WeeklyDouble.com – Is WeeklyDouble.com Scam or Legit Website?

By | October 16, 2018

What Is WeeklyDouble. com and Can You Really Earn $200 a Day on Their Site?

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Welcome and I am glad you have found this article, you have just saved yourself from a scam site! Here you will find out all about WeeklyDouble. com. You will find out What Is WeeklyDoub com? Is Weekly Double fake, scam, fraudulent, or is WeeklyDouble genuine, real, legit, honest and paying out. This WeeklyDouble Review is going to set you very clearly on why they are a scam site and not to be trusted. They don’t just waste your time there are also hidden threats you need to be acutely aware of. Below is this websites research to help you decide for yourself.

While it seems all too easy to keep on bumping into scam sites all day long, there are many good and real ways to make a living from home, using your laptop and internet connection. I found one such way some time ago and they have proven to work time and time again. One thing that made me sign up to try them out was there is no credit card details required for their free starter account and two free websites. Fast forward and now this website is earning significantly for the long term. Anyone wishing to quit their day job and become your own boss may want to check out my #1 Recommendation. Let us continue with this WeeklyDouble. com Review.



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WeeklyDouble. com and How They Are Fooling People Into Being Scammed – The Full Report.

WeeklyDouble. com is a pretty nasty little scam to fall for. There are many scam signs on their site that we will cover real soon. The first thing we need to do is to see if we can locate a founder for WeeklyDouble. Absence of such info is a classic cover of identity and only further proves my point that they are not a good site.

Weekly Double was created 29/09/2018 and there is no founder name listed when the site was first registered. All there is for an address is the word ‘PANAMA’. Clearly, the registrar NameCheap Inc, are not protecting people online by providing a service where scammers can hide their identity. You see, when you make a site saying you offer paid work from home, and then don’t declare who you are, is how these scammers are able to fleece the net of millions yearly. You are supposed to provide such details if you are portraying yourself as a company. This does not apply to bloggers but only businesses.


WeeklyDouble.com Website



So now we see that they have gone to great lengths not to have anyone know who they are. They have not listed any info regarding their identity on their site either. I see this all the time and it is very indicative of  a deceptive site. Now, when their online reputation is so bad, they can easily copy the source code to set up a new site, and run off with all the cash from the last site. Which, they actually did with JobUnited. Online!! JobUnited. Online is now being re-directed to WeeklyDouble.





How The Scam Works –  Hidden Threats Revealed.

It is Free to Sign up to them. However, their sign up form is completely fake. They will not ask you to confirm your email and really it is only one of those forms that simply phishing your info. When they have 100’s or 1000’s of emails harvested they then will sell them online for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There is big, easy and quick cash to be made by selling on these details.

Once in you will see some tasks, but the bulk of the work, is only to share your referral link. They say to share that link all over Social Media, where you will find many of them spamming my YouTube Videos. That is where a lot of the new scam sites being exposed lately, have come from. Thank to the scammers for your help in my research 🙂 .

When you share your link, and someone clicks on your link, you will see that you are given $1 credited to your account. You will keep on going like this until you reach the cash out point.

Problem is, they will never pay out. 

Cash Out and The Threats to Avoid.

The Minimum Cash Out is $300! That is huge and normally you will see that sites like theirs will offer the cash out set to around $100 or much lower, even at 1c. So you see that $300 is a scam of a scam site. The purpose to set the pay out of minimum payment is so you have to work harder, and for longer, to make as many referrals as possible. When all members do this then you will see their members grow. This will send to Google a false impression of their site as being good and legit. They are not! Stop sharing your referral link because only the founder gets paid.

So, they may ask you any number of things to do before you can get your cash. You could asked to fill out a survey. Seems harmless enough, and the site gets real money for that survey. Problem is, you will or maybe required to pay from your own pocket money to complete that task. 

Completing an Offer is another way they will scam you. So, they may ask you to go to some site and complete their offer. This willy usually entail handing over card details for a free trial period of some nature. Problem is, you have no way of knowing if that site is legit! Now that site might even charge your card over and over and even sell on those card details as well. Contact your bank, or PayPal etc, and get a charge back on all monies be defrauded from your account.

Malware is Another Potential Threat to your device! Be sure to update our device with an up to date anti virus and clear the cache from your browser history. Keep all of your passwords in a real note pad and have 9 different passwords across all of your accounts online. If you signed up, and gave them your main and persona email, chances are that email has the same password that you are using on all other online accounts. Scammers know this and it is a very unfortunate mistake that the vast majority of people make daily.

You are simply locked out of your account once they are done with you. Your account is kept active and will remain so until the site is shut down. There is no way to contact their support as they will just ignore you. The Form on their Support Section is not a real contact form but only another phishing page on their site.











Final Thoughts.

They are not a real site! Consider how much monetary value there is in just clicking a link and that is the way of the bulk of the work on their site. Real advertisers are paying these cyber-crooks but you won’t see a penny. Now we see that the advertisers are also being ripped off as well. 36% of all traffic sent to legit advertisers are bots or from scam sites of people who could not care less about their ads. They are a scam site and they are not paying out to anyone, I am sorry to say.

Need some more info about WeeklyDouble.com? You are welcome to ask me below in the comments section. Don’t forget, this article is offering you a free sign up to create your own online business. They are a legit site and I have personally experienced financial success and continue to do with them. They have a free to join referral program as well. There are upgrade options but that is something that we all must decide for ourselves, on whatever offer we take up, in time. Thank you all for coming by and I really do hope this article has saved you some time and potentially some money. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Collins,

      THEY ARE A SCAM SITE! I don’t recommend you register with them as you will have your time wasted. Moreover, you will have your personal details sold onto scammers for future scams. Stay clear of them – they have many identical sits online scamming people out of time and money.


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