What Is EbMoney.pw – Is EbMoney.pw Scam or Legit? Scam Alert Waring!

By | December 30, 2018

What Is EbMoney. pw and the Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam Network Just Keeps on Going.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

I am very glad you are searching for What Is EbMoney. pw. Is EbMoney pw fake, scam, bad, dishonest or Is Eb Money pw good, legit, real, safe, genuine, trustworthy? This EbMoney Review needs your Scam Reports. There are many of these sites online and have been operating since 2014. So, a review of one of their sites, is a review of them all. And so What Is YrMoney. Fun, What Is AcMoney. Fun, What Is UmMoney. ICU, What Is AlMoney. Host, What Is OfMoney. Club, What Is EdMoney. pw, What Is EgMoney. ICU, What Is AzMoney. XYZ, What Is OrMoney. Fun, What Is OkMoney. Host, What Is OxMoney. ICU, What Is AsMoney. Host, What Is EfMoney. XYZ, What Is YdMoney. Site, What Is InMoney. Site, What Is EgMoney. XYZ, What Is OvMoney. XYZ, What Is IdMoney. pw, What Is ObMoney. XYZ, What Is AbMoney. Fun, What Is AfMoney. ICU, What Is What Is OmMoney.pw, What Is OhMoney. Host, What Is EkMoney. XYZ, What Is AsMoney. ICU, What Is IvMoney. Host, What Is OzMoney. Fun and still there are 1000’s more online!

Why did I mention all those sites? Simply because they are all owned by the same people who have hidden their online identity from the internet. Review Over! Should you want to find out my Number 1 Recommendation Free Sign Up Work From Home Online, then, keep on reading.

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They present themselves as probably one of the best ways to earn online. Offering unreal amount of cash for work a child could do. Even you can earn $100’s in on day of this fake work. Below is all the details you need to know why they are not legit. Also, Google anyone of those sites above and you will see they are all identical. Why they make so many sites is because when the old ones shut down, then they can not make any more money from that old one, and so they make many more all the time to replace their illegal earnings

Be sure to leave me a comment, it took a long time to write (lol), thanks. Any questions on it please just ask, I am actually a nice person (so I’ve heard – ‘once’), so don’t be shy and pop-away any questions or concerns you may have.

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What Is EbMoney. pw – Big Paid To Click Scam Network Continues.

They have not made their site in order to present good job offers to people. They have made these sites in order to take advantage of lazy people! Yep – you read right. What job in the world can you tell me where you can earn $300 a day for work so easy? If you got an answer please do tell me. Hence, they take advantage of peoples laziness and greed. Now you know how they ‘play’ you and the answer to What is EbMoney. pw.


EbMoney.PW Review

Don’t work on their site!


Those that don’t work in something legit and real online will never earn a sign penyy ( not 1 cent) – nothing. Ever! Stop messing around with ‘easy money’, ‘instant cash’ etc offers. They are fake. You can go a head and do what I did – wasted two years of my life online looking for ‘easy  and quick money’ only to get scammed.



All the sites, as mentioned above in the opening paragraphs, look all the same. Should you run into a site just like the one above, even if it is in English, Russian or ‘Get-Rich-Now-Language‘, just run. The aesthetics of their websites have become very well-known to myself, and my contacts online, they have inadvertently coded in their own ‘Achilles Heel’. “Thanks Guys – makes my job a lot easier!”

Here is a list of scam warnings that give them away worse than a bad smell at a wedding altar:-

  • Website Owners can not be located online. This is 10/10 bad! Some sites just want to avoid spam. Mostly, sites abuse this option, and because of that, has become ‘indicative’ of suspicious website behavior.
  • Should you landed on adv money tech’s site you may have seen huge earnings been displayed. Those figures aren’t real. Inflated Earnings is another sign of a scam!
  • No contact details on their website pages, I mean ALL THEIR WEBSITE PAGES, and WHOIS details hidden.
  • No email contact.

I should have just wrote the last one first and left it at that! No one AT ALL has been paid for their efforts. Let’s see how the scam works.


