What Is WeenZee – Is WeenZee.com Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | February 23, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘WeenZee’ and ‘WNZ Tokens’? – The ‘WeenZee’ Review.

You are invited to find out here everything on What Is ‘WeenZee’ situated at www.weenzee.com. Is ‘WeenZeen’ a scam, fraudulent, ponzi scheme, deceptive or Is WeenZee com legit, real, safe, genuine and profitable? What Is WNZ Tokens? This ‘Weez Zee’ Review is here to warn you against par-taking in Ponzi Schemes! They have not clearly defined their product and only make bold claims of easy cash per investment levels. Their unstable business model, which is dependent on new sign ups money, is surely to collapse shortly – and certainly without notice.

Those that are finding ‘odd’ things about this ‘investment’ platform are welcome to report them below this article in the comments. Certainly, if they have just straight-up refused to pay you anything for your investment then we definitely want to hear from you. We are going to be taking a look at a why we believe they are an illegal Ponzi Scheme by putting out some GLARING scam signs.




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‘WeenZee’ Review Guide – Still Thinking About ‘Investing’?

Remember:- if it is too good to be true, it normally is. Also, ‘IF’ you must invest in these money-games, only invest what you can afford to lose. Because close to if not over 90% of the members on that platform will indeed lose their cash. This is why I am not endorsing ‘WeenZee’ at WeenZee.com. Right now we are going to do a back ground check on some basic information. Surely enough if the owners of that site can create such a profitable system, they would of remembered to leave their basic site credentials?



www.weenzee.com scam alert!


We are of course looking for owner name, real world business address, contact information and registration date. The 1st three are of paramount importance while the last is of interest to know. Where this information is missing, then please do note, that missing information of this nature is indeed intentional and is something to be worried about.

Registration date for this ‘WeenZee’ site began in 2018/08/15 and registered up to 2023/08/15. Typically scam sites will only register for 1 or 2 years and that would have been our first ‘clue’ to ‘something’ being wrong here if that were so.

However, since they are a Ponzi Scheme by the very fact they are have utterly failed to declare (*and prove) how they generate so generous returns to all members, then they are still a scam. Its their business modelit is illegal for very good reasons!

WHOIS address for ‘WeenZee’ is Suite 17052 43 Bedford Street, London, London, WC2E 9HA. Having Googled that address it appears that SLAMIX BUSINESS LLP owns that address. You may see evidence of that at a site called opengovuk.com. Also, that address in WHOIS (where websites are registered) they say they have a companies house certificate for.

However, where we see that certificate displayed in their CONTACT US section is far too small to be seen. That is intentional to stop further scrutiny and only to make themselves look good at a glance. Even when you increase your screen view up to 175% plus, the copy of that cert is so degraded, hardly anything can be made out.

Point being, that is not their address. They have out-right lied about their location… what else are they lying about? They are using someone else’s business details address and passing them off as their own. This is very worrying because I see scam sites do this on a daily basis. It is always a huge scam sign for obvious reasons.




‘WeenZee’ Scam Signs.

‘WeenZee’ is our first scam sign! Why? Scammers will make up names out of think air and then define them for you within their generic and highly confusing content. Whenever I see a site name, that does not have anyting really to do with the sites content, then usually that is something that causes me a little bit of concern. So, ‘odd-sounding’ site names – watch out for them. 

They claim a companies house certificate but actually they do not possess one. Even if they did possess one, which would of set them back about £125 (thereabouts) they would still be a scam. Why? Ponzi Scheme… its still illegal for good reasons…


What’s A Ponzi Scheme?

  • Imagine, if you will, that I told ‘you’ how ‘I’ had a ‘system’ to make ‘you’ loads of cash ‘fast’ and ‘quickly’ – interested? Well, I don’t – but that is how this kind of thing starts out. Anyways, you ‘invest’ (‘give’ to me) some cash (pick any amount you are comfortable with losing) and you may or may not (more likely not) get x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, xwhatever ‘they’ promise you back!
  • This is playing on greed by the way. And so, ‘I’ got money from ‘you’. So – ‘YOU’ tell ‘ME’ how schemes are funding themselves and its source of revenue – …
  • It is solely dependent on new members signing up. ‘Investing’. Crossing their fingers. Waiting – no work by the way for big and easy cash. And hopefully get some money back or be like most of the rest of the members:- wondering where their ROI is!
  • Without a real defined, product in exchange for cash, in order to make money online in the cryptocurency market, then you are playing with ‘money-games’ whether you know it or not. They are not investing in crypto-‘anyting’ at all. Nothing to do with Artificial Intelligence. That is all ‘surface’ to convince you they are legit.
  • Once you sink into the substance of their sites offer then we see it is only based on getting money from new investors. Now, we use that money to pay out older investors. Next wave comes in and they invest. Now that money is paid out to the second lot of investors and it continues. It continues until no more new sign ups. 
  • When there is no more new sign ups, then the whole ‘system’ collapses. The older the site gets the less likely anyone is getting paid anything. If anyone does get paid returns then its only a matter of time before payments get spotty until naught. You have been warned.
  • Their ‘WZ TOKEN’S‘ are only a way to extract cash out of you and actually have no real world value at all, from what I can see. These kinds of ‘TOKENS’ are a relatively new and very clever way to make it feel like you are ‘getting something’ for your cash. The authorities are aware of this kind clever scam and have since warned people already.
  • Taking it back to the address supplied by them, it is only a virtual office address! They have not even supplied a real world location address for their own business. And so do you really trust a site that can’t let you know where they are located?
  • Since most of the money that is generated by such illegal schemes go to the top then they are as well a Pyramid Scheme.






Final Thoughts.

It is not legal to set up a site promoting a business that is 1:- a Ponzi Scheme. 2:- A Pyramid Scheme. And since it is based on how many people join – 3:- A Multi Level Marketing Scheme. That last one is not illegal, but since we have not clear-cut product in exchange for cash, then it is an MLM Style type of structure as well. Those that did not receive anything for their ‘investment’ are welcome to report the aforementioned site below. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!


They are not a legit way to earn online at all. They are a gamble to say the least, and those that knowingly refer others to such schemes knowing its illegal, run the risk of having the authorities speaking with you. Those that earn from business models, and did not know they were taking part in an illegal scheme, incredibly seem to be allowed to keep any (if any) profits from their ‘investments’. You should seek legal advice from a solicitor to verify this and not take our word for it.

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All shares  of this article are very much appreciated to help spread the word on What Is WeenZeen and hope it has helped you in your own research. Any questions? Please feel free to ask below where myself, or another member of this forum, will be happy to help I am sure. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to your comments below.


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