WewMax.com – What Is WewMax.com and Is ‘WewMax’ Scam Or Legit?

By | April 4, 2019

WewMax.com Review – Is ‘WewMax’ Legitimate or another Scam E-Store?

This is the end of your research regarding WewMax.com in our review. What Is WewMax com? Is ‘WewMax’ a scam, fake, fraudulent or Is ‘Wew Max’ legit, safe, genuine and trustworthy? This www.WewMax.com Review will seek to discover if they are a scam, legit or simply not recommended. 

Those with their own customer reviews are welcome to add their own information in the comments below this article to help others. Many fake e-stores are from China, so much so, it has become a point of contention. Of course, not all e-stores from this region are scams but it is still worth checking out.




Is www.wewmax.com a scam?



WewMax.com Unmasked – High Quality E-Store?

There are critical points we will look into about WewMax.com that may help us determine What Is WewMax.com. With some little research already done, we have found something, very curious. We initially were looking into Ojok.com.

However, bottom of Ojok.com’s website they referred to themselves as WewMax.com. So, a quick Google search of that domain and we see least 1 full page within Google of other websites calling themselves ‘WewMax.com’. 

This is very strange and actually makes me suspicious. Why? We have to ask why so many sites are, no doubt by mistake, calling themselves by another sites name? Honestly, I feel that legitimate businesses would never ever call themselves by another site name, for common sense reasons.

We will now have to research everyone of them to find out attached information such as scam reports, if any.

For now, we will go to WHOIS and check out this one first. They have registered their site in 2019/02/26 and did this for one year. For those that are in business, or even owned one, you will know that it can take a few years before success begins to flower.

So 1 year is not a good sign and only a sign of a hit-and-run site. But from this little piece of info we can’t call them a scam. This could be that the founder wishes to see how their new e-store goes before renewing further.

We see an address in WHOIS, where websites information is stored, and they are using a proxy address. That simply means that they are using an address that hides their real location. Why would a business hide where they are really from? This is another bad sign.

No founder name listed or contact information. We must go to their website to source this info, if an. 

On their site we see an email address of service@wewmax.com. No business address that is easy to find and also there is no founder name listed. This means that people are or could be giving out their payment information to people we can not locate. This is no doubt bad practice.


‘WewMax’ Scam Signs.

There are few few scam signs at their site that really should not be. 

  • First off, their phone number is not visible. They have a phone symbol on their site but that is not clickable at all.
  • I see a laptop being sold for $115.00 – that I believe is too-good-to-be-true.
  • There are other sites that are calling themselves by this sites name.
  • No founder listed anywhere online and no business address.
  • OnlineThreatAlerts website say they are from China and buy their goods from Amazon. They advise to buy your goods from Amazon instead of from this Chinese store.
  • *Correction:- that was said about Ojok.com, but since they are using the same site name, we could be forgiven for thinking it is the same people with the same practices.



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Final Thoughts.

Complete black-out for identity, location and minimal contact mediums for customer service. Other sites referring to themselves as the same site we have just written on.

That should be enough for you to answer if they are scam or legit.

To garner even more clarity please do not hesitate to leave your own customer reviews below to aid others decide for themselves.

That is all on What Is WewMax.com and looking forward to your comments below. Where we get too many negative reviews we will then put them into our List of Internet Scammers.


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