What Is AbaMoney Bid? Is AbaMoney Bid a Scam or Legit!

By | April 7, 2018

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Explaining What Is AbaMoney Bid



Full Discussion to Answer What Is AbaMoney Bid and are they Genuine.

They are a new Paid Advertisment Viewing System and that is the short answer to What Is AbaMoney Bid. We will discover is AbaMoney. Win a fibbing fraud? Is Aba Money Win a morally upfront way to earn money for viewing ads? This is a review of AbaMoney without bias and we shall attempt owner info, detail work offer and compensation plan. Of course, why they are an utter Scam!

AbaMoney is just one of 1000s of sites that are copy and paste jobs. They have no visual difference except for name of site and site address. Here are only but a few examples of the one’s in circulation such as opmoney win, ommoney win, edmoney site, exmoney win, ifmoney win, ogmoney win, epmoney win, avmoney win, agmoney site, oxmoney win, agmoney bid, uxmoney win, uvmoney win, osmoney win, ekmoney win, ubmoney win, asmoney win, ygmoney win, odmoney win, ytmoney win, yhmoney win, ummoney bid, nonmoney bid, ugmoney win, yxmoney bid, afmoney win, xymoney site, armoney win, unmoney win! Those are linked reviews and will open in a new browser containing all the evidence of a scam you need.

I like to get to the point to save readers time. This news may dismay some, and for bearing bad news, I apologize. On the bright side, you have saved yourself more time, possibly money and having your personal details scavenged by these people.

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Fundamentals on What Is AbaMoney Bid, Who are They and Work and Pay Details.

So, we know they are a PTC Site, meaning paid to click. Going forward to elaborate on what is abamoney bid, let us find out who the people behind it is first. WHOIS is an excellent free online resource to source registration details for all sites online.

On the creation of this article, see date of post, abamoney was made a mere three days ago. This website ALREADY received a complaint against them and is how we found out. Thank you to Rahul Mishra, who left the site name and warning on the cumoney club review – another site belonging to these scammers.

More reviews of these sites will no doubt surface in time. What other bloggers have failed mention is name of the network of these people. They go by webdengi_eng! Their sites Come in English, Russian and German. English copies are over 714 and their site logo is “Sample of Sentinels” – I kid you not. It certainly seems like a franchise as IP Geo localization for these sites are, since they started in 2014, are spattered globally.


Let us get into the work specifics.

All countries can join and only an email is required. One that does not need to be real either and they do not request you confirm via email as well. This should be enough to alert that something is not well here. Once in, ads are at your disposable to click and view. These ads pay out 10 cents a time and those cents are sent to your account to view.

These ads are third party (off site) and are legit advertisers paying these sites for members views. However, advertisers will not pay 10 cents to people, AND THEN, have to pay the website owner money as well. This is too high and $5 will get marketers 1000 clicks, and so why, they will more money for a third of the traffic is not adding up to any logical sense. Ergo, payment promises made by AbaMoney are stupid and unreal.



This is the money making part that is the most profitable should if they were serious about their payments to members. You share your affiliate link anywhere online. Facebook is one hot spot. YouTube is certainly another. Here you will find a ton of videos promoting their older sites and newer ones as well. Please do be careful, as they will show you how to cash out and something about the captcha. This link sharing is called spamming as it is unsolicited i.e. unasked for.

Here is an article that will show you if a spammer is using your device to as a spamming bot:- How to Detect a Spammer on Your Network? What to do about it? Courtesy of vircom.com and will open in a new window.

I know nothing as yet of this ‘captcha’ thing and would welcome further details on this from anyone who knows. Thank you.

When someone clicks on your link and signs up to watch ads and make referrals you entitled to half of their earnings. 50% COMMISSIONS on someone else’s work is very high to say the least and certainly not real.


Daily Average Earnings.

$300 a day! No lower than $50 a day with estimated time of no higher than five hours per day. $4800 a month for viewing roughly 1000 ads! ALL B. S !



Pay Out Details.

$150 is the time you are able to ask for your money. The application process is a joke because they will seek to rob you of real money in a number of ways. First, they will let you know that your payment is being processed and that is taking 3 months to complete! LOL! Nothing online, or in the real world, takes that time to make payments.

Another way is to use the five-minute option. This option, unknown to members until they try it, need $10 to complete and speed up your application. Once paid, you are then asked for those 40 referrals. These are the people you should have made by now, per them anyways.

Please note:- None of this nonsense is detailed anywhere on their site and payment is promised to be handled in the hour of application.

So, should you need to buy referrals you buy do so from these guys. The charge is $9 for 100! None are real except the money you give to them with you will never see again.

Once all payments are made by you to them, then the application steps are just repeated. Or perhaps they want to have a laugh at your expense and direct you to one of their 1000s of sites to earn money online watching ads. Maybe they might want you to take a survey or take up an offer.


No CC To Join Wealthy Affilite


Offers and Surveys.

In particular, you must be very careful not to hand over bank details to these guys. Should you do please you have to cancel you card now before those active details are financially exploited at your expense.

Surveys require your time and opinion on stuff. However, these third party one’s may even ask for payment to finish off the task. Imagine, thees surveys want your time, maybe quite personal details and NOW they want you to PAY THEM for this – go to hell! Total scam guys!

Those two options are a possible scenario to watch out for.

Those that Handed over PayPal addresses should not fret too much. They can not harm with just an address. You should anyways change your password and set up phone text verification. If these scammers somehow access your account you will be sent a code to be entered into your account. This will 100% block anyone else. You could also just set up another account and closet the old one.

Should you MUST WASTE YOUR TIME ON PTC SITES – then here is a list of them. Entitled Which are the best PTC sites which are legit? We don’t recommend any PTC Sites due to the damning waste of time and effort for insulting pennies.





DISCLAIMER:- All the posts at Scam Witness are primarily populated with my opinion. While they are accurate and informative they should only ever viewed as my own opinion and not the ‘only and final truth’ for any of them. Clearly, with the group of sites I have uncovered along with the damning evidence presented in each post on them, I doubt anyone would disagree with me. Thank you. Also, Scam Witness shows people from across the planet how to make money online.




SCAM RATING:- 0! 0/100! They have more than earned this rating and would challenge the owners on it if they were brave enough to answer this call. Since 2014 they have avidly sought out and savagely scammed untold numbers of unsuspecting victims. This has the horrible psychological effect of being made a fooled of – that is how it feels and a feeling I know too well in the pass. Of course, peoples time and their money has been used and abused as well. They are the (in my opinion) #1 MOST DANGEROUS PTC ONLINE! – EVER!




We do many reader post requests and you are most welcome to let us know if you have one. PERHAPS you have found a different one that has aroused your suspicions? Let us know and we will give you a nice shout in that article – just like we did with Rahul 🙂 . Of course, we desperately seek your opinions and complaints surrounding AbaMoney, for this will help stop so many from being robbed.

For those that will help out in this manner – Thank You 🙂 .






This article was made to help warn as many people as possible from being scammed. Those that were unfortunate to learn the hard way are needed. Were you paid or ripped off? Do let us know below so others maybe warned to stay clear. Is there anything that you would like to ad to this article that is not already here? Again, do let us know and it will be inserted if true and valid. Time we finish answering What Is AbaMoney Bid and hope it has really helped you understand their dishonest nature. Take care – 🙂 .



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