What Is A Pyramid Scam?

By | December 1, 2017

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What Is A Pyramid Scam and the MLM Connection.

Looking to find out What Is A Pyramid Scam? Pyramid Scams seem to be every where and is just another name for MLM (Multi Level Marketing). I will define a Pyramid Scam and MLM to leave you in doubt, and how they are the same thing, for your future reference.

Online MLM seems to be all the ‘RAGE’ !  Given it’s terrible reputation one has to ask why are people to this day stilling falling for these kinds of affiliate programs?  Hello and welcome to my investigation into multi level marketing.  In this investigation into this world I shall just call it by it’s true name, which is,  Pyramid Marketing!  We shall see if it is worth your time, more importantly, your money, to invest in your friends Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube’s advertisement regarding this FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY SCAM!  




 What Is A Pyramid Scam Defined.

We Guide You To Your Success.

This One Maze You Do Not Want To Get Lost In!



In a nutshell they rob you blind?  Here’s how.

  1. You click on my Facebook advertisement and I tell you, ‘you’ being a life long friend of mine, that ‘I’ have signed up and already earned serious money.  (This is possible, I have seen it in action.  More on that later).
  2. Sure by golly you get revved up in no time and the sweat of greed is pouring out of your hands and you have waking dreams of holidays and cocktails and beautiful women/men every where.  Then, quite rudely, your dream is interrupted when your friend – that’s me – tells you, you must invest first. OK, “how much?” you ask.  Here is where it gets tricky.
  3. The reward, I kid you not, are in the astronomical thousands!!  But your friends advertisement is asking for five thousand dollars!  Yikes!  But, wait a minute, when that ‘investment’ yields, YOUR return is something in the realm of twenty grand!  I have personally witnessed this.
  4. You just so happen to have that kind of money in your account with change, and so, with great courage and resolve, you invest.  You give your friend, ‘me‘, two grand.  Now its time for you to get some reward, right?
  5. You are instructed to recruit a number of other people.  I do believe it is five others.  Now they must each invest two thousand a piece, equaling 25k.  You get your five thousand back plus twenty thousand on top, and yes, it has worked for you.  (You give 5k of your money for someone to tell you that you have to go off and earn your own money!?) lol.
  6. If you can not find anyone at all to invest – Your F@@k@@!  You don’t get your money back!  It’s gone.  I however, got my five people (5k each totaling 25k , 5k back plus 20k profit) and have made a ton of cash.

End Result of Online Pyramid Schemes.

As I said above, if you are unable to get five other people to invest you are done for!

Your broke and our friendship is forever in tatters!

So What Is The Product In Multi Level Pyramid Marketing Scams?


I am afraid you are the product (the mark).  Their is NO actual thing to sell on.  I swear its nuts!  But for everyone one person who swears by it there are potentially hundred’s who failed just so that one person could have the spoils (statement may not be statistically accurate).  Should YOU get your five people who then invest 5k each into such a marketing scheme, YOU will get your two thousand back plus twenty thousand profit.

Now, it’s down to your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Nephew, NiceBest Friend, Mother In Law, Favorite Uncle/Auntie, That Struggling Mother of Five , Widowed house husband desperately trying to keep his kids from being homeless or the Sweet Old Couple Down the road, to find five other people to invest in this B.S!

Hey You!  I have an offer for you.  You send me $10 to my pay-pal account and then ask five others to send you $10. Would you do it?  I hope not.

In Essence, this is the Pyramid Scheme simplified to its utter nonsense.



My Experience with Pyramid Marketing Schemes – MLM.

Many years ago, circa 23, I was a site laborer in jolly ole London.  My Father told me about this scheme where you could make TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS for a 5k investment.

Well, I mean, I should of had that much saved but I was forever squandering on the glitz and glamour of central London *(Well, what else you gonna do with your youth?).  I could see he was so tempted but he hadn’t taken action yet.

However, a gentlemen – a work mate, invested his two thousand and he actually managed to get five others to do the same.  He gave someone two thousand.  Then he got five other people to give him two thousand each.  Well, as you can imagine he was the hero of the site!  Even one of the site Foremen called him MR – MR!  OHHHhh, how we laughed.





How Can You Make Money Online Working From Home for $0?

It’s easy.  Send me $5000 to my pay-pal then you get…OK I am just kidding!

You can work from home online but it requires a few things.  Will to Learn.  Will to Work.  Will to Try.  It is free to sign up. Comes with paid options down the road without pressure to upgrade.

There is free training in Affiliate Marketing – First Ten Video Lessons.

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Just to be clear, you can just sign up for a free account and see how things go, is that fair enough?

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Consider reading my in depth investigation into WA and so you can make an informed decision.


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Have You Been Duped By An Online Con?

I would love to hear from you!  Just leave it in the comment section so others can learn from it also and I will always get back to everyone who comments. I hope you had fun here and it answered your question regarding What Is A Pyramid Scam, and, real world scams. Leave me a comment should you have any questions about signing up for Wealthy Affiliate or regarding the investigated topic, you are very welcomed to ask and I will be happy to help you in whatever way I can. Stay Safe Online Everyone! CHEERS!!


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