What Is AdzMoneyBux? Is AdzMoneyBux a Scam or Legit!

By | March 7, 2018

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Investigating What Is AdzMoneyBux


Full Break Down Answering What Is AdzMoneyBux.

Those researching to answer What Is AdzMoneyBux, asking is AdzMoneyBux illegal and a scam or sincere and legit? This is an unaffiliated review to bring clarity to clarity like do they payout? We will also check their online reputation and seek to find owner details. They are in essence a PTC Site (Paid To Click). PTC websites are notorious for either not paying out or for taking too long to earn anything. This is why scamwitness.com no longer endorses ANY PTC SITE due to the time and effort to make anything.

We are going to be moving ALL PTC SITES to JOB SCAMS section. Even if they do payout, in my opinion, the crazy amount of time to earn anything close to ten dollars can take months to even a year from other blogs online that I have researched. That ain’t worth it for no one and actually for what you get paid you do really get scammed for your time just for a few dollars at the end of it – its just worthless to even collect!

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What Is AdzMoneyBux and is it even Worth Your Time.

As said, PTC sites are not good ways to earn online as the money per time and effort be worthless and never worth it in the end. Many people will stick at it for about a day, and perhaps even three days, just to leave their small earnings. As we begin to answer what is AdzMoneyBux it is always wise to do some background research to see who the owners are. It appears Abdul Mannan Khan is the owner and the address is from Islamabad. They set up in the 2/2018 and ends in 2019.

How it works.


Answers to What Is AdzMoneyBux


Anyone can sign up without charge with a legit email. You can earn cash by viewing advertisements, viewing videos and completing tasks such as surveys. A quick word on surveys is they are notorious for allowing people do nearly half the damn survey, and only then, they do tell you that you no longer qualify to complete the rest of the survey! This happened to me many times in the past and used to drive me utterly mental. It truly is unfair and actually, people like myself, just gave a complete stranger of a website my age, my name, email, location and pretty much my daily routine.

That is more than enough for fraud to be committed in my name and I have received much spam in my troubles to a point I could no longer use that email address. The third party websites that such sites as AdzBux sends you to are not exactly ‘VETTED’ for your own security. You can land anywhere and in reality this you actually do. There is no guarantee that such sites WILL NOT DOWNLOAD MALWARE IMMEDIATELY UPON YOUR ARRIVAL. Payment Systems such as PayPal are increasingly stepping away from these PTC Sites due to this inherent flaw and awful complaints of little to no payments to such sites.

My research also shows that AdzBux has not paid out Should this be the case money people but we shall hold fire and now we would like to ask you this:- Have you been paid should you be a member to this PTC Site? Should this be the case then you are most welcome to leave your answer below to help better inform other people online. Perhaps you have not been paid and looks likely that you won’t get paid either given the time that has passed? Definitely do let everyone know in the comment box below to help better inform everyone.

So, how much money do they pay for the work they offer?

People can get paid up to (up to) $00.02 per click. Should you make a referral than you get 100% of their earnings. This of course does not make any sense as now that person has no money for their work. So now we must conclude that money is magic upped to pay your referral as well as you. Given how generous those referral earnings are then we have to ask how can they be making any profit?

They also offer advertising space to their members. This is actually a very bad idea as now if you do advertise with them, only people whom have no interest in your product, will be clicking your advertisement for mere pennies! Bad investment for sure and actually it is nearly impossible to predict when your advertisement investment will pay off! These have been the complaints we have uncovered over the last nine months of research online.

We will now list all the problems contained on their website that tells me that they have to be a scam site. These scams based solely from their site and very common among online scams:-


    • Scam Sign 1:- Clicking on their FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) shows that there are no questions being asked or answered. Just some scammy ads.
    • Scam Sign 2:- Google always looks for a Privacy Policy Page and these guys don’t have one.
    • Scam Sign 3:- o save you the torture of reading the Terms and Conditions I have done it for you. So basically they are saying, at one point, they can delete your account without warning or reason and if they decide to inform you they may do so by email. However, next paragraph down, they inform you that due to the proprietary ‘nature’ of their software they are unable to inform you of the reason why they have terminated your account. This is total B.S !
    • Scam Sign 4:- It appears these guys allow you to ‘RENT REFERRALS’. Should you let one of your referrals ‘EXPIRE’ then you may be charged between $00.05 to $0015! LOL – this appears to be a way to slice away some of your earnings considering you only earn up to $00.02 per click.
    • Scam Sign 5:- Minimum Pay Out is $3 and they actually charge you a small fee for cash out such a small amount which depends on the payment processor you use.
    • Scam Sign 6:- Privacy Policy is located in their TOS (just found it and is unorthodoxically place in such a place) and their TOS becomes repetitive and redundant. This is a common tactic among scam sites to put off new members from reading their entire TOS Page.
    • Scam Sign 7:- I am open to be convinced those Payment Proofs to Members are real.


Scamwitness.com always tries to make informative and accurate articles to help better inform those seeking answers regarding potential online scam sites. We base what we say on research and opinion. Such research and opinion can of course be rejected and so we invite everyone to do their own research just to be sure. Should you find something not included in this article then do let us know as we may include in our article.


SCAM RATING:- We are going to leave it up to their past and current members! Do let us know if you have been scammed by this PTC Site or if you endorse them. Personally, they are not a good way to earn online as the payment is far too poor to be worth anyone’s time. Should you earn anything then it is only mere pocket money that won’t even buy anything worthwhile. The amount they pay you be worthless – NOT RECOMMENDED! Scam Rating will be delivered upon reports of members experiences etc.




THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! What do you think of the site we just reviewed and do you recommend them? Were you paid or not? Do let others know as it may help many people to learn the truth about this website we just wrote on. Obviously I am holding fire on calling it a scam or not because I want to be fair to this PTC Site and leave it up to the evidence by other peoples experiences with them. It is time now to wrap up answering What Is AdzMoneyBux and I am looking forward to all of your comments. Even if you just want to gripe and complain then you are certainly welcome to do so 🙂 . Do remember to subscribe to our sites newsletter to keep informed about current online scams and we do appreciate all shares of this article or anyone on this website. Do remember that we are offering a unique and highly effective way to earn money online from home below. Farewell for now.


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