To further exaggerate our point on multiple copies of these scams, do check out the most recent reviews of some of their sites:-


  1. ewumoney club.
  2. enymoney site.
  3. ugamoney bid.
  4. audmoney site.
  5. olmoney club.
  6. enamoney site.
  7. fsamoney bid.
  8. ugmoney win.
  9. eromoney win.
  10. afmoney win.
  11. satmoney win.
  12. ukmoney win.
  13. ummoney win.
  14. elmoney club.
  15. afumoney club.
  16. nonmoney bid.
  17. yxmoney bid.
  18. ydmoney bid.
  19. edmoney site.
  20. elmoney win.
  21. akmoney win.
  22. ubmoney win.
  23. agmoney bid.
  24. utemoney club.
  25. etimoney bid.
  26. ormoney site.
  27. edomoney bid.
  28. usemoney site.
  29. opomoney bid.
  30. otomoney win.
  31. inamoney bid.
  32. rimoney club.
  33. oxomoney site.
  34. vkumoney win.
  35. oximoney win.
  36. almoney bid.
  37. akomoneyclub.
  38. atmoney bid.
  39. opymoney bid.
  40. oxmoney win.
  41. ogmoney win.
  42. opmoney win.
  43. avmoney win.
  44. yhmoney win
  45. ovmoney win.
  46. epmoney win.
  47. abamoney bid.
  48. fawmoney site.
  49. ebomoney win.
  50. ocemoney bid.
  51. ubemoney site.
  52. ammoney win.
  53. agmoney site.
  54. uxmoney win.
  55. osmoney win.
  56. ommoney win.
  57. ifmoney win.
  58. exmoney win.
  59. asmoney win.
  60. uvmoney win.
  61. odmoney win.
  62. ytmoney win.
  63. ygmoney win.
  64. olomoney site.
  65. ewmoney win.
  66. ekmoney win.
  67. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  68. ehmoney site.
  69. obamoney win.
  70. ormoney win.
  71. emumoney club.
  72. arimoney bid.
  73. immoney club.
  74. ubamoney club.
  75. duomoney site.
  76. otmoney club.
  77. atmoney win.
  78. ecamoney site.
  79. aqmoney win.
  80. epomoney club.
  81. ucemoney bid, netmoney.2017. termoney bid. exumoney club. ozumoney site. ycamoney win,  efomoney win. apimoney. win.

*Most if not all of the sites above are closed! They are many more. Any site that you come across that looks like them is also a scam.



Paid Advertising Viewing System Is NOT Real – Here is Why.

People have and continue to sign up to these sites in the hopes of being paid for sitting down and watching ads all day. WATCHING ADS! I don’t even watch T.V. anymore because I got sick of the ads – my nightmare job! The compensation (pay) for killing off so many brain cells is impressively high (low)-(non-existent). That’s what the ‘job’ is at this site -watching ads…

You sign up to your free account. Then you are instructed to watch ads, mentioned. Then you are instructed, if you want to make EVEN MORE MONEY, to spread your affiliate link across the net to ensnare others through social media platforms. Here is what, they say, you get paid for doing all of this ‘psycho-bending’ work:-


  1. 10 cents per ‘ad unit’. I hope they are short ads!!
  2. 50% COMMISSIONS ON ALL YOUR REFERRALS! Time to get back for all those ‘woollyy-knitted-socks’ you keep gettingebmoney for Christmas from your family and friends, unless of course, your happy with that. Ain’t judging lol.
  3. They say you can earn $50/$300 per day, on average, for making your eyes bleed with their service! HHhmmmm, sounds intriguing. (Not ‘technically’ true per their propaganda lol.).
  4. Should you watch, a cholesterol building, 1000 ADS A MONTH you can earn (not earn – it’s a lie) $4800!
  5. Low threshold for requesting your pay. $150 is when you can ask for your money, which incidentally, is kept ‘SAFE’ in an ’employee’s’ PERSON ACCOUNT, and then sent on you within one hour of request! DOESN’T HAPPEN THOUGH.
  6. Upon requesting you are told to make 40 Referrals, if you haven’t done so already, to adv money.tech, before releasing funds. Should you don’t have enough referrals they will offer to ‘sell’ you them. Many buy these non-existent referrals. Big Mistake.


Digital blue code around woman image.


That is it! These guys are not paying anyone. I could go on, a lot, too much, but, I do believe you get the idea. OH! Just remembered, they also sell on your emails and names to hackers and spammers!

Should you have had dealings with these guys then I am afraid you, what appears to be, have walked into a very well organized Russian group of people online, trying to make a killing out of scamming people. Should you think I am wrong I will welcome your comments in the, oddly enough, comments section below.

Should you agree, then, I believe we are already excellent friends (lol) and you should consider one of two things:-


Wealthy Affiliate Review, Learn to Earn for Life! In depth Analysis of ALL the features as a free/premium member at WA.

Sign Straight Up to Wealthy Affiliate for those that want to start earning sooner!



Final Thoughts.

There is no where online that is paying the payouts that are promised that their PTC Site. It is too much above industry standard and only ensures owners will get into serious debt. Should you have been scammed by that site then do let us know below to help warn others. Should you know of another site similar then we welcome you to report them here. Any questions? Just ask us.

