What Is 365DayClub. com? Full 365DayClub. com Review!!

By | December 17, 2017

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What Is 365DayClub. com and do they Pay Out?

Are you researching What Is 365DayClub. com to find out if 365DayClub. com a scam, or safe and real. I do reviews locating online scams and 365DayClub certainly has some early signs that they very well could be an online scam site! Minimum payout is a HUGE $1999 and is the second highest payment threshold I have ever come across. The work is called PTR (Paid To Read) with PTC (Paid To Click) activities as well. There are several ways to try to make money with them but ultimately they have become accustomed to not paying people. They also have a nasty little surprise for you when you try to cash out! Be very careful with them as they will waste your time and leave you high and dry for all your work.

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What Is 365DayClub. com and Reasons NOT To Join Them.

I will now show you what is 365DayClub. com by going to WHOIS and revealing that 365 Day Club is actually been online for quite some time – 2010! Their address appears to come from Denver but their email is hidden and the owner name is no where to be seen. Hidden details for websites is never a good sign of honesty and a great start to a suspicious reputation online.

There are two levels of earnings. You may wish to earn as a Free Member and a Gold Member. The benefits to Free Memberships is as follows:-

  • Each Email you read you are meant to be earning $5.
  • PTC work is worth $2 – this is where they redirect you to other sites to watch ads for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • YOU make 30% commissions from the work of your referrals.
  • A Sign Up Bonus exists and it is $50 and you will receive $20 for each successful sign up through your referral link.
  • As said earlier, the lowest amount you can cash out is $1999! TOO HIGH to be legit.


Registration and Login Page to 365DayClub.com



Payment processors are PayPal, PerfectMoney and Payza. They say they have other options as well. Ultimately, no one gets paid. Below is the bogus high earnings claims for going for a Gold Membership!


  • Once you become a paid member all read emails nets you $10.
  • Watching an ad (PTC) for 30 seconds gets you $5.
  • All work from your own sign ups will earn you up to 50% in commissions.
  • No minimum cash out requirement at this level of membership.
  • You can somehow get nearly 50 free referals every month.
  • Upgrades comes with promtions and other incentives.


Again, it is worth repeating, this is a scam site and they do not pay out! That is the work and pay all explained. Now, let us take a look at how they scam money out of you just before you ask for your pay.


How The Scam Works.

Upon your application for your $1999 (as a free member of course) you will be required to pay $50 to Upgrade to Gold Membership. Should you already be a Gold Member you still won’t get paid. Both types of memberships pays out to no one and is not worth your time.

Their true purpose is to get as many online members as possible to flow to them free traffic to convert into scam victims. Not to mention they sell on sensitive data that you may have submitted at sign up fro a profit! I do not recommend this site as a legit and safe PTC/PTR Affiliate Program. Actually, I do not recommend ANY PTC SITES AS LEGIT WAYS TO EARN ONLINE.

The reason for this is because it just takes too damn long to earn anything! The pay out is not even worth collecting thus making it a worthless endeavor.

Consider that paying someone $5 for reading an email is actually absurd when you think about it. This would be a very unwise investment of valuable financial resources as such an amount of cash can get advertisers 100’s up to one clicks on their product/service links. Please see one real life complaints of 365DayClub. com below:-


Complaints of 365DayClub.com



As you can read above, no where on their site they do make claims of having to pay $50 to release your payments, and is used as an excuse not to pay out. They never had any intention of paying out anyways so this is the reasoning behind the fee. However, as said, should you pay then they have made $50 at your expense along with all the time and referals made to them for free! It takes great patience to earn money with PTR/PTC sites and I feel strongly ones time would better used by learning to Make Your Own Website and let it generate leads and an income – even on your down time.







Do you have a story to tell about the site under review? I would love to hear from you so others may learn of how much of an online scam they are. You may leave your comment just below in the comment box provided. Do you disagree with something or everything I have said? You can place your views and or corrections below so I may learn more as well along with my readers. The last few years has seen an unprecedented amount of Internet scams and we should all play our part by sharing articles exposing sites that live to defraud others. So, I would dearly appreciate all shares of this article, or another on my site, to help stem the fraudulent tide that runs unabated online. I feel confident I have given enough info on What Is 365DayClub. com and certainly you are reading here first and not after signing up with them. Thank you for reading my article and I am looking forward to all of your comments below. Thank you and good bye for now.



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