What Is WebTalk.co – Is WebTalk.co Scam or Legit Social Network Site?

By | October 5, 2018

Welcome to What Is WebTalk.co Real Member Review – How To Earn for Life with WebTalk.

What is WebTalk.co and can you earn big money with them? This WebTalk co Review by a Real Member will give you all the info into this new platform that is being described as the next Facebook. Those asking is WebTalk fake, scam, fraudulent, crooked? Is Web Talk genuine, real, legit, honest and really paying out 50% revenue share with their first 1 Million Members – for Life?! They are currently in Beta Testing, and so, the 1st 1 Million Members will receive shared earnings of half of the profits from WebTalk for life!! This is a very promising platform with a seemingly Lucrative Affiliate Program, read every word of this review, because opportunities like this don’t come along very often!!


Company:- www.webtalk.co.

Founder:- RJ Garbowicz.

Company Type:- Social Network – Combined Components of Linkd In, Facebook, Instagram and The Market Place.

How to Join:- You Must Be Referred by a Real Member – Invitation Only –>>> Join Here Before They Hit The 1 Million Member Mark! –>>> When The Referral Program Ends for Good.

Commissions:- $1 Per Direct Referral. $1 Per Your Referrals Sign Ups – Five Levels Deep!

Joining Fee:- Free to Everyone – Premium Options Coming Soon Starting at $20 a Month, but Your Free Account is Free for Life.

Payment Methods:- Direct Deposit. PayPal. WebTalks Visa PayRoll Card (Global).

Minimum Payout:- Minimum to Cash Out is $100 and Pays out 28th of Every Month.

Scam or Legit:- Looks Legit – Yet To Be Confirmed.

Pro’s and Con’s:- The Good, Bad and the Ugly Exposed!


Social Network Rewards Prog


This article is by a Real Member, as mentioned, and you will have all your questions answered to decide if you should join this new Platform and their Potentially Lucrative Affiliate Program.





What Is WebTalk.co – WebTalk Review, An Insider Birds Eye View.


WebTa;lk.co Website

www.webtalk.co – The Relationship Management Network.


OK, let us begin our research on What Is WebTalk.co. They describe themselves as “the most disruptive technology of the 21st century“, and also, “the Relationship Management Network”. There are many pros to WebTalk that Facebook simply does not consider all too well, in my experience. That will be covered soon. First, let us find out who the owner is of Web Talk.

RJ Garbowicz registered this new Social Network Platform on the 20/07/2010. So, they have been online sometime which is a good sign. Organization Name is First Round Capital and they are based in St. Petersburg, FL, USA.



Here is RJ Garbowicz WebTalk Profile below:-

WebTalk Social Network Website

Founder Identified Bottom Left of the Image Above.


At this point we have clearly identified who the founder is, where they are from, now let us take a look at what they are about – and how you can make potentially $1000’s every month for life!



What Is RJ Garbowicz Social Network About?

I am sure most of us have been on Facebook, Linkd Inn, Instagram and maybe the Market Place? Well, Web Talk is the best components to all 4 and more. Suited to all people and businesses, affiliate marketers, professionals of all walks and backgrounds are catered for. There are many functions to help promote your own online businesses as well.

So, they are a New Social Network that has been called The Next Facebook, as mentioned.

Where they stand out for me is this:- They have decided to share 50% of its revenue with the 1st I Million Members who sign up and begin to refer others to them. You can not join up directly at this time (see date of this post). Their projected membership is said to be 2 Billion in the next five years.

Here is a Quick Video that explains what they are about and how to earn money simply by referring others to them. I will cover its content briefly below it.




As we can see, if you watched the whole way, that people are paid $1 per month (28th of each) for their direct referrals. That is all Direct Referrals! Then you are paid another $10 for your Direct Referrals Sign Ups. This goes on for 5 Levels Deep for Commissions For Life, as mentioned.



Affiliate Program Details Break Down.

However, WebTalk is the Beta Testing Phase and so this Affiliate Program will not last forever. You must sign up to them right now before they hit the 1 Million Members Mark! After that, you are out for life.

You may Sign Up to be part of the 1st Million Earners of their Affiliate Program below for those interested in making money online.




Below is a bullet point list of what you can do to participate in their Affiliate Referral Program – Invite Only.




