What Is WeaHours.com – Is ‘WeaHours’ Scam or Legit? – Review

By | May 24, 2019

Find Customer Reviews of WeaHours.com Here – Our ‘Weahours’ Review.

Those seeking reviews about WeaHours.com are welcome to view our research here. Real Customer Reviews in this forum for those looking for the truth about ‘WeaHours’. They are a new e-store from Hong Kong with generous discounts. Are people being deceived, enticed by these discounts for frauduletn purposes, or are we dealing with a genuine and honest online store with www.weahours.com?

No matter what this research turns up, customer reviews that are real never lie. Those that believe they have been scammed can do a service to others by detailing that unfortunate experience below in the comments. Where many reviews exist on a site then we know if we can trust them or not. This can save others their hard earned cash, but also, can show-case good, honest and hard working e-store owners, giving them recognition as a legit place to shop online.







WeaHours.com Review Guide.

  • We need to locate some information connected to this site. Who is the creator and where is their business located? Contact information, when did they register their site, and is there any scam reports connected to anything to do with WeaHours.com?
  • Registration is 2018/12/24 and only for a year which is very short for a new business. It is typical that legit businesses are in it for the long haul as it can take some time to make any real revenue from sales. Short registration periods are typical of fake sites that want to rip people off for 1 or 2 years and can shut down at any time. Legit sites do not just disappear.
  • As we have said many times, and will repeat so as not to offend legit e-store owners, when people are running such businesses from home then they do not need to provide business address information, can have short registration periods to test if it is worth the effort, and so please do keep these points in mind.
  • Where e-stores are presenting themselves as an actual business, and  not a work from home source of income, then they should be presenting business addresses, phone numbers with emails and founders name and department heads names. Let us see if they have presented similar data.
  • WITHIN WHOIS they have not given any legit data except for the date they registered their site. No founder name and there is an address that is only a proxy address WITHIN WHOIS. This only means that it is not their true location and its effect is that they can hide their real location.
  • Real Location on per their site is 1318-19, Hollywood Business Centre, 610 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. We Google that address and see an Amazaon Seller of FUSSEN EU. Fussen Eu has 100% Positive Reviews within Amazon <- good sign indeed.
  • Their prices are giving away too high discounts that go as high as 43% and dip just under 40%. They are a new store, as we have said, and yet they are able to give away too-good-to-be-true prices? When an affiliate of third party vendors make sales, there is a choice to offer some small discount that comes directly out of their commissions to entice sales, and so who is losing out here in this generous situation?
  • So these high prices is indicative of a fake site. 15% thereabouts is more reasonable and believable. But also, why so many goods being discounted? Another bad sign.
  • Maybe it is my own fault that I can not see, but nowhere is their founders name on their site expressed or a customer phone number.




Final Thoughts.

We will leave the answer to ‘scam or legit’ up to your customer reviews. We have a new site offering too-good-to-be-true prices, in my view, and so we are now waiting to hear from you and others.

Thank you for coming by and look forward to your comments below regarding What Is WeaHours.com.


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