WeAreQueen.com Review – What Is WeAreQueen.com / Scam or Legit?

By | April 6, 2019

Our WeAreQueen.com Review Guide – Honest or Fraudulent?

Welcome to our short review on What Is WeAreQueen.com located at www.wearequeen.com. Is WeAreQueen com a scam, fraudulent, dishonest and malicious or Is ‘WeAreQueen’ safe, trustworthy, real and legit? This ‘We Are Queen’ Review has a few concerns. They are currently ‘upgrading their system’ and so sending customers, who have already purchased, to their email of service@Wearequeen.com.

That just does not sound or look right. What has your experience been?

We see ScamDoc.com give them a 1% Trust Score. ScamAdviser.com gives them a Trust Score of 46% i.e. ‘USE CAUTION’.

The price reductions are relatively huge on so many of their products on their home page. The heads of the models are chopped off and really a legit and honest site would not allow that. Is this meaning those images are stolen?

We have read one comment online saying that the images are stolen. I personally can’t attest to that knowledge.

Those with reports on this site are welcome to leave them in the comments below. Where we get many bad reports on them then we will put them in to our List of Internet Scammers.

That is it on What Is WeAreQueen.com and looking forward to your reports about that website. 


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10 thoughts on “WeAreQueen.com Review – What Is WeAreQueen.com / Scam or Legit?

  1. Temi

    They took my order took the money and refused to send the shoe I ordered for, they are still posting ads On Instagram and I noticed they have disabled all comments

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Temi for your report about WeAreQueen.com and I am sorry they have not sent you your order for your hard earned cash.

    2. Octavian

      I tought i got scammed by them also and just gave up on the idea but what you know i got a call from the post office and my sneakers were there, I left them bad review and now i m sorry, wait a little longer maybe your order cought up somewhere.

  2. C G

    This company is definitely a fraud placed an order weeks ago have not received it and no communication via emails people need to be made aware of this fraudulent company and it needs to be taken off the internet. Do not buy anything from them.

  3. F.Don

    Same situation for me. Order confirmation sent to me on 31st March and still nothing has arrived. There was no order confirmation number and the tracking number is fake / does not exist.
    I also had fraud committed on my card a short time after placing this order and am sure it is all connected.
    Really sickens me that people are able to steal money so easily – hard earned money that people have saved in order to buy themselves ‘treats’ such as shoes. People work hard in the retail industry and e-commerce especially to build up a good relationship of trust with their customers. Fraudulent companies such as WEAREQUEEN break down those barriers by creating distrust around internet purchases.
    I couldn’t think of a more inappropriate name for this pathetic company – no crown rewarded to you. YOUAREMEAN

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I completely agree with you F.Don. It is hard work indeed to build anything online because there is always a trust issue especially when there are so many fake sites online. Put in for a refund with your payment provider and dispute all charges to your card. Thanks again F.Don and you are welcome back here to let us know how this turns out. ~ Philip.

  4. Babet Van Heerden

    Still waiting for order from Wearequeen. No reply on emails whatsoever. Looks like a huge scam to me!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Babet and thank you for your WeAreQueen.com Customer Review. Apply for a refund if your order fails to show.

    2. carol jackson

      i have the same problem. They took my money immediately on 4/4 when the order was placed. I paid for rush shipping 5-6 days commitment. No communication until a DHL shipping number arrived last week. When i track the package, DHL says this is an invalid DHL number.

      Seems like a scam to me.
      I applied for a refund
      No comment


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