What Is West Louis – Is www.West-Louis.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 5, 2019

Find Out What Is West Louis Found At www.West-Louis.com – West Louis Review.

Thank you for stopping in and now where are going to get some clarity on What Is West Louis (www.westlouis.com). Is West Louis a scam, fraudulent bogus, fake or Is WestLouis.com legit, real, safe and genuine? This WestLouis Review is going to save you some time and perhaps disappointment if you order from the. They do seem to deliver the goods but there are complaints about that service. Those that handed over payment information, and were dissatisfied with what you got, should put in for a refund with your payment provider.

All reviews and reports are welcome on your experience with that company and can be placed in the comments below. This company seems to be straight out of China (per online reports) though I do see a completely different address at WHOIS. Multiple addresses is a sign that your order could be coming from outside of your country. 

Those that got deliveries may experience that your order is wrong. Wrong sizes, poor quality items, have been reported on this company. Some reports are asking for a mailing address to return the cloths they ordered So, be cautious with selling sites, as sometime you may find that they deliver inferior products, nothing like what they advertise, shoddy, damaged, possibly counterfeit and stolen goods. What has your experience been?





More on What Is West Louis Review – Background and Scam Check.

So we will always begin with the Founder Name, location of the company and any legit contact information. They appear to be from the USA but complaints state they see return addresses from China on the packaging. Where we have conflicts of this nature, fake addresses, no addresses, fake or no contact information then you should probably shop elsewhere to be safe. Legit companies are very upfront on this kind of thing. 



Caution for now on www.westlouis.com!


Registration for this company was in 2017/05/18 and did so for 2 years. Scam sites run along a very typical scam pattern of opening a site for only 1 or 2 years. So honest businesses will usually register for many more years than what we see here. It is just something to watch out for at the start of any background check on a site.

14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US. That address is not theirs and is being used by many possibly 100’s of other online sites. So why did they not put their real location address? There is no need to hide that information and is considered to be suspicious and deceptive.

There is not a founder name listed for their site at site registration nor email support. That is a very bad sign indeed and yet again there is no reason to hide that information. If they turn out to be a scam then we do not know the name of person or people responsible.


West Louis Scam Signs.

There are nearly always a bunch of scam signs on any fake site to help alert us to their real intentions. Knowing only a handful can easily save you from any future fake selling sites.

Registration is very short for this kind of website. 

Founder name not listed at registration nor on their own site. 

70% DISCOUNTS is a bad sign as well as that is like giving away too much profits. They must pay for manufacturing of these items including real world overheads and so too-good-to-be-true-prices is something to watch out for.

They do not possess any Trust Seals but only a Site Safe Image. That is only to say that their site is SSL (green padlock – see top left of scamwitness.com) but that is not proof of a sites legitimacy. Just means your information is that more secure over their network.

We know that they registered their site in 2017. Take a quick look bottom left of their site and they say their site is from 2002. That is simply a gross lie. So sites that are being deceptive on their sites date does so to garner from you more trust and more legitimacy in your eyes. How can a site be a scam if they are still online for so long? That is the kind of thinking such a deception is trying to illicit from people and so it helps with sales as well.

Phone Number of +1 217-311-3121 turned up some surprising results once Googled. Seems like there are two other sites that appear identical using that same number. Another site, completely different in look, is also using that exact same number. How can at least 4 companies be using the same phone number like this? So that is not a good sign, and since they have not declared these other sites on each of their sites, it is a negative point against them. 

So the scam signs worsen as I noticed they are offering free shipping world wide. So that is 70% discounted and now free shipping? I know China’s Government pays pretty much most of the shipping costs for companies like this in China, but still, where is their own profit? IF they are sending out cheaper versions of the products other than what they are advertising is how they are profiting, so it seems.

TrustPilot reports, of only 31, say that they have a score of 3% Good and and 93% BAD. Very bad sign indeed, and where you find more bad reports than good, then it is something to consider in your own purchasing decisions. It may indicate you will not get anything for your cash, or something entirely different, whereupon you try to return the good(s). Returns could cost you more than the actual worth of the purchase and so it may not even be worth your time.

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With the information above I hope you have come to your own conclusion. For me personally, I do not recommend them. I can not call them a scam in good conscience due to a pretty low level of scam reports about them. However, out of the 31 or so scam reports, they were calling them a scam. Since they do appear to deliver your goods, it is possible, you may not get exactly what you ordered which of course is disappointing when that happens. That is it on What Is West Louis and I hope it has been of use to you. Those that are not happy with their experience of this company are welcome to SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. Scam reports on other sites are also welcome but please do leave the full URL to avoid confusion with other sites. Thank you for your time and looking forward to your comments to come.





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8 thoughts on “What Is West Louis – Is www.West-Louis.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Lee Shanklin

    I have fallen victim to West Louis. I ordered my product almost 2 months ago and never received it. The tracking number they sent me is not a valid number per the tracking system. I have sent many emails in regards to the status of my order and none have been returned. I have no filed a refund claim through PayPal. It will take several weeks, but at least I paid that way and hopefully Paypal will do their part in their promise of protecting those that purchase through them. Also, PayPal needs to quit working with West Louis. The only reason I felt any legitimacy with this company was because of the PayPal option.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Lee for letting us know and we would be very interested to hear about how this resolves. Good luck with this Lee!

  2. Assil

    I am another victim. I wish I knew.. Very wicked, very bad and I wonder why we can not close that site.

  3. Jason Adams

    I purchased a order from this site and its been 15 days and the items still haven’t shipped. I tried to contact them through messenger in the message they sent at purchase with no response and then tried 3 times through there site sending them emails that states they will respond within 24hrs. Its a fake address given for the store and fake phone number. Ill be filing a dispute with my bank tomorrow to get my money back. My best advice would be to not shop at this site.

  4. Melissa Lopez

    West Louis scammed me!! I should have done my research before placing my order. Ordered a men’s XXL and that is not what I received. Yes, it does have a XXL sticker on it but in the US this jacket would be a men’s large at most. I’ve contacted West Louis twice the last email sent 9 days ago. I have yet to get an email with return info as explained in their terms for returns. Also, I have until Jan 21st to return for a refund, supposedly. I’m so disappointed in myself for not being more careful.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      It happens all the time Melissa and I recommend just to put it down to experience. Thank you for leaving your own customer review of West Louis with us.


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