1) Sign Up with the Invitation at the Start of this article, or –>> – Its Free to Sign Up!

2) Upload a REAL PICTURE OF YOURSELF! Don’t be uploading pussy cats or any other such profile pics – it will hurt your credibility going forward and reduce potential profits.

3) Put Your REAL NAME! Another EXTREMELY IMPORTANT POINT. People Need to know you are a real person and its a great starting point to build rapport and trust.

4) Fill Out Your Bio. This will take a few minutes and enter your:-

5) Education Qualifications.

6) Work Experience.

7) Your Profession.

8) Info about your self.

9) Date of birth.

10) Verify Your Phone Number Via SMS Text <<- Please Note that at time of writing this article, WebTalk is experiencing SMS Confirmation Difficulties. It appears all members are having the same problem. Remember, they are still in the Beta Phase of their site and so a few problems are to be expected. Should this happen to you – please don’t worry, and carry on setting up your profile and start making referrals.

11) Add 10 Connections to Your Network i.e. Friends added to your friends list.

12) Get Promoting and ADD as Many People as You Can to Your Own Network!!



Below Is A Q&A Style Format to Help Answer Possible Questions You May Have.


If I can’t confirm my phone number yet, how do I know I will be credited for referrals and be paid?

WebTalk has tracking software. You two links will be tracked for activity. Those that sign up under you then are your referrals. Those that sign up under them, you will also get $1 credited to you for life as well. This is done five levels deep with potential to earn you thousands a month.

How Do I Know They Are Not A Scam?

Very Important Question, and one I asked myself. Clearly, I would not be recommending these guys if I even suspected anything fishy, as I expose online scams, I am pretty good at spotting them fast. Please see the video below as confirmation of their legitimacy – it is complete proof!


JR Garbowicz Show Cased on ABC NEWS!

That is all the proof I need to call them legitimate. Many scam sites will declare they were mentioned on famous braodcasting news shows but unable to prove it. This is not the case with WebTalk’s Founder. Everything he says is and has said has been verified.

What Do I have to Do To Start Earning?

Simply set up your profile, as already mentioned, and start sharing your affiliate links. You have one link for your own profile page and one for the main WebTalk website. Either event, you will still get credit when someone signs up through any of those two links.

How to Maximize My Earnings If I Join Their Referral Program?

Is all about how ‘YOU’ are going to get the word out about this new and exciting referral program. You can share you link, and do be informative and tell other what they are about, on the following networks:-

  • Share your link with family and friends.
  • Inform Your Twitter Followers.
  • Make a YouTube video and leave your link in the description area.
  • Instagram.
  • Write a Blog Review about them – like this one, and land it page 1 on Google (Fingers Crossed 🙂 ).
  • WOM – Word of Mouth. Let people you know offline about this program. Remember, they are expected to hit 2 Billion Users in about 5 Years, so before you know it most people will have an account with them.


Don’t keep on sharing your affiliate link because that is unsolicited marketing and you will not do well in this line of work by spamming, and also, you will lose all your credibility as an online entrepreneur. They are a highly professional platform and scammers and spammers won’t last long.

Do I have Support?

When you first sign up you will have the Support/Help/Advice to get your started properly. Any problems, and if you referrer is worth anything, you will receive all the help you need. I know I did and now, in only a few days I am convinced they are the next biggest Social Network to Rival Facebook etc. 

Their is also the ability to Connect to the Founder of their site and I am sure he be very happy to help. There are also plenty of blogs to help you how to get started and videos to help as well. Info is being added daily and so no one is going to be stuck for help after sign up, it seems.

How Much Can I Earn?

How good are you at Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

That is when you refer others to someone else’s product or service and then you get a commission. The more you refer the more you earn. With the platform being reviewed you will earn every month for life, but and as mentioned, you must be 1 of the lucky 1 Million Members who were invited – no signing up direct through their main site as of yet (see date of this post). Once they reach that membership then its tough luck for all members who sign up afterwards, because by the, it will be too late to be apart of this once in a lifetime program.

For those of you that are not sure what is the best way to do Online Affiliate Marketing then I have a Platform for that as well. You can read how to do this through the recommended platform in the review below-


Need More Info?

Learn Powerful Affiliate Marketing Techniques to Earn from ANY Program Online!





