What Is AgMoney Bid? Is AgMoney Bid a Scam or Legit!

By | March 29, 2018

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All Info to Answer What Is AgMoney Bid


Investigating to Find Out What Is AgMoney Bid.

Have you encountered this New Paid Viewing Advertisement System and now asking What Is AgMoney Bid? This article will also ask is AgMoney. Win on the up and up? Is Ag Money Win duping people out of time and money or kosher? This is a non-member review of AgMoney and, already, can inform you the legal owners have many 1000s of copies of this website. Ones to watch out for as well are atmoney. win, yhmoney. win, ummoney. win, ydmoney. win, nonmoney.bid, xymoney. Site, yxmoney. bid, unmoney. win, armoney. win, afmoney. win, ugmoney. win, ygmoney. win, ezmoney. Site, ommoney. win, utmoney. win, odmoney. win, ytmoney. win, asmoney. win, uxmoney. win, uvmoney. win, osmoney. win, ekmoney. win, ubmoney. win, agmoney. win, ohmoney. club, agmoney. bid, oxmoney. win, opmoney. win, avmoney. win, ulmoney. win, esmoney. win, awmoney. win, ewmoney. win, elmoney. win, exmoney. win, ufmoney. club, ifmoney. win, ucmoney. win, owmoney. win, UKmoney. win, edmoney. Site, akmoney. win, olmoney. win, ohmoney. bid, ecmoney. win, ermoney. win, anmoney. win, usmoney. win, uwmoney. win, ogmoney. win etc. That is only a portion of their SCAM SITES!



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Full Explanation on What Is AgMoney Bid, Network of Owners and Work Efforts for Money.

As we begin detailing what is agmoney bid, I always check to seeing, if owner details can be found. I have yet to find such details for any of their former or current sites. But still, it is worth a quick check.

Creation date of registration was 23/02/2018 to expire 2019 same date. 1 Year is a tell-tale sign of a site that is going to rob people, and run! Certainly for a business like AgMoney. No email and no Founder Name. No details of this nature can be found on their site either. All signs that they want to remain undiscoverable online. NO honest online business behaves in such a mysterious manner unless they got something to hide.



So, what do we know for certain?

We know AgMoney comes in three versions. German, Russian and English, in that order. Name of the network is WebDengi_Eng and they have been profitably operating since 2014. There is zero sign of the authorities even trying to close in on them.




Job Description.


Detailing What Is AgMoney Bid


AgMoney is a PTC online enterprise, paid to click for those who don’t already know, that NEVER pays out. Free sign up with email, and at that, email can be a false one. Ag does not check t see if you have submitted an email address that is valid. This is vitally unusual and never occurs with legal running online operations.

Anyone lands on their site will see a long list of paid members. Those payments are very high and are said to be pay for only one days work. If that were true, I would not be busting my brains writing every day exposing such scams, but be on their site he he. While these profits are possible with Your Own Website, it ain’t so with AgMoney – because it is a PTC Scam Site!

THOSE members are not even real and neither are their figures. See how many errors you can find on their site with spelling etc? While we all make mistakes typing, all those errors are carried forth to ALL of their sites. This is easy to guess that they are simply copying and pasting the code for each new website. URL is naturally different, along with site name, but that is all the changes that separate their sites from one another.

After registration, you are invited then to watch as many ads as you can in one day. Each ad affords you 10 CENTS.

Making Referrals is another way, and a most profitable way, if it were true. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, they come and sign up and begin watching ads, then you receive 50% per ad they watch in real time. This money is given to your account where you see the money quickly stacking up.

To make Referrals they will advise you to copy your affiliate link and go to your own social media accounts. Your accounts may include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc. Dropping your link un-welcomed manner is known as SPAMMING! Here is a fine article showing you How Not To Be A Spammer When Marketing Your Business. Courtesy of




BE cautious of YouTube Videos telling you a site like ‘Ag’ are paying and showing you how to trick the ‘Captcha’. THIS IS BOGUS! You may see comments from users saying its legit and paying. Those comments are from the scammers and so is the video. Dislike their video immediately and stop wasting your time with them. A quick search on YouTube shows there are a few on Ag already.

