What Is AfuMoney Club? Is AfuMoney Club Scam or Legit!

By | May 27, 2018

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AfuMoney Club Deception Exposed.



Here You Will Find all You Need to Know on What Is AfuMoney Club.

Those seeking the answer to what is AfuMoney Club will also find answers as well to is AfuMoney. Club a band of crooks? Is Afu Money Club really safe and a good job? This unbiased Afu Money Club Review will also try to source owner info, pay and working steps. The owners have thousands of these sites that are simply clones of each other. Not one has paid out to any members since they started this global operation from 2014. In other words, AfuMoney is a total scam!


Those that want to report AfuMoney are welcome to do so below this article. Those still working with them – should stop now – they won’t pay you a penny!

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AfuMoney Club Owner Deception, Pay/Work Details.

AfuMoney Club Has No Founder Details.

No Owner Details for AfuMoney Club.

AfuMoney Club owners made their site on the 27-04-2018 and will expire it 2019 same date. It may shut sooner as some of their site do within weeks or months. The successful one’s tend to last the year. NO founder traces online and zero contact info. Address says PANAMA but a quick IP Trace always leads elsewhere like L.A., UK, Germany, Canada etc.

As mentioned, the owners began creating these Paid Advertisement Viewing Platforms in 2014 and not a shred of evidence exists, that I am aware of, to say they have paid any members from then to now. This website has received lots of complaints of no payment and even their money stolen to release their funds Not nice.

Their sites are so identical that only ULR, website address, and site logo appears to be only difference. They have same wording for work on offer, same errors on their fake sites, member names are not real but nearly always the same for all their sites. Exaggerated payment claims as well and the figures are always the same or closely approximates.

Below is the number of their fake paid to click sites we have exposed since the beginning of this year. They are linked to their own reviews and open in a new tab so you may come back here if you wish:-


termoney bid, ozumoney site, ycamoney win, apimoney win, efomoney win, ucemoney bid, exumoney club. netmoney 2017. 1 Review of some of their sites.

Know of one not here? Why not let us know below in the comments and we will get round to exposing them if time permits.





Let us know take a peek into their operations.

Work for Nothing Details.

Since it is a paid to click site, you will invariably have clicked on some ads and accrue money in this manner. Every ad is worth 10c and that is too high as only 2 or 3 cents is normal and actually even half of cents or below is common with such sites. All PTC sites are worthless because you spend too much time to earn too little money. You will only end up with maybe, if you are lucky, $10 in one month. I read a story online that it took one man 12 months to earn not even either $10 or $100 – either event is shocking!

While this site does not endorse PTC sites, below is a thread from fusionnet.net, where you will have a myriad of views on this top – if you are interested:-

Are PTC sites worth the time. Opens in a new tab.

When you complete your ad clicks then you are required to do a code. That is all there is to the tasks of earning money this way.

Referrals and Why 50% Commissions is not real.

AfuMoney, like al lot their sites, promise 50% cut from the people to you refer to them. Once these new sign ups join, and start to work thus earn money, you are seemingly credited a bunch of free cash. Not real. Another layer of lies to entice free labor.

The owners of the site are generating money from these ad clicks and they are receiving money from advertisers to the best of my knowledge. This revenue, generated by members work efforts, is stored in their own accounts and not shared out to anyone. Though little money is generated from this kind of work, when you have 1000s of sites working as 1, with untold 1000s of people doing these tasks, then one can imagine there is big money to be made by these cyber-crooks.

How Much They Say You Can Earn Daily.

Figures like $467 a day are common exaggerations on their site. There is a table with member names and paid out statements. All fake. Only raw data on a screen with no substance. This has and does convince many but that is not legit payment proof.

To no what proof of payment is meant to be you may have a quick look here below:-

Proof of Payment. Opens in a new tab.

Things get even more surreal when they say yo9u can earn $4000 plus a month for such easy work. NO proof online exists of these payments. All fairy tales.

A Phishing Nightmare.

These sites are suspected of downloading malicious software to find sensitive data. To ensure your device is not being monitored to steal such data we recommend you update your anti virus.


Click the banner below, if you fear you could have been a victim to this extent, and see if that is a suitable anti virus for.


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Your email will have been sold onto scammers and now they will try to make contact with you via your email and now try to con you out of your money. Elderly most likely to fall victim – that is not true by the way. Statistics show, that people between 18 to 25, are being conned out of money by double the amounts that of the elderly. Be careful guys and do always protect your devices.



Cash Out Failure Looming.

When you try to get your hands on your cash then you will see that you must pay money to get your money. Never pay money t release your own ash online as that is counter-productive and a sign of a raging scam.

The fee to get your money is $10! Then they want some referrals for your cash. Now, if you don’t got them, they want another amount of money from you of $9! One lady got conned for $30 with one of these sites for a number of referrals. Don’t lose your minds people chasing money by chucking good money after it.

Should you pay then you are done they will simply block you from your account. You account can not be closed and will remain ‘active’ for the duration of the site. It will cease to exist once the site is gone.



Please do report your experiences here. Should you have been scammed, or have any questions regarding what has been said here, you can submit that below and we will always respond to you. Thank you kindly for clicking on this post on what is AfuMoney Club. Really looking forward to all of your comments to come. Do check out our #1 Recommendation below before you go if you need a real way to make an online income for the long term.




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2 thoughts on “What Is AfuMoney Club? Is AfuMoney Club Scam or Legit!

  1. Meiau

    Do you know if http :/ /Do Job Part Time .com/? user= 11799
    is a scam

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Meiau,

      Thanks for letting me know about DoJobParttime. com. I signed up to them.

      So, what is on their front home page, is not what is on the inside.

      They only want you to refer others to them. I signed up using a fake email address and fake details. Once they let me sign in then that is classic sign of a scam. They are hoping many will put in legit email addresses so they may harvest them to sell on etc.

      Once in, they will credit your account with $10 – that is fake.

      Then they only want you to share your referral link! That is all. There are no jobs waiting for me when I signed in. Also, the minimum cash out is $300 – that is huge!

      Also, they will give you $5 for simply someone clicking on your link -not even Bill Gates would stay rich if he was paying that out to everyone! Again, nowhere is paying anyone $5 for simply getting people to click on a link.

      Good find Meiau and I may expose them on my website today. They are new and so it is primed to be exposed for many asking What Is DoJobPartTime. com! Thanks again and I hope this is helpful to you.

      Let us know if you are struggling to find a way to earn online as I help people daily in this matter.

      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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