Pro‘s and Cons of WebTalk.


They are currently having problems with sending out phone verification’s by SMS.

Had some difficulty changing some of my own submitted details on my profile, but got help and fixed it.

You Must make 10 Connections (friends) before as part of completing your profile.

Need to get a friend to give you a Recommendation on your profile as part of account set up.

Currently in the Beta Testing Stage, so you won’t get paid, until they have completed that and reached 1 Million Members – think long term profits!


Easy to use.

Free to sign up.

Founder is known.

Being Part of the 1st 1 Million Members Referral Program that pays you for life.

5 Levels Deep Commissions$1 for all referrals with 5 Levels of Referrals. 

The more active your referrals the more you will earn and you earn on any purchases as well.

Earn from the advertisement profits as well.

50% revenue share!

Easy to complete profile.

Easy online work to earn money that anyone can do.

Many ways, and the best ways, to get paid.

Etc! Its a good platform and I believe it has the capacity to be bigger than Facebook in time.

You Must Sign Up By An Invitation Link! See links left in this article. Currently Not Accepting New Members Directly. 





Scam Rating:-



This Program Is Legit!







Final Thoughts.

There is so much more I could say about them. RJ Gorbowicz platform is one of the most unique platforms I have witnessed since being online. I spent many hours complaining how the likes of Facebook does not share its revenue with their members. WebTalk DOES! They are going to be sharing half of their profits, with the 1st 1 Million Members (I know I keep saying this, but if you don’t act now, you will not have a chance later)! There is full transparency and they are operating legally and verified legit by ABS News Network. They are on the rise with rapid growth in members, so you better act fast!!

Do you have an you have any questions on What Is WebTalk.co? Why not ask me below and I will be happy to share my experience with you to assist you further. Not sure about how to promote WebTalk to earn a full time income? Click the image below to see my #1 Choice within Affiliate Marketing that can teach you to earn from any program online. Thank you all for reading my article and I hope it has taken the mystery out of RJ Gorbowicz New Social Network. Looking forward to all of you comments to come.

Remember:- Invite Others Before They Invite You!


Number 1 Recommendation

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48 thoughts on “What Is WebTalk.co – Is WebTalk.co Scam or Legit Social Network Site?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Samuel,

      It is global and so yes you can join to. Please be warned, due to my commitments online elsewhere, I will no longer be par-taking in that platform. Simply not enough hours in the day.

      However, and happily, it is one of those sites that I do recommend. I wish you well with it. Thanks for your question Samuel.

  1. Elia

    Ciao Philip,
    Io mi sono iscritta con il tuo referral, avrei bisogno di sapere date una cosa:
    Siamo un milione e mezzo al momento della mia iscrizione? Mi sono iscritta ieri e questo significa che io sono fuori dal milione di cui parli?
    Grazie, Elia

    1. Scam Witness

      Ciao Elia,

      Sono fino a 1,5 milioni di membri, ma stanno ancora continuando a fare la stessa offerta del primo milione – quindi sei al sicuro.

      Fammi sapere se hai altre domande ~ Philip.

  2. Carolyn

    I have heard heard of WebTalk but have not investigated it. You article gave me a much better understanding of how it works. You have excellent knowledge of the subject.  People appreciate knowing if something is a scam. I think you have made it clear that WebTalk is not. This may be the next big thing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Carolny,

      Thank you kindly Carolyn as a good deal of work went into this article to supply enough information to help others decide for themselves. Yes, I agree, people do appreciate to know if something is a scam or not. That is like the first thing I look for in other reviews before reading the actual article. 

      Thanks again Carolyn for your comment and it is very much appreciated.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

      1. Mark

        Hi Phil, just signed up. Hoping to get to know more about it as you happen to be the first am knowing this from.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Mark,

          Good to hear from you Mark. I am still looking into WebTalk to see if they stay legit, or if there are any tricky charges etc to just to trick people out of money.

          Thanks for letting me know Mark.

          ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  3. Lynne Huysamen

    I’ve received numerous invites via email for Webtalk via email and I’ve just deleted them. I get that it looks legit and exciting but I just don’t have the time to join yet another social network to promote my website which is where I put all my efforts. 

    I’m just wondering how many people new people will join up to Webtalk when there is no free account? And if hardly anyone signs up for the free account then where does the money come from to pay everyone their cut? 

