working for a whole month – FULL TIME – for just over $10!! REALLY – SIGN ME UP!! Total scam and why I consider them all to be a total waste of time.


Average Earnings for 3 to five hours work a day?

Agmoney says, as all of their sites do, that you can cash out $50 go $300 a day. This seems to ‘fit’ as for when you land on their website you will see a table, Now, this table contains financial figures that have been paid out to that days members. Only thing is all those member names and figures are IDENTICAL on ALL THEIR SITES! Along with their made up customer reviews and pay exaggerations. All bogus and only a convincer for the con.

Stuff gets even funnier when they say, for only 1000 ads (yikes 🙁 ) anyone can earn nayone a monthly salary of $4800! Sounds Great– where are all the amazing reviews bragging about their own online successes in this case? You can check in Google and I guarantee you – you won’t find any. Those that are using these affiliate links from Agmoney are either have been duped themselves or simply a scammer!



Drop Kicking Con Initiated!

This scam has a real kick to it!

Payment Limit to Withdraw is $150 and at this point can be applied for. Once you have completed this form you can sit back and wait for them to get back to you. Should they do you will be informed of the long ‘processing’ period entailed. This can take near on Ninety Days to complete. After which, you still will not get paid.

There does ‘appear’ to be hope for quicker payment through another option. This step costs all members about $10 to complete and is AgMoney’s way of cheating you out of your cash. After payment, participants are needed to relinquish their brand new 40 people they stringed into this scam. Without them you can not cash out.

These can be bought for a mere $9 for One Hundred Referrals. Naturally enough, those people do not exist and just numbers to make believe. So, should you have paid all the way then you are sent back to complete the Application Form that requests your money, all over again.

Other ways they will or may try to get money from you is to get you to complete certain third party rubbish. These could be an offer of some kind. These offers will need your details for financial transactions. Be sure that AgMoney will be keeping such data on file to sell on to scammers at a later date.

Perhaps they just want yo u to complete a survey. Fair enough and seems OK. This survey may be on another site and they will require you to pay to complete this survey. This is not known until you have filled it all out. Should you pay, yet again, these scammers will get some commission. It ain’#t much, but when you think about all their 1000s of sites coupled with their members, that is staggering the potential profits to these people.


This is ONE of many reasons why I am hell-bent on WRITING THEM ALL UP!



DISCLAIMER:- This is to inform all readers that all my posts are ultimately my own opinion. Research is done, and once satisfied that a site is a con in my eyes, then I seek to warn others. I also advise people from all over the world on how to be financially successful online. Should you be interested in working with me to learn how to do this then you are invited to click >HERE<. Appreciate your time in this matter.





SCAM RATING:- 0/100! Unknown crooks pulling an ever expansive fraud trick online. No reports, not even from 2014 when they first started, on any payments to honest members. There are reports of malware downloads, phishing and spamming. Personal details of members are collected and sold on for a profit to the owners. They will never pay you even if you hound them forever. Accounts will never be shut down while their site operates and you will always be denied access to it.





Were you unlucky enough to fall for the site just reviewed con? Was your time and perhaps your money taken for nothing? Does anyone know anything about the ‘CAPTCHA’ work they offer? All comments may be placed below to help better inform others. The primary reason for making these forums is two fold:- to warn others and make a space online for member complaints. Be sure to be heard by having your say below. This wraps it up folks on What Is AgMoney Site and I really hoped it helped to save you time and your money. Until the next ‘episode’ – take care 🙂 .

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