WebHotVip.com Review – Is WebHotVip.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 18, 2019

What Is WebHotVip.com about – Honest of Deceptive?

Glad to see you looking for a WebHotVip.com Review. Are you asking What Is WebHotVip.com? Is WebHotVip com safe, real, legit, genuine, honest? Is WebHotVip scam, crooked, fraudulent, bad? This Web Hot Vip is a scam alert to keep you from that site. They have others such as BuyInNice.com etc. Those that handed over their payment data may run the risk of having those credentials used fraudulently. Ring your bank and get your card cancelled and ask them for a refund. Please also report them here if they have scammed you, of if this article has saved you from them. They also go by ‘SuperBuy’ and ‘Hot Shop in Web’.

So many times these bad and crooked shopping sites are from China and so we must check out their site to see if this is the case. Not all sites from there are bad of course, but it has become such a well known scam area of this nature, it is just something to monitor. Given other scam signs, then we can compile a picture of their true intentions. Many times you may get shoddy, substandard, inferior and counterfeit goods to your door from such sites. Do not expect to receive what you saw advertised on Web Hot Vip’s site!




WebHotVip.com -What It Is Really About.

Right now you know they are not legit and part of a scam network. BuyInNice is just one of their sites that is also a fraud. They have many others. Now we must begin to tear apart their illussion of legitimacy by uncovering things that simply should not be for a site in the e-commerce niche. We by asking who is the founder of www.webhotvip.com? From there we try to find out where they are located and all pertinent contact information. This is an important step, because where we find that information covered up without good reason, we can already call them a scam site. No honest online business does that.


BuyInNice.com and WebHotVip.com Review

Don’t buy from www.webhotvip.com!


The above site was registered in 2019,01/08. I know of two other sites, one already mentioned, and the other is VipGoodBuy.com that was registered on the same date. All were done so for only a year. One year online to market your products is far too short a time. Real businesses knows it may take considerably longer to reach out globally for long term profits and sustainability.

Just with the others they have an address from Shanghai but we have no way of knowing if that is there real address. However, it is not I am sure because they are committing fraud and so that would only lead the cops to their doors.

There is a phone number and that is +86.15099213552. That number is being used by other sites and so how can a business, seemingly independent of the other sites using that same number, be theirs? Again, that is because those other sites belong to them as well.

I do not see an email or founder name listed for their site. That is very bad and actually there is no legit reason why such information is not listed. So now we see they have hidden their true identity and only tells us they are indeed active suspiciously and being deceptive.



WebHotVip.com Scam Signs.

Here you will find out a few things that can alert you to any site online that is just bogus. 

  • Where this particular network all of their sites look the same. Always they say ‘SuperBuy’ on their home page but that is different to their URL name. Discrepancies with site logo and URL is a good clue always of a scam site as legit sites do not make this error.
  • Many identical sites that have not be disclosed to their traffic visitors. Where we find out that a site has multiple identical websites then that is typical of a scam network. Always look for reviews on any site that is new or you don’t know of. Keep it safe and make purchases from Amazon etc.
  • Images are not their own and they have been taken without any permission from rightful owners. Even sometimes scammers will take internet archived images as then pretend they own them. But that is not what they are really selling. 
  • Their generous prices are too low. Compare prices with other sites online and see if they are too low. Typically low prices for top level items is a good sign of a deceptive site as well.
  • No founder name on their site. 
  • No real world address on their site. Zero phone number or contact email presented for customer care.






Do You Have A WebHotVip.com Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Leave Your Reports Below In The Comments Area -Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

I hope now you see that it is not a good idea at all to make any purchases from that site. They have many other sites with nothing but complaints from unwary customers. Seek a refund and get your card cancelled if you gave them your payment information. That is important to do because cyber-crooks can harvest your payment data for years to come, when they have amassed enough of those personal details, they can sell them on for huge and swift profits! This leaves you open to future attempts on your card without your permission. I hope you report them below if they have defrauded you in some way. They are going into this sites List of Internet Scammers.


