What Is Admimsy? Is Admimsy.com Scam or Legit?

By | October 29, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online Scams Review of Admimsy. com and What is Admimsy Anyways?


What is admimsy?


Should you be searching for reviews of Admimsy. com and wondering what is Admimsy, is Admimsy a scam or real, safe and legit, then you have landed on the correct and only article you will ever need to answer all of your questions. This Ad Mimsy website has been online for six years, and sourced from many locations online, I can tell you this ad viewing website does not appear to be too legit at first glance. I will review well-known websites that ‘monitor’ other sites for fraudulent behavior, and I will do an IP hunt down, to see if server location is the same as WHOIS details – if there even is any!

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Let us now continue with this review into Admimsy.



The Truth On What Is Admimsy and does Ad Mimsy Pay Out?

It is free to sign up to Ad Mimsy to start watching ads, par-taking in ‘offers’ such as completing surveys and playing games etc, after which, you receive ‘50 Bonus Points‘. There are five ‘tasks’ to be completed daily meaning you must watch five ads and complete five offers. The pay for your activities on this site is as follows:-

  • For ‘Standard’ participants of this site you will receive $00.03 per ‘click’.
  • Terms of Service details date payments at an ‘undefined time‘ (?).
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $15.
  • When your referrals make money you will earn 0.1% for that.
  • ,Only a little over $60.00 has been paid out, per monitoring website – NBR who has rating ad mimsy as a ‘SCAM‘!

(sourced from NRB – netbusinessrating.com.)

I am not saying $60 is all that has been paid out by Admimsy in six years. But after six years online only that amount has been reported to have been paid to NBR. This is shockingly low to say the least!

One thing I have noticed on their home page is that they ‘speak’ highly generically with little other option but to enter your details to sign up! No other interaction but to enter your details – does not look right – even on the surface. Let us now check out their WHOIS details and IP address for discrepancies!!


Verifying Online ID Details for Admimsy.

WHOIS details says they are from USA Arizona. IP search finds that their servers are operating from Atlanta! Why? Legit addresses can be bought online to seem more legitimate to online users. But clearly I can see that submitted details for Ad Mimsy does not match up to IP location!!

There are no Founders name either, which is another warning sign of a scam site, and one that usually is quite reliable as well. The email does not look real and could also be another sign of trying to hide one’s ID online.

Other online sources also confirm a very low trust rating and one should not go near Ad Mimsy! Many customer complaints of no pay or pay reduced for no reason. People getting their account suspended or just locked out!

This is so clearly a SCAM I do not believe it is worth my time to go into further details. I do not recommend you sign up with ‘mimsy’ as I do believe it is HIGHLY DECEPTIVE and has proven itself not trustworthy!!





A fully dressed skeleton sitting crossed legged at a computer.

LOL! Love that pic – thought I’d share it!



It is just not worth the risk to sign up to these guys. The home page has nothing but a useless support page that speaks about what you should do, but so little info, as they speak in such general terms! Their ‘About Page‘ is exactly the same as their ‘Home Page‘ – who does that!? I KNOW I can show anyone how to make money properly without the fear of being scammed. Just CLICK HERE to read my review into my Number 1 Recommendation.




I would love to hear from you! Are you with or have you ever signed up to Ad Mimsy? Are you or have you earned some extra cash from them? Or was your experience typical of someone being scammed? I would be very interested to hear from you regard these questions and you are warmly welcome to leave your story below to warn others. After researching mimsy’s online ‘rep‘, many other sources not recommending. And finding discrepancies in their online ID regarding location, I am very confident I ain’t getting sued for saying these guys a TOTAL AND INTENTIONAL FRAUD SITE! TOO much evidence to say otherwise. I believe now that I have answered the question of What is Admimsy and I am certain you will think twice between them. Come back soon as I post daily and you can always subscribe to my websites Free Newsletter to help you keep a head of the scammers. CHEERS!!





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4 thoughts on “What Is Admimsy? Is Admimsy.com Scam or Legit?

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      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Lydiah,

      Thank you very much for your question.

      Unfortunately, it is widely regarded as a scam site and I DO NOT recommend you stay with them. ‘If’ they pay you it will be so little per month it just won’t be worth collecting.

      Sorry for the disappointing news but at least you know you can just save your time and try something else.

      I do know a better way to make money online if you are interested? Please let me know Lydiah.




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