What Is 247 Helpers? SCAM or LEGIT? Reviews Of ‘Suspicious’ Sites!!

By | October 30, 2017

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Set Up as a ‘Type’ Of ‘Charity’ – I wanted to Know What Is 247 Helpers!

It is a great idea to connect altruistic people to people in need on a Global Scale. Having viewed their site, I am still wondering, what is 247 Helpers and is it a scam or legitimate? If you need a review into 247helpers and want to know if 247helpers.com is honest and genuine, and not fraudulent, then you have landed on the right review, as I do reviews into, what I ‘suspect‘ to be, scam websites. Briefly speaking, they ‘connect’ people who want to help other people in the word, by establishing that communication for a financial transaction to occur. This is great news if it is real. However, if you DO NOT go through with your original intention of donating, your account is closed without warning. That to me is ‘suspicious‘ and REEKS of a fraud!

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Need to Know What Is 247 Helpers BEFORE You Send Your Donation?



What is 247 helpers?


After only a few minutes on 247helpers.com I have suspicions they are playing on good peoples emotions to donate to people in need for their own personal financial gain. It is disgusting! They arrogantly inflate themselves as do-gooders who connect those who wish to help and those who need help. It has ‘ring-tones’ of a classic Nigerian Scam – meaning – a story of hardship to evoke a quick emotional reaction of wanting to help (sending money to people in need).

Speaking of money, you must send your ‘donation’ from your very own bank account! No other way! There is NO WAY of knowing if the person you are ‘helping’ is a part of this scam or real! This is so OVERTLY a scam I honestly can not see it lasting long enough to be able scam many people of money, however, they are presently doing this – sadly.

If you want to help people in need please go to a trusted and registered charity to do so. At least you KNOW it IS genuine! If you use your bank details to send money to 247 Helpers then they will have that is more info on you. I don’t trust these guys already.

Their website is riddled with grammatical errors. I know I GOT MY TYPOS, but these guys take the biscuit!

They make emphasis that they are NOT a ‘HYIP’ (High Yield Investment Program) – which is just a fancy way of saying htey are not a ponzi scheme – which, ironically, is what they are.

When anyone says you can make 100% return on your ‘donation’ then you have to question – “How does me giving a donation get me back my money plus double that!” Alas, a Ponzi Scheme promises high returns on original investment that is paid off by new investors. Soon enough, people wake up to its nonsense, and realize there are no more new sign ups – thus, no more investors to pay earlier investors. Ponzi Scheme!

See below some nonsense that is past for common sense from the website under review.


What is 247 helpers?



Please look to the bottom of the image where it says you can get 100% ‘Growth’ ‘Instantly’. I mean, please, pleazzzz – ?.

I am done with these guys. It is a scam. Please share to warn others as they are attracting a lot of people who are getting stung in a big way. Thank you.


Lastly, please read the screen shot below:-


What is 247 helpers?


Clearly, if you don’t pay up, they will delete your account. This tells me you have ‘caught’ on to them!


ULTIMATELY! By the time people find out this is a scam, the scammers of this site, will have run for hills with ‘donations’ from people who thought they were doing good.







I do not endorse the site under review as ‘legit’. It is a horrible attempt to garner support to help other people in need. Actually, the people in ‘need’ exist in ‘photos’ they have put up – that have nothing to do with their site! I am confident you know what is 247 Helpers and it is just a way of getting money out of good people under the pretense of helping others. NASTY! Thank you for reading my article in exposing another heartless scam and come back soon as I post daily. Take care guys and thank you to all my subscribers for your support! “THANK YOU!”




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