2 thoughts on “What Is 1 866 892 4077 – Is 1-866-892-4077 Scam or Legit Facebook Call?

  1. Mimi Jones

    I received two calls from 866-892-4077; one on 4/5/2019 and another on 4/8/2019. Since they came on business days during business hours – nothing over the weekend – I was unsure. Another point that had me wondering if it may be true was that they left a voicemail with the reason for the call and instructions to follow. My experience has been that robocalls do not leave voicemails. I did not call back but posted on Facebook to see if anyone else had gotten these phone calls. Replies came back telling me not to call the number, reinforcing what I’d already surmised. I have blocked the phone number and changed my Facebook password. I’m interested to see if they will call back on a different number.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mimi,

      Thank you so much for kick starting this discussion. Your advice is spot-on and thank you Mimi for detailing your experience regarding this number.

      This number is definitely suspicious because it is very hard to call Facebook so why all of a sudden they be calling you? Does not make sense.

      Ignore such number that say anything about your Facebook page, Google account or anything online – there is no one in the business of highlighting security measures with your accounts via calling you.

      Thanks again Mimi 🙂 .


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