What Is WaMoney.Club – Is WaMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

By | September 25, 2018

Find Out Here What Is WaMoney. Club to Save Yourself Some Time and Money – The WaMoney. PW Connection.

There are two sites that are identical and both scams! What Is WaMoney. Club about? What Is WaMoney. PW? Is WaMoney Club safe, legit, genuine, safe or is Wa Money Club fake, scam, dishonest, crooked? This WaMoney Review is also a review of WaMoney PW – Identical and by Same Scam Owner! A review of one is a review of both of them. There are 1000’s of these sites calling themselves ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ PTC work from home jobs. Its a fraud. No one gets paid. Below is my research and I hope it helps you avoid these sites. Hre are some that are by same owner and also a scam:- AlmMoney. Club, KuMoney. Club, RoMoney. PW, HeMoney. Club, ZoMoney. Club and if you query any of them you will see they are all the same.

So, I am not confident they are safe and legit. Those interested in doing real online business to earn a full time income online are welcome to read How to Get Started Online and for Free. Alternatively, you may be interested in my #1 choice called Wealthy Affiliate who can train you up to earn real money in a relatively short amount of time. They are giving away two free websites for you to earn money from right HERE.


Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.






What Is WaMoney. Club and What Is WaMoney. PW – 1470 Identical ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Scam Sites EXPOSED!

WaMoney.Club EXPOSED!

There are currently 1470 of these sites that have been made since 2014! Founder is can not be located online. There is never any real address or any support contact. They created both these sites on the 23/09/2018 and they will release more in a few weeks, as always. I am keeping an eye on them and I will do my best to expose all of them as they crop up. That is the short answer on What Is WaMoney. Club and the other one as well.

So, here is how it all works.

You register for your free account and get busy clicking on those ads. Then you fill in the codes to get your 10c. That ten cent is actually 7c too high. Legit PTC sites will not pay you 10c as they only pay out 3c, if you are lucky. Even worse most Paid to Click sites will only pay you fractions of a cent. These kinds of sites really will not earn you anything at all. Do note that when you register they won’t ask you to confirm your email which is very suspicious. You can also sign up to any of their sites with a fake email. That is a sure sign of a scam site.

Daily Earnings Lies.

They say you can be earning close to $300 per day and huge monies per month. However, not one of their sites has ever paid a penny to any of their members. They are not going to be starting with ‘YOU’, I am sorry to say.

Referral Earnings.

They promise to pay you half of what your sign ups make. That is impossible simply because all people are promised out 10c a click. So, if we think about that for a second, where the hell is the other five cents coming from? Clearly, the founders are not getting themselves into debt paying strangers online that kind of money. Here we can already see the cracks in their work from home offer appear with ease.


In order to make those referrals their ‘training’ involves you dropping your link anywhere online. This may pull in your family members, co-works and friends. Not nice. Stop spamming that link and you are welcome to share this article instead to help explain to others why WaMoney is no good.

Member Testimonies.

That table of payouts to members is a false table. That is not proof. Any testimonies you see is copied and pasted from older versions of the same scam. The names of those people as well are fake. There is nothing real on their site and they make a ton of money from the laziness of its members who think they can earn big cash for little and low skilled work. If they were real then I would be working on their site.

Cash Out – Who Pays Who?

Minimum Cash Out is $300 and that is a problem. Usually cash out anywhere online is around $100, and even that is high. Most places though will set it to 1c, a dollar etc. So when you see high cash outs is when you should run, probably. The reason the cash out is so high is to give you time to make a ton of referrals for them to scam.

The Forty Referrals Scam!!

No where on their site do they say you have to make forty referrals in order to cash out. Its a bogus lie and you won’t find any description of that condition anywhere on their site, I have already looked! The point of the referrals is to help bolster their members. It is free advertising from a work force that does not know it is never getting paid. Gezzz, it really sickens me and only feel so sorry for all of you’s that got caught up with them.

Pay to Get Your Cash!

That is right, they will ask you for money for you to get your own earnings. Anywhere that asks you for money to get your cash, or to give you a job, is a scam site! I need no other info than that to know it is anything different. Should you pay then you will still not get paid.



Final Thoughts.

That is all on those scam sites. They will never pay you and so please do share your thoughts below and share this article to help alert others. Thanks guys 🙂 .

Have questions on What Is WaMoney. Club? Please feel free to ask me below. Those interested to know How to Make Money Blogging can click there to find out. Those tired of reading and click HERE to get your free account with WA and start your journey into the world of online financial success. Thanks for coming by here and I am looking forward to all of your comments below.


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