    I’m really not fond of MLM opportunities so I wonder what sets this one apart? 

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Lynne,

      I am very grateful for your comment and the time it took to make it. I am not here to beat the drum for anyone particular online program before they have had a chance to succeed or fail. However, I do hear you on the MLM side of things. MLM’s will typically lock you into making purchases.

      Not so with WebTalk. To Qualify with WebTalks Referral Commissions only one of your down-has to go Premium. That is starting at $20 per month, best to my recollection. SO, that is what sets them apart and I thank you for your question regarding that to help that up for you and others.

      The whole point of myself joining up is so I can investigate them. Too many fake reviews online Lynne so I wanted to be part of WebTalk to give an informative member opinion for others to know more. So, I don’t know where you got “no free account” from? All sign ups, even after the beta testing, have a free account. There seems to be a lot of confusion and assumptions being paid but that is why I wrote this article to help clear this up. However, if you know something that I don’t then I would love to hear it Lynne.

      On the flip side, if WebTalk turns out to be lucrative then I left my referral link to give that option to others and of course to see if we can all make money with them. 

      SO, after the beta testing then all members, who sign up afterwards, will earn 10% commissions on their referrals purchases, spends, on the site. It is clearly explained on WebTalks site for anyone to have a look.

      Thank you Lynne for your questions as it has raised common issues that I am encountering to answer for other people.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  4. Andrea

    This looks so cool, I’ve never heard of WebTalk but it sounds like it would be very lucrative.  Reading about reminds me of Facebook or any other social platform. I will check it out and look around. Thanks for sharing the link..I just signed up! Good job and great review..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Andrea,

      Will see you inside WebTalk in that case and your we will find out if they are the real deal or not. Much appreciate your comment here today.

      ~Philiip (Scam Witness).

  5. Joseph Ferland

    Thank you for the review.  While it is obvious that there are many positive points to their social media platform, it seemed that this review was more of a sales pitch rather than an in depth unbiased review.

    There have been many SM’s that have come and gone in recent years, and that it becomes too easy to fall prey to the tactics offered.  My experience with them has not been favorable as in the long run, when promises of monies were offered to members, at some point the pyramid began collapsing on itself.

    There are certain rules of engagement here in the U.S. that must be followed, not only by the companies making the offers, but also the memberships at large when recruiting others.  For myself, it was required to become certified through a course that dealt with the FTC and the laws, as well as what you can and cannot say to the public.  A simple online search can offer links to various classes being offered for a low fee.

    Unfortunately, for WebTalk, I’m gonna sit this one out as it is still not convincing enough.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Joseph,

      Thank you Joseph for your opinion on WebTalk and your ‘critique’ of my efforts here to inform others. I hope I can return the favor one day.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

      P.S. I don’t live in the USA. All the best.

  6. Albert

    Thanks for informing us about a possible opportunity. The structure of this website is MLM and honestly I don’t trust MLM companies at first glance. You have provided some great information that tempts me to join but be careful about this website because as I was checking the Alexa traffic I found it is very new. 

    As long as it is free, there is nothing to loose so maybe I give it a try and see what I will find inside.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Albert,

      Yes, I know, I am not a fan of MLM’s either. As mentioned in a previous comment, MLM’s love to lock you into making purchases on a recurring monthly basis. WebTalk does not do that. I really hope people begin to understand WebTalk a little better and stop projecting their MLM PHOBIAS onto WebTalk. At this moment in time they are not forcing, and RJ Garbowicz has promised never to force the purchasing of products, onto members. 

      I hope that is abundantly clear now to all who don’t appear to know anything about WebTalk but already made up their minds and condemned a platform before it has a chance. 

      Thanks for your comment Albert, and I would also like to say, if people l like myself don’t join up and have a good look around, how is the internet at large going to know what they are about? 

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  7. Darren

    I’m really excited about this new social platform as it promises to be big and not have the same problems or drawbacks you can find on Facebook etc.

    This I believe is a next generation social media platform that has studied the models of Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn and so understands what people don’t like about them.

    I also like the choice of how you want to interact with a person as you can choose business or social so you can have everything under one roof. 