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That is about all we have time for on What Is WebHotVip.com Review and hope to hear your thoughts below this article. Those with questions, want to add something to the article, or to report other online scams, are welcome to place those comments below where I will be happy to reply to you. Thank you and looking forward to all of your comments to come. Don’t forget to check out our Blog Roll Here to see all the latest online threat alerts.


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7 thoughts on “WebHotVip.com Review – Is WebHotVip.com Scam or Legit?

  1. zenonas

    Ir mane tie sukciai apgavo,136eur.Dar kol buvo ijungtas puslapis dar tikejausi ,gal atsius .Bet kai perskaiciau jusu atsiliepimus tai supratau kad viskas .Amen.

  2. Anne Ziros

    Thank you for identifying this as a scamming web site. My husband was looking at this yesterday morning. Saved me and my credit card from nasty internet theives! Double thank yous ??

    1. Scam Witness

      Hello Anne,

      Thank you Anne for your report about WebHotVip. It is appreciated. I am so glad and delighted to hear that you were able to save you and your husband your cash by finding this article. This is win-win and so thanks for taking the time to let us know this good news Anne 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  3. Bill Henson

    On 2/25/2019 www. Webhotvip.com scammed me for $72.51. The money was taken out of my PayPal account and no merchandise was delivered. After numerous try’s to recover my merchandise through there email cs@urlgmail.com I realized that I was being ripped off. At first I thought the lady who emailed be back “Lucy” was trying to help but then after she asked me some very strange questions I knew something was wrong. I immediately contacted PayPal and they are in the process of refunding my money. I learned my lesson the hard way. Please stay away from that website.

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you Bill for helping to alert others about WebHotVip and wish you well with your refund. Thanks again Bill.

  4. martin

    hallo Philip
    ik ben martin ik ben opgelicht geworden door superbuy op de oude web shop van dit bedrijf en net kom ik op facebook en zie ik weer een advertenti staan waar power toels goed koop worden aan geboden en ik klik er op en wat krijg ik te zien een nieue site van superbuy ik heb screenshots gemaakt ddat je ziet dat er een tussen persoon reclame maak voor dit bedrijf maar maak facebook nu ook schuldig dat

    I will also mention the old webshop https://www.hotbuyvip.com
    and when I did my order I got an email that my order was on the way it could follow through ems and when I got it it was a pair of sunglasses and I ruled on this mail address that my order was wrong and then I got in touch with this person this is against me On 10 Jan. 2019, at 10:00, service@bringallpay.com has written the following:

    This is the customer service from the third party of payment service provider.
    We feel sorry for the wrong article that you received.
    Your complaint has been forwarded to the seller and we will remind him to follow it asap.
    Vriendelijke groeten,

    and these are the details of my order and of the company that I mailed to
    Seller Order No.:201812211759267313

    Seller Website: salaone.com


    Payment No .: BR1812211759379046

    Payment Date & Time: 2018-12-21 17: 59: 38.0

    Amount: 285.40 EUR


    The shipment information we will inform you by email after shipped out, please update the information by the track link. Any questions about the shipment please contact the merchant at the contact us subpage or online site.


    ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————————-
    Thank you for your attention and wish you have a good day.

    Tel: 86-0755-83208441
    E-mail: service@bringallpay.com
    Website: https: //www.bringallpay.com
    Notes: Please do not reply this email directly as it was sent automatically!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Martin,

      I had to translate the first paragraph of your comment, but I see you encountered an ad on Facebook same as the old site that you encountered and made a purchase from? Is it the same as what you see in the article above or another name Martin? There are many of them and so I am always on the look out to find them and expose them. They are one of those scam networks that must have hardworking cyber-crooks because complaints are quite frequent.

      Look forward to hearing back from you Martin and thank you ever so much for your WebHotVIP.com Scam Report.~ Scam Witness.


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