They are not real and only a scam. Anyone asking me why they have not been paid, or locked out of their account, will be advised to read this article to find out. Good Luck Guys, and if you really want to make money online, then find something that is trusted and pays out. You will have to work for it but you can earn a lot. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


Feel Free To Share This Article With Your Family And Friends.

We love to hear from people like who visit our site. Those especially who are interested in online business and how to earn for real and for the long term. Real entrepreneurs who are interested to earn then are welcome to get some free training and websites HERE. Click there to get your two free websites and begin your new online career. Those that are not lazy will receive my help and assistance. That is all we have time for on What Is EbMoney. pw.

8 thoughts on “What Is EbMoney.pw – Is EbMoney.pw Scam or Legit? Scam Alert Waring!

  1. Michelle

    Hi Philip.
    Thank you so much for putting this information out there. You had me at the ‘No email contact’. Cause why would I be signing up with my email and they don’t even use it to contact me.
    Please help, how can I delete my account from their site to cut all contact with them?

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Michelle,
      Welcome and thank you very much for your comment Michelle.

      So, I am sorry to inform you that these scam sites – EdoMoney Win, LedMoney Win etc – won’t let you delete your account, best to my knowledge. They will just keep it up there to make it seem to your referrals that you are working away.

      When the site shuts down then they will delete all accounts. That can happen anytime really before their year online is up.

      Just, if you did give them your real email address, don’t respond or click on links on emails you don’t know. They may try to re-target you for future scams.

      If you were trying to earn with these guys, the chances are, you may still be interested in earning online.

      Let me know if you because I can help you in this respect.

      Thanks again Michelle for your question here today and I am always here to help.

      – Philip (Scam Witness).

      P.S. IF you ever want to contact me privately, look to the bottom right of my website, where you will see an email support. I check that email every day so don’t worry about being ignored, I don’t do that.

      Good luck!

  2. Nancy

    Hi Philip
    Thanks for warning. I will not waste any more time on this site,but realy i’m so sad i have 710$ on this site i was need it but it’s ok, any way thanks again for your warning

    1. Scam Detector

      Hi Nancy,

      I am sorry you had a bad experience with AdvMoney.Tech. The owners have so many sites I am finding them all the time. It seems only the USA has a dedicated department within the FBI that actually hunts for online scams to shut them down and this is one reason that motivates me to warn others.

      I once spent a whole day of my life promoting a scam site. I reached $500 in one day and was delighted! I had to fill out something page to win an IPhone and I submitted sensitive details. I hit ‘enter’ and the page just asked for the same details. I was disgusted – I just got scammed for my time, so, I know the feeling for sure.

      If you need a real way to earn online you are welcome to ask me as I promote Wealthy Affiliate. Here to help if ever you want to try again. No pressure.

      Thank for warning others as well as many people will read your words and know without any further doubt to AdvMoney’s criminality.



  3. Tony

    Hey Philip,

    Thank you for this blog and the warning. I will not waste any more time and/or money considering AdvMoney.tech and all of their other sites. You make the point clearly. I fully agree that when you cannot make contact with Website Owners that’s an obvious scam. 50% commissions on referrals is another give away of a ridiculous scam. Even it wasn’t a scam, expecting people to watch thousands of ads is not for me. I’m moving on.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go to earn money online. Yes, you must put the time in, but at least they give you good and proper training. No problem getting in touch with the owners at all. This says heaps about trust. Thanks again for illustrating the point so eloquently.


    1. Scam Detector

      Hey Tony,

      Thank you kindly for your comment. I am glad you no longer going keep looking at AdvMoney.tech and still wonder is it legit or a scam.

      I fully agree with you – to watch those ads – you could not pay me enough, I’d grow old well before my time (lol).

      Indeed! Wealthy Affiliate does not mess about with the training they provide. Equating to thousands of $’s the training is got for pennies a day, and only 4+ months here at WA, and I am ranking regularly page 1! Need I say more, and I was, a complete beginner when I first started!

      Of course, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, are always on stand by to everyone’s queries. They have always respond to me in good time and for that I am grateful.

      I am glad you enjoyed my post and if you require further assistance on any scam then please do let me know.

      All the best Tony,


  4. gregS

    Hi Philip
    Thanks for warning your readers about scams like this. Anybody who runs a website, and has no contact details or email address, should not be even considered for signing up.
    But they may suck in newbies, who know no better. Looking at ads or viewing videos for income, is monotonous and low paying, and a complete waste of time anyway. My time is more valuable than this scam.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi gregS,

      You are very welcome gregS and I am glad you share my sentiment regarding this scam sites behavior. They do seem to be pulling a large amount of newbies as well which is what is making them so dangerous as well!


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