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Darren,

      I also like how you can add someone to your own network, but choose to allow them full access or not. That is la unique selling point of their platform. However, will it be enough to sway the masses to come and stay with WebTalk? Time will tell.

      Thanks for your comment Darren.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  8. Emmanuel Buysse

    I heard about it and in the first I was like: Oh another scam.

    But now reading your post, I’m like: I really need to join it and hope I’m still within the 1st million of members!

    Even it is still in a beta-phase, it looks good and money will come, I’m sure about that.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing post and we will see eachother again soon!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Emmanuel,

      So they have extended their 1 Million Member Offer, even though they have met that quota, for the foreseeable future at the moment as they have not finished their beta testing. So, you are all good to go to sign up and give it a shot – it might be a great platform or it could be a footnote in the annals of internet history. Time will tell.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  9. Matiss

    Damn, it was so tempting to sign up, especially now when Google+ soon won’t be around anymore.
    And I have to admit, I like the interface much more than that of facebook or other social networks, at least initially.
    But time will tell, if it actually feels better.
    And by the way, the review you did was just superb, absolutely loved it.

    Anyways, huge thanks for this opportunity!
    Cheers and have a Great One!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Matiss,

      Thank you very much for your kind words regarding this WebTalk review. Some are doubting that WebTalk.co will be any good going forward after the 1 million member quota is filled. However, people are always still welcome to use Facebook, LinkedInn, Instagram etc and only make money for those sites who love not to share any of their earnings with their members. WebTalk offers all of those features in the one place, while also segmenting your friends list into a Professional Network, Acquaintance Network or Personal Network so your boss does not have to see what you ate for your dinner that evening, and they pay you 10% on all referral sales.

      Plenty of doubters online but I also see that they have invested heavily as they are aligned with WebTalk’s competition. Personally, if a site is willing to share its revenues with the people doing all the work to get them out there online then I am behind them until they prove me wrong – if they do.

      Thanks again Matiss for your comment.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  10. John

    Did sign up for this platform, just don’t know how it will fit in the social networks. I did use G+ for a while with some success, now that is gone, this will fill a gap. Now to get 10 people to sign up may be some trouble, I will have to work at that. I still do not understand how to advertise my current website, or any other affiliate link.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Who did you sign up through?

      He is your first contact for help and advice. However, you just need to complete your profile till 100% complete. You don’t need to make 10 referrals to complete your profile but only to make 10 friends on the site itself.

      Are you with Wealthy Affiliate? If you are – Please PM and I will help you from there on issues you may be struggling with right now John.

      If not, then please message me back here for further advice. Thank you John for your comment.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  11. Stewart Bibby

    I’m still on the fence about WebTalk although I joined yesterday.

    When I did, I had no idea what to do or why I was doing anything so I will try what your post suggests and go from there.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Stewart,

      They have plans in the pipeline to to add some instructions that automatically kick in when you first join. You should try and see who your up-line is and ask them for advice. Better still, they should of contacted you and helped you out a little.

      Either way, they are still in beta testing phase and I am sure their platform will correct any issues going forward. Really appreciate your comment Stewart and wish you much success going forward.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  12. Kevin

    Nice article and some great information on Webtalk. It will be very interesting to see if Webtalk lives up to the expectations. With the recent announcement that Google is shutting down the Google Plus platform, webtalk just may be where those people migrate to.

    Of course, with Google failing with their attempt at Social Media, it does indicate the climate is tough out there for newbies.

    There are so many things about facebook I find frustrating. The main one being the desire to keep work and friends separate. I hate when all my business posts show up on my friends feeds as I post a lot for business. Not only are those posts not meant for them from my perspective, but they are also probably not what my friends want to see. Webtalk has taken care of that problem nicely.

    I hope your readers take your advice and sign up right away. There is absolutely nothing to lose and they may just get in on the ground floor of something amazing.

    Thanks for a great review.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kevin,

      What a brilliant insight into Website and the timing of Google Plus (G+) closing down. That is a fine indicator of how tough it is online with these kinds of social media sites.

      I hate it to. When you post and then the whole world, most of whom is not relevant for, knows about it. So I don’t like that either. And yes, WebTalk does not allow friends, family and professional networks blend into the one timeline for all to see, which is something I like about them as well.

      Thanks again Kevin for your in-depth review of WebTalk.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  13. Crystal Lim

    Sounds like an interesting platform!

