What Is VSTroll.com – Is www.VsTroll.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | December 13, 2018

Fraud Alert! Find Out Here Why You Can’t Trust VsTroll.com – Your Reports Are Welcome.

Looking to find out What Is VsTroll.com (www.vstroll.com)? Is VsTroll com fake, dishonest, scam, crooked, bad or Is VsTroll good, legit, safe, genuine, real and honest? This VsTroll Review is here to simply warn you about them. There maybe those experiencing difficulties right now with their order and so you are welcome to report them, should they have taken your money, and still no product delivered to your door step. Contact your payment provider and put in a dispute over any charges. 

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Right now, there are tons (1000’s) of scam sites set up daily to dupe unwary customers out of their money. Most of those fake shopping sites are from China. This real time research is going to identity what EXACTLY makes them fraudulent. Will look up for online complaints already present. How, typically speaking fake e-stores operate, and see how Vs Troll could possibly be scamming you right now.


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www.VsTroll.com Warning – In Truth, What Is VsTroll.com All About. 

Right now we are going to take a very quick and efficient journey into What Is VsTroll.com (www.vstroll.com), in order to separate their lies, from reality. The entire scope of this article is to establish their legitimacy or corruption. No mention of their products or indepth details of their services is required. We begin with their founder to find out who that person is, where they have their real world business established along with contact info. This a crucial first step. Where we find a lack of data in this area then we can almost safely assume we are dealing with scammers.


VSTroll.com Site Exposed

don’t buy anything from www.vstroll.com!


Let us start with their address of 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, USA. Phone Number of 1.4806242.599. That Phone Number is connected with other online scams. Their address is a common address favored by scammers, which I have almost committed to memory, given how often I come across it. Their Hosting Provider is GoDaddy.

They have set up their site for only 1 year online, which began 2018/11/29. Legitimate businesses will usually set up their sites for a much longer time frame, and so 1 year, is nearly always typical of fraudulent sites.

The Founder Name is mysteriously missing. All the info above is from WHOIs, where all websites online register their details. Unfortunately, there appears to be a lack of enforcement when it comes to verifying who you are, and so, scammers are free to lie and deceive and not leave anything legititmate of themselves online. Vs Troll is a complete failure for online identity so far regarding founder and real world address, including contact info.

Let us take swift look at their site for such information. There

There is an address, and guess what? It is NOT an address from the USA – Its From Easter China! That is a very important scam-alert-signal to watch for i.e. shopping sites from China (not all are fake, of course), and conflicting location data. There is ZERO NEED to have those addresses conflicting unless by design. The address in their CONTACT US SECTION is Yiwu HongMao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, NO. 1341, Tongbao Road, Yusanli Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. Telephone:- 1 626 456 668.

Now, where we don’t know the founders name, and their real location is conflicting, they can’t be caught for the fraudulent activities they are clearly doing. By years end, or much-much sooner, they can close down that site and begin a new one without notice. They can walk away without consequence with all their fraudulent earnings and NO ONE knows who to complain to, and ultimately, arrest.




The Scam – How It Operates – Did Your Order Arrive?

Here is a brief description of how fake online shopping sites like to operate in order to scam people out of their hard earned cash. Before we begin on that, I would like to say, that you should definitely get into the habit of looking for reviews of sites claiming to be legitimate. Where there are too many complaints or reviews, way above positive reports – then you can safely conclude that site is not trustworthy.

As an online consumer – that is YOUR basic due diligence – to help keep you from being scammed online.


How Fake Shopping Sites Typically Operate To Defraud.

The items they are promoting typically are not theirs. They could be stealing images from the World Wide Web and set up a site around them, adding their own prices. 

Their prices are unusually far too low for the kind of products they are selling.

Watch out for too-good-to-be-true price reductions! They have be more than have price – including free shipping. This makes me ask then how they are earning a profit when they are selling high quality items for so cheap.

Compare their shipping returns address to their actual address on their site, and the address submitted in WHOIS when they first registered online. Where these conflict then just give that site a miss.

Fake sites earn their money by shipping out replica’s, cheap knock offs, items of a lesser quality, damaged goods being delivered, delivery time is up to and exceeding a reasonable amount of time, which it seems with fake shopping sites, of around two months.

The brand names they maybe promoting are not endorsed by the brand name company. Simply contact these companies to find out if they are supporting their site to sell their goods.

Watch Your Payment Info! Do you see that your payment was made to a company name that is not the same as the name given on a website? That is a good clue something profoundly wrong is going on. Also, payment is taken very quickly usually. These fake sites may say that they won’t charge you until the order is being shipped out to you. So if you see payment taken before shipment date then you do some research to see if you should put in a refund.

Regarding your payment card, watch out for multiple payments being taken from your account. Scam sites like to sneak out as much money as they can steal without anyone noticing for some time. Also, in their Terms and Conditions, scam sites will like to add a recurring monthly charge. So, do be careful and watch your account. Dispute all charges, even if something arrives, it probably will never be what you ordered. That is fraudulent advertising and therefore fraudulent earnings.



Were You Scammed By VsTroll? Report Them Below In The Comments To Help Warn Others – Thank You.




Scam Signs of www.VsTroll.com.

Now, for those interested, we shall take a brief ‘tour’ of their scam signs. These signs are going to help us finally conclude if they are scam or legit – but by now, you should know they are no good to