Minimum Amount you can get is $150 and older sites have put that at $300. There is an application process to get your cash, but, AgMoney Con Artists will never pay out


No CC To Join Wealthy Affilite



Application Hocus-Pocus!!

By the time you are finished with this process, you will be of no doubt, you have just been had for your time and potentially money.

After filling out some form for your cash, Support will be happy to inform you of receiving it. They will soon contact you to say you be patient now and allow 3 or 2 months to pass by. This is the money processing time and is bogus and dishonest attempt to manipulate you into doing something else.

This something else is located in the Express Option. Quicker Option given, unbeknownst to members, costs about $10! The process, once paid for, takes 5 minutes. Sometimes a fake response will be 3 minutes.

Once paid you now have to offer to them the Forty Member Sign Ups you should have made. They want those referrals in exchange for you cash. You exchange them and you still won’t get your cash.

However, and this part they hope you don’t have those referrals, is they offer to sell them to you. This costs about $9 for 100! Sometimes it could be five dollars, $14 and even $20!

After you pay, the process – per one report about ohmoney. club, will repeat itself ad infinity! What a joke guys.


Alternative ways they may seek to scam is to get you to fill out a survey in exchange for your cash. Once filled out, this third party survey (off site) may ask for money to complete it. They may even give you another one and another and another one until you wake up to this scam.

Offers is another lure for your money. You sign up to some rand third party offer by given out your bank details. You might as well cancel that card now because it may be in the hands of scammers. Certain AgMoney is storing that info up to sell on.

YES! AgMoney is a data harvesting site as well. They will try to capture passwords, names, emails, address etc to save and sell. Those details will go onto a list to be sold somewhere on the Dark Web. Best secure all of your accounts now by changing those passwords. Update Anti Virus and check any malware downloaded by them as well, as, they are know for this nonsense as well.

Should you do a survey, sign up to an offer, make those referrals manually or pay for them, it does not matter. You could send God after them and they still would not pay you. This is the end of this particular scam, but do keep reading, as soon I will detail my own invitation to show you how to make plenty of money online for the long run.




DISCLAIMER:- All articles on my site are my own opinion and are not to be presented as ‘evidence’ or ‘ultimate truth’ on any sites I expose. All errors will be made right, if any. I simply wish to warn others of what I believe to be true. Of course, it is hard to b 100% right all the time and my opinion has been wrong once before. Thank you for your time.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! UTTER AND TOTAL SCAM – IN MY OPINION. Given they have 1000’s of sites, with same site errors and operations that never pay out, what other conclusion could any reasonable human being come to? Since the dawn of 2014, they have not paid a single person! Perhaps they have – Scam Witness would love to seeing that.

AgMoney mercilessly use their members for free traffic to turn into victims. Support will never be helpful surrounding payouts and may just ignore you. Should they respond then we will see a lessening appreciation for the English language as they will pretend not to understand any of your queries surrounding payments to members. You have been warned. My investigations into this Network is spanning close to Ten Months now, with countless articles on them. I do believe my rating is more than deserved and correct.



Scam Witness Needs Your Help!

Bloggers like myself spend many hours exposing these online scams. Scams like AgMoney are doing over so many people at this very moment. Should you have encountered them, and they clearly scammed you, why not expose them below in the comment box. This will go a long way to helping others falling for this scam and will save the Global Economy a few quid as well. That is right, online scams cost local economies huge money.

Look forward to seeing who will answer this. Those that will – Thank You Kindly 🙂 .





Have Your Say!


This forum was created with the aim of establishing a complaint’s department for ‘Ag’, so to speak. Should complaint’s Sky Rocket it may just entice these scammers to respond. Were you one who signed up and lost your time and perhaps your money? We welcome that story below and I have no doubt it really will help others to avoid this scam. Perhaps you found another ‘Ag’ site but it is not listed here? Scam Witness welcomes all reader post requests and will feature your name in the article as ‘credit’. Below is a few words of our own #1 Invitation after we close out answering What Is AgMoney Bid. All comments are responded to and looking forward to YOURS. Until next time – take care out there 🙂 .

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