What Is 1-410-200-500 – Scam SMS Viral Phishing Plague?

By | August 31, 2018

What Is 1-410-200-500 / Scam Text Messages Duping People!

DON’T respond to any messages from 1-410-200-500! Those asking What Is 1-410-200-500 will know everything on this number by end of this article. People are also asking not just what it is but also how it is scamming people. Simply don’t click on any links they are sending you from supposed well known organizations. There are a number of ways they are cleverly capturing highly sensitive data from its victims for the unknown scammers financial gain. Those that have received communication from 1-410-200-500 are welcome to alert everyone below in the comments under this article. This is not the only number doing the rounds ripping people off. I will list some of them soon.

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What Is 1-410-200-500 –  1 410 Text Messages Spam Campaign.

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For now you can know that 1-410-200-500 if a fake offer in whatever form it has come to you. Furthermore, numbers starting with 1-410 seem to be damaging to peoples online safety. The image above clearly shows you some of the suggestions by Google around this mysterious number from unknown scammers. So now its easy for all to know the answer to What Is 1-410-200-500 – fake and not genuine. Now, take a look below of a list of numbers I have tracked down online that also not good and are only trying to seek you out for fraudulent purposes:-


410-200-500 number.

1-410-200-502 <- do note only the last number is changed.

1-410-20  503.







And the list continues. Only the last number changes and so any number that is starting off with 1-410 should be considered suspicious until you can personally verify its safety by ensuring you make sure you know the sender. Should such texts be saying they are from your local stores, banks etc just ring those companies and see if they are running the offer that is being portrayed in these text messages. When, or if, it turns out these companies are not running such offers then you must conclude that it is a scam number.

Those with information on other scam numbers are welcome to leave them below to be exposed at a future time. Alternatively, report such numbers or any scam site to my sites email address at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com.



Some Examples of Who the Scammers are Impersonating.

Kill Clown Calling?


Here are a few examples of the scams people have reported online of having been contacted from, of course, it is not the real companies but the unscrupulous people trying to earn from your mistake of believing them.

One that is doing the rounds is a text message from Bank of America (not actually them of course) with some instructions. This message will tell you to login into your bank account to verify the account is yours or for some other reasonably sounding intention. Anyways, that link is a link to a fake look-a-like Bank of America website!

Check the URL that it is exactly the one that you would normally see when visiting the real site. Once you login then the scammers have clever software that records the key strokes of your device and now they have your financial credentials. It only boggles the mind how much money you could lose with those details in the wrong hands. So that is easy to say now that is a phishing text message designed to gain access to your own personal finances. 

Another fraudulent way they seek your info is sending out text messages that appear to come from Apple. Those messages will ask you to login and then update your phone. This is nonsense and is from the same number as the one above i.e. 1-410-200-500. So know now Apple does not behave in this manner and does not send out links to anyone telling them to update their Apple devices. Should you have, or ever, receive a message from these companies then do verify this when their customer support. They are:-

Bank of America support number is 00 1 315-724-4022.

For Apple you can call 1-800-694-7466 for those in the USA.

Just give them call if you are in doubt.

Nearly everyday I get the same message from the same scammer saying I have won a lotto! The wording never changes and actually it seems I am winning that stupid lotto most days of the week. This is clearly a scam where I am supposed to pay a relatively small processing fee to gain access to my millions. It is quite old and still to this day people fall for it hook line and sinker!



1-410-22 – Have You Really Won the Lotto? – NO!

Our next example of false and fraudulent text/sms messages comes from the 1-410-200 number and this number claims that you have won some kind of lottery! I know that some may have felt a sudden rush to your heads at the thought of this, I know I did when I was first contacted by text message many years ago saying I won some kind of Euro Football Lottery Draw, but it is pure nonsense. I Googled that supposed draw and then found out it was a fake claim. Good job to because they wanted me to send them 99 quid.

This 1-410-200 is apparently from Megapool Lotto but as established its not real. Same number is sending out instructions for users to confirm their details for accounts like Facebook. This is so you can avoid your Facebook account from being closed down permanently. This was quite common in my part of the World where I noticed a number of my friends warning us about it. Also, while we are on the Facebook matter, don’t add friends that have already being added. Scammers are impersonating real people on your friends list in order for you to accept them as a friend and then here is where mega problems begin.

There are may examples online of this number, and numbers like it, reaching out to the masses with fake invitations to do fake actions all leading to the involuntary handing over of your most vital personal data. Wells Fargo bank is just another one that is being impersonated in order to find out your real and legit financial details. As mentioned, any doubts just ring up your bank and verify or debunk any requests made of this nature.

Wells Fargo customer support is 00 800 9564 4422.

Do you know of a similar number, or the same one listed here, that is a scam? Let us know below.

By now it is easy to know that these numbers, like 1-410-200-500, are part of a series of malicious text messages designed to rob your personal details. Such info can then be used to take cash out of your funds. When they are through doing that then they can sell on those details for further profits. These details can be found across the net, tucked away in big forums, where no one tends to investigate – it seems. Or, they can be found on the Deep Web and then sold onto the highest Bidder. However, I ain’t going there…



Final Thoughts.

As mentioned, some of these bad numbers send out work offer text’s in the hopes of ripping you off. There is a huge forum online all about such numbers at forums.att.com. These numbers are the advanced version of the letter fraud where people think they won some lottery, or a holiday of a life time, but they must send a processing. That takes time, and effort and costs on the scammer part, but this new way by SMS is mass targeting potentially millions of people in the one go. In every new wave of these mass-targeting scams there are statistically guaranteed returns of profit, as not all are aware of these kinds of very clever threats. Do advise such people about this article by sharing it to your networks.

That is all I have on What Is 1-410-200-500 and I am sure you now know it is nothing but a malicious attempt to defraud you and waste your time in some way. As previously mentioned, those looking to make their own online business with a $0 start up, can learn to do this in a small amount of time. You may read about WA HERE or sign up below for your free account. Thanks for stopping by and DO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS about your experience with these bizarre and scam text messages below, it may just help someone else.

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