    I think the best thing it offers is sharing its 50% profit with you if you happen to become the first one million users to join. Though, I am a bit sceptical about this. Is this normal for an online platform to do this or it’s just him?

    I try to question this platform but at the same time, I can not deny that it is also quite convincing – like how long it has been existing and the founder’s appearance on the news.

    Anyway, I think it’s worth giving it a go to join (and it’s free to join too, which is great). We’ll see how it goes!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Crystal,

      Yes, I am seeing how it goes as well and if it turns out to be no good, I will say that in this review. It looks and sounds good so far but some may have a problem with the MLM side of things. However, I have not yet noticed any data that ties any members into buying products or fees – YET! I am watching this platform like a hawk and I will keep everyone interested up to date.

      Thanks Crystal and I do appreciate your comment very much.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  14. Michael Gore

    Thanks Phil, this clears up some things about WebTalk.

    I actually signed up through another referrer a few days ago (sorry Phil) but I haven’t really used the platform yet.

    I wasn’t too worried about WebTalk being a scam since they hadn’t asked for any money or compromising information, however 50% payment does seem a little too good to be true.

    At this point we shall have to wait and see, however I am a little unsure about how the system works as a money making platform for my self and some detailed tutorials on this kind of affiliate marketing would be welcome.

    I have bookmarked this article and I will no doubt be coming back as I build a WebTalk network.

    Thanks a lot Phil.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Michael,

      Well done on signing up and you won’t regret it! My advice to you is to build your network while the program is still in beta test phase. Once the money starts to be generated from this platform then I will surely produce a few tutorials on how all that works and that is a great suggestion as well. Much appreciate your comment and thank you for your time.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  15. Alex

    I am really glad to know that the founder appeared on ABC News. If this were a scam, the owner would be afraid to show his face at all on the news, but he is actively promoting his site in real life. That is very reassuring. Compared to other sites, that is very good to see.

    I do have a question though. If I do not become one of the first 1 million members and join later instead, do you have any idea what will happen? I am interested in this program, but I want to see their program start rolling first before I hop on into it. I look forward to reading your response.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Alex,

      As of Yesterday, they are keeping their Affiliate Program Alive until Beta Testing is finished. This is at least a few more months away (see date of this comment). But after Beta Testing is over with WebTalk, then you can join up and use just like any other Social Network but you won’t be paid anything for life – you just get to use it.

      I hope that answers you question.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  16. Mozzers

    it’s good to get some details finally on this thing webtalk, I’m not sure how much we get paid 5 levels deep, $1? New social media platforms are coming out all the time but the affiliate commissions with this one are a new thing it seems. Did you say we have to make 10 shares or sign ups to qualify to be an affiliate?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mary,

      Yes, so your level 1 are all direct referrals. The more you make of referrals then the more you make financially. Then that is trickled five levels deep.

      Sorry, its 10 Connections – or friends added to your friends list within WebTalk – my apologizes for being unclear on that point.

      Yes, sure, social media platforms are coming out all the time – HAVE YOU GOT A LIST OF THEM PLEASE?!

      Because I am looking and I don’t find them. Its OK to make statements like that but you got to be able to produce the goods when you say such things. I’d like to join them as well and see if they are any good or not.

      WebTalk is doing something that all the rest aren’t -they are sharing profits to members!

      Mary, who else is doing this as a Social Network Platform?

  17. Miranda

    It’s a good thing people like you are putting out their honest reviews about big companies that in the end, can be a scam. This can also be a confusing process so thank you for helping to make it more understandable. Thank you for sharing your advice !

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Miranda,

      I hear you and I do my best, however, in the instance of WebTalk – they are not a scam. I know you were’t saying that but I like to be clear on such things. WebTalk is going to be huge! Anyone part of it NOW will be very thankful in years to come. They will pay out to all that help them NOW to increase members. They are projecting billions of users in mere years.

      Thanks for you comment Miranda, it is deeply appreciated.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  18. Dan

    I was sent an invitation by this new social media platform. I haven’t sign up yet. I did not know that they have this affiliate program. Thank you for this review. I think I better check it out. Anyway, it is free to sign up so there is nothing to lose I guess.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dan,

      Its free to sign up and yes they do have an affiliate program and it could be very lucrative for the 1st 1 Million Members. However, I was chatting to RJ Garbowicz, and he said that they are keeping the Affiliate Program Open, until they finish the Best Testing. That is at least a few months away and so people still have time to make good income on this program.

