What Is WeeklyHourJob.com – Is WeeklyHourJob.com Scam or Legit?

By | December 29, 2018

Quick Review To Answer What Is WeeklyHourJob.com – Report Them Below.

No doubt you are here because you can’t access your account or something of that nature? Well, What Is WeeklyHourJob.com is very simple to answer – THEY ARE FAKE. Is WeeklyHourJob.com at www.WeeklyHourJob.com scam, fake, dishonest, crooked, bad or is WeeklyHourJob good, legit, honest, decent, genuine, real, safe? This Weekly Hour Job is a Scam Alert Warning. Do not work on their site. They will only waste your time. Countless identical sites and this scam network has been running for years on end. Please, play YOUR PART in the safety of the online world and Report Them Below.

To those that will bother a few moments – I thank you, to the rest, look for reviews before believing the insane levels of pay they offer for such easy work a kid could do in their sleep. That maybe harsh but it is your own lack-luster for success that scammers take advantage of. I know, because I have been scammed too many times myself. So, I thought I would do ‘something’ about it and Build My Own High Traffic Website With Wealthy Affiliate To Expose Online Scams. Now that is what I call poetic justice 🙂 .

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What Is WeeklyHourJob.com About Why They Are No Good – What Has Been Your Experience?

There are so many of these fake sites that I can’t keep up. You already know What Is WeeklyHourJob.com and for plenty of folks that is enough. For those interested as to why, then why not take a quick look at this review:-

What Is MyHourlyPay.com – Is MyHourPay.com Scam or Legit Online Job?


That is identical to the site under question and only designed to simply defraud as many people as possible. They are very found of sharing their links all over Social Media because that is their instructions to their members. This has the very unfortunate effect of pulling in family, friends, work friends and strangers. Stop sharing that link as they never pay out.

Not since they first began years have they paid a single cent out to anyone.

We can do a quick back ground check and see that all of their information is simply hidden. That is a first class scam sign that we should dig further and be cautious before signing up to their fake site. I see they registered their site recently 2018/11/16 with only 1 year online. 1 year is a sign that they just want to scam and run. That is indicative of fake sites and I see it daily.

They have a PO BOX number for their address registered with their site. Not good enough. We need an actual address to verify where their business is from.

N owner name! Why is that hidden? As said, they are a scam and so now the person can’t be questioned for what they are doing.

No email Address. All bad news. Their contact form on their site is simply a phishing form. That is a fail for online identity. Just what I expected to find like all the rest of their sites.



How The Scam Works – Don’t Forget To Report Them Below.

WeeklyHourJob.com Review

Don’t work for www.weeklyhourjob.com!


  • You sign up and be excited to earn big money for simply sharing your affiliate link. Up to $500 a day for some members, apparently. Of course, for just sharing your link could never product those kinds of earnings because that work generates nothing.
  • People click on links all the time, and since their site has no ads, then they are profiting from selling on your personal data. But the scam runs deeper than this.
  • Once you hit the minimum payout of $300 then you will or may see that you are required to do some ‘TASKS’. Now, we see the so called ‘Tasks’ to be done. Well, these tasks are just an attempt to get your cash out of you fraudulently.
  • They may ask you to complete a survey. Now you have to pay to complete that ‘Task’. SCAM! 
  • Or, you will be asked to sign up to an ‘offer’. This will be a third party site (a different site than the one you are on) and they may ask you for your banking info. Bad news, don’t give it to them! They may want to charge your card even though they are offering you a free trial period. Even they maybe brazen to try to charge you monthly recurring fees because we have no way of knowing they are scam or legit.
  • For these tasks Weekly Hour Job will receive some small fee pennies but they will never share any profits. Your email will probably be sold on for a personal profit, and when they have collected enough personal data, they can make some quick and big cash. Be careful of any weird emails from people you don’t know. Report and Delete.


Do You Have A WeeklyHourJob.com Scam Report / Reviews? All Scammed Are Welcome To Leave Those Scam Reports And Reviews Below In The Comments Section – Thank You.










Final Thoughts.

They have many other sites and all have scam reports on them where no one ever gets paid. Update your anti virus because these horrible sites may like to download some malware to hunt down your passwords etc. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scams.

Those with extra info on their scams, such as their other scam sites floating around, are welcome to leave their web addresses below. Those with questions are warmly welcome to ask below and I will be happy to help out. Below is my #1 Way To Earn Online for those interested. If not, I wish you well I hope to hear from you in the comments below 🙂 .



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