What Is 247VIPClub.com? Is 247VIPCLUB.com a Scam or Legit?

By | December 18, 2017

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With A Sign Up Bonus of $150 I Want to Know What Is 247VIPClub.com and is it Real.

My jaw hit the flow when I came across a site called 247VIPClub.com that promises $150 for joining up! I HAD to research and ask What Is 247VIPClub.com, is 247VIPClub a fraud or a genuine and easily misunderstood site due to its insane and unsustainable money-give-a-way-business-model per blindingly easy work! LOL! Let us find out why I think these guys are really just pulling our leg and I will detail the true purpose and criminal reasons behind such enticing, if not, completely obvious online scam site fake pay out descriptions! This will ‘snuggle’ in nicely with in my SCAM SITES section.

There are so many other reasons why I am in zero doubt to their disingenuous payment statements that I feel like I should just screen shot every word on their site with huge red arrows pointing to their absurdities. However, I like to type 🙂 . Before I begin on wards to what should be a comedy of 247VIPClub’s error’s, I would like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate. Should you still need a real way to earn online, now that you know the site under review is a joke (-_-) and not to be trusted, then why not read my Review on Wealthy Affiliate >HERE<. It will give you all the details you need to know to learn how to get started online with a $0 Investment for a Free Starter Account. Should you feel like not reading any further then you can Sign Up >HERE< and have a look around and ask as many questions as you like. I am here to help. Let us now continue with our review of 247VIPClub.





What Is 247VIPClub.com and Why They Lie So Much.

They lie so much to entice the masses in for profit – its just in their nature I guess. OK, I will now get serious (lol) and detail What Is 247VIPClub.com including who they are, the work and the compensation, of which is just an ‘idea’ to its members, as 247 VIP CLUB does not pay out to its members as they would need to amass a serious amount of wealth to do so and still make a profit.

WHOIS details strike me oddly familiar as I do believe I came a cross a site, reviewed as a scam, with the same registration date (2/1/2010), address with the usual no founders name and email is protected. That other site is called 365DayClub. com where they offer pretty much the same bad deal to its members. Should you want to take a look at it after read here then you will seem striking similarities. For this reason I am saying 247VIPClub and 365DayClub.com is owned by the person or people and is a connection I have not found detailed anywhere else per my research.

If I get sued for being wrong least we will know the criminals behind these sites and they would have to go to jail! But I do not believe I am.



Login Page of 247vipclub.com



Easy Work for Fake Pay Details.

There are two levels where one is a Free Sign Up and the other is a Paid Sign Up Option. Paid Sign Option comes with increased payouts that I will now detail for both. I will start by saying it is open to all International Citizens and comes, as said, with the incredible joining bonus of $150!!

If you pay you are promised a HP PAVILION! Safe to assume that is a laptop and it seems a little too good to be true.

When A free member reads an email, simply reads it away, they are paid (‘paid‘) $100! Where do I sign up!! You will get $50 for simply clicking on a banner ad and many would be quite rich in no time with such lucrative work. This amount is DOUBLED when you are a Premium Member.

Free members get $50 for every new sign up and Premium gets $100 for the same amount of work. 30% commissions are granted to free members while 50% is given to Premiums for referrals monies earned. Of course, its all bogus. The ‘mystery’ deepens when I come across the minimum payout is $25,000 that they will pay out to its members via MoneyGram, Western Union and PayPal etc. Legit sites will set the minimum threshold from cents to about $100 and no more. Anymore then that then it is a surefire sign you walk strolled on into a raving scam and you will never get paid for any of your work. They do not care how many referrals you make, how much time you spend on their site or how loyal a member you were – they only care to scam you for FREE TRAFFIC to further their victim list.


Details of 247vipclub.com


The Final Step of the Scam:-

After you finally make the journey to 25K payout threshold you will be rewarded with a horrible surprise. This surprise is not detailed anywhere on their site and will be used as an excuse not to give you $25,000!! What’s the ‘reason’? You did not Upgrade and to Upgrade you must pay money. I said earlier they run another site called 365DayClub and they charge a MERE $50! That is all they need to say you no longer qualify for such a huge amount of money. You have been warned guys.

Two Last Things:- Their sites primary purpose is to get you to shovel them loads of traffic from your time and efforts. Now they have more people they can try to charge 50 bucks a pop! Worse then this is they are hunting for every ones sensitive details that they are delighted to sell on to online gangsters for even more profit! Total Scam Guys – Total Scam!






I would love to hear from you! Did you sign up to these guys and realize something was wrong? What reason did they give you as to why they can’t pay you and did you pay that upgrade fee? You are welcome to detail your story below so others may learn and help them stay clear of the site I just reviewed. Life is too short to keep bumping into scam sites and this is why I only promote my #1 RECOMMENDATION that does deliver on its promises. I look forward to responding to all of your comments and I am happy to have helped you know What Is 247VIPClub.com and hope you did not get defrauded by them. Thank you for reading my post and would ask you consider sharing it to help warn others. Take care for now and I will soon be back to warn you of more online scams!



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    yes thank you, for telling us the. i have been scam by this 247vipclub site .


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