      WebTalk is adding new features as well to help make their platform even better. Thanks for your comment here on my What Is WebTalk Review and I do appreciate your time Dan.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  19. Simon

    Hey Philip, you have written a very detailed review of Webtalk, I’ve picked up additional information I was unaware of, however, I’ve only been a member for 5 days, so thanks for that.

    The reason I initially joined Webtalk and what I’m thrilled to bits about, is that you can run your personal (friends, family and acquaintances) relationships alongside your business networks – it’s efficient, convenient and saves a boatload of time.

    I also, like the way you can manage the news you see and share. When someone follows, you assign them as a friend, family, acquaintance or business contact which can be further divided into subcategories by using tags. Simply select that category you wish to share news to or see the news from.

    I can imagine Webtalk being my only future Social Media platform once it’s evolved due to the way you can run many networks together.

    I’m not a lover of MLM schemes but hey, if I can simply ask people to follow me on Webtalk as I share my blog-post links and end up earning revenue through the process – happy days.
    I do like the way this Social CPX Referal Program works down 5 levels, I think this opens up real potential for everyone to earn income – it’s fair. The best bit is, you have to be invited to join.

    I’ve already exceeded referring 10 people to follow me in 5 days and I’m terrible on Social Media.
    All the best Philip,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Simon,

      Well done on your referrals and it is only going to pick up as the word about WebTalk circulates more and more. I have made a number of excellent referrals and my network is starting to fill out. We have time, as do other people, to take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity before its gone.


      So countries like Nigeria that usually have problems with other platforms will find out they can sign up for free and start to earn simply by sharing their link!

  20. Abdulramon Elegushi

    The internet world keeps evolving everyday, several scams and legit companies, without people like you to fully analyse and bring a conclusion I think people would still fall victim to scam..
    Thanks for your review-webtalk does sound interesting
    Hope this opportunity is open to Africans?

    Warm regards.. Abdulramon

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Abdulramaon,

      I have seen nothing that says people from Africa are not allowed to join. I saw that their WebTalk Payroll Card is Global, indicating, its for everyone. You are welcome to sign up, make as many referrals as possible and wait for your long term profits to kick in.

      Thanks and appreciate your comment 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  21. Matts Mom

    I have heard so much about this lately and it is definitely worth investigating. Seems like a win win. I am not good at referrals, but hopefully it sells itself? Have you had luck so far with it?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Matts Mom,

      I signed up yesterday, researched it there and other places online, and just did this review of them today. So, patience and time will tell if people really want to work online for good money for easy work – we only got to refer. Anyone can do it with a website or without a website – there is no conditions but only your desire to share this good site called WebTalk.co with others using your referral links.

      Thanks Matts Mom and it was lovely of you to leave a comment – much appreciated 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  22. Danielle

    Yay! yay! Yay! Wow! WebTalk .co sure sounds exciting!

    Thank you for your ‘What is WebTalk .co review Philip!

    There is no way I will not be part of this. This is the most brilliant news ever! I will definitely be one of the one million! Such a brilliant idea – well, to me at least, and I should think to everyone who can see an opportunity.

    It has always been a problem for me to manage different social media accounts and hence I never made much effort to be part of a lot of social media platforms. Now, WebTalk .co social network covers it all it seems. It’s worth looking at. It’s a composite of a lot of things in one!

    Those who made an effort with their social media platforms before have everything to gain as they will have a large following to introduce this idea to.

    I am just so, so excited!

    Thank you Philip.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      I am delighted to find this review on What Is WebTalk informative and helpful. These guys are serious about competing against all the main social media giants online. They have spent the 8 years perfecting their platform and they are beginning to take over social media in a really big way. I can see RJ Garbowicz creation going all the way and becoming one of the main places the majority of the net goes to.

      Yes, it is exciting but only for those that get on board right now and participate in its expansion. The rewards are big and they are for life!

      Remember, sign up now and be part of the First 1 Million Members to take advantage of this opportunity.

      Very happy for your comment Danielle and it made me smile 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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