What Is Waebay.com – Is WaeBay.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 14, 2019

Find Out What Is WaeBay.com – The ‘WaeBay’ Review.

Welcome and thank you for visiting us here today in your research on What Is WaeBay.com found at www.waebay.com. Is WaeBay com a Scam, fraudulent, deceptive and dishonest or Is WaeBay legit, real, genuine and safe? This ‘Wae Bay’ Review is going to take a good look at their site to see if they are real and safe or just another fake online e-store. Those that feel they were scammed are welcome to leave your complaints below this review.

In the event that you clearly were scammed i.e. nothing arrived or something entirely different showed, contact your payment provider and get them to issue you a refund. Also they may advise you to cancel your card. Many fake sites coming out of China and that is one point of contention for any e-store. Most fake shopping sites that are fake come from this region. Where payment was issued, then it is common for such bad sites to send out inferior, shoddy, counterfeit, maybe even stolen goods instead of what they were advertising on their sites. 



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WaeBay.com Review – Background Check and Site Analysis.

So now we begin to find out What Is WaeBay.com. If they are safe or not. To do this it is very simple. We only have to find out owner name, address of their business, contact information and registration date. So where such info is false, or connected to any other site, and also missing data then we can begin to get very suspicious about ‘WaeBay. Lets find out more below.

They registered their site in 2018/12/19 and one year is all the investment of time and energy they are willing to put into their online business. That is not common with real and legit selling sites. They will tend to register for the long term. 1 or 2 years online is no time at all in Googles eyes and follows the scam pattern well trodden by many fake sites before.

Their address is not their own and that is not a good sign. Any legit site is very happy to give out their real world location, where those sites are selling something or anything in exchange for cash, and so already that is not good enough.

Founder name is mysteriously absent and that is normal for scammers to do that. Email support not present at their sites registration details.

Now we have to go to their site and have a poke around to find out this information. 

SCAM! Their site just loaded and I already know this scam network. They are copying and pasting these Holiday Themed sites regularly. We have covered them before and so this is going to be easy work to call them a scam. For some of you that will be enough and I hope you will report them below to help warn others.

That was a waste of time to try to find anything legit and so that is that. They may have an email tucked away somewhere but I am not wasting my time to look for it. Why should anyone, they are a fake site and you may not even get a response from them anyways. Time to go straight into the scam signs section of our article.





WaeBay.com Scam Signs.

They say they are dealing in blue ribbon consumer goods since 2008. Yet WHOIS and on the bottom of their site says 2018. So that maybe that they have been scamming people online in general since that time with other sites. Bad mistake by them.

There are multiple copies of their site online. There are also bad reports on their other sites. HERE is one report about WAEBAY that you may find very interesting.

There is nothing on their site of value regarding founder name, location, contact information is a joke for a business of their nature and so this is further proof of a cover up. Not good. Now if something goes horribly wrong with your order then you don’t have anyone that is legit to turn to. Contact your payment provider as soon as possible.

I do not see any trust seals on their site that tells us that our payment info is going to be safe and that we are dealing with a trusted and verified vendor. That is a problem for me as well.

They pulling the Christmas Sale con on people. That was ages ago now as we are now in February!

DO not have any social sharing icons for which most selling sites that are legit do have.






Final Thoughts.

We don’t need to go much further then that and this article on What Is WaeBay.com is now coming to a close. Those that were scammed by that fake online company are welcome to place their reviews, complaints about them in the comments below this article. The more that report on them then the sooner it may be they will be forced out of business. You can also REPORT ALL ONLINE SCAMS HERE as well. Don’t forget to check out our most recent Scam Alerts Here! Thanks for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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10 thoughts on “What Is Waebay.com – Is WaeBay.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Marsha Chisholm

    I ordered two mens jackets and a bedding set in January and I had a lot of conversation going back and forth with two different people…they promised to resend gave me a tracking number and the last destination which was mine I got notice that it had been lost in shipping. last month we decided they would return my monies to my credit card…it hasn’t happened….My replies were much the same as the previous comments..out of stock, they’d resend etc. then they would refund..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Marsha for your comment here and helping to share what you know about this company. Much appreciated.

  2. Helen Tominey

    I ordered a bedding set December 2018. At end of January 2019 I had still not received it so I sent an email enquiring about it. I received an email back from a Nicole Chan with a tracking number. Went into the tracking site to find that apparently it had been delivered on 25th January 2019. Complained to Nicole Chan about this and she said she would send another. The courier service was EMS.express. I followed the tracking daily and when it arrived at my local sorting office to be scanned, it in explicitly had got lost. Contacted Nicole Chan again who told me they were out of stock now on the bedding and she sent me a list of other sites. One site was for sports tops, another site was for designer shoes and handbags! I emailed Nicole back telling her I had no need for handbags or designer shoes etc but still wanted the bedding set and how long would it be before back in stock. Nicole sent an email back telling me they would send me another bedding set. Last week I saw from the tracking that it was now yet again at my local sorting office. Yesterday, the tracking told me that delivery had been attempted even though I had been home all day yesterday! Today I tried to track again to find that I cant get into this site now via the link they sent to me. When I try to get in by googling EMS.express and put tracking number in, it does not recognize the tracking number. I am absolutely livid!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      WOW, sounds like they gave you the runaround Helen and I a sorry to hear this. Put in for a refund.

      Have you the list of the other two sites they mentioned. Judging by this experience they too are probably scams.

      Thanks again Helen for your customer review to help warn others. It is appreciated, and once again, I really am sorry you have had this horrible experience.

      1. Helen Tominey

        This is the reply I got with the websites she wanted me to buy from

        I’m so sorry the package was lost and i have checked the item which you ordered have been sold out then we can’t re-send it to you
        To solve the problem better.how about we offer you $35 coupon that you can deduct when you place new order.
        The items are in high quality & affordable price.
        Here are the websites you can choose.
        1) jerseysale.info/
        3) lvsave.com/
        4 mallcen.com/
        any questions,pls feel free to email back.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Thank you Helen for sharing this information. I have no doubt it is going to be of use to others asking about those sites as well. Much appreciated Helen and you are welcome to share your research with us here for the safety of others online. ~ Philip.

  3. Kammy

    This company is a total fake and a scam. They take your money but nothing arrives. There is no recourse and you get a run around.
    I ordered bedding Jan 5 2019. A really cheap pair of headphones came. I contacted them by email and asked for the proper order and they said they were out of stock and I should buy something else from their store. I told them I wanted a refund. They told me that I’d be charged $12. I complained then they told me they’d send out my bedding – even though they were out of stock – didn’t make sense to me! I stated I wanted my money back. Then I was told they would only refund me 60 % . I demanded to speak to a manager – never happened. I told them I’d write a damaging review on their site. Then they said I’d get a refund less $6. So I finally agreed. When I followed up about where the refund was, I was told they had a system failure and to be patient. It’s now April 12 2019. I’ve never received my product or refund. They now don’t answer my emails. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY – THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kammy,

      Sorry to hear about your terrible experience with WaeBay.com. Your customer review is much appreciated and we advise to put in for a refund with your payment provider. Thanks again Kammy and you are welcome to let us know the outcome of your payment dispute.

  4. Linda

    I purchased bedding. It never arrived. I told them I would contact my credit card and cancel the transaction. They offered to send out a replacement and also gave me a tracking number. The last tracking messaged showed item out for delivery but never showed. Next morning tracking says item was lost and that I should contact the seller. I did. They offered me a $65 credit to shop and one of four different online sites. They were sporting goods and handbags and shoes. I told them I wanted my bedding. They were sold out and they asked me to reconsider. I told them they couldn’t give me what I paid for so I am entitled to my money back. They led me on and told me, repeatedly, that if I cancelled the claim they would give me a refund. I told them I would be happy to cancel the claim when I saw my refund. I told them I was filing a claim with PayPal. They sent PayPal many lies and I finally had enough and called PayPal. I sent them the correct tracking numbers that stated the items were lost (I don’t believe they were ever sent, I believe this was a fake tracking page) and I told them of the many online complaints exactly like mine and I told them of their willingness to credit me but I had to cancel the claim first. PayPal said they had enough and I was credited back within the hour. I was chastised by PayPal for not doing my part and researching this place first. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I have been online shopping for over 20 years. I do know better. I almost always research. The very few times I have not, I have no answer as to why not. It only takes a minute.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      It surely is vital to do some research on shopping sites because there are far too many that are fake nowadays. Thank you so much for your extensive Waebay.com Customer Review Linda and I am very happy to hear you were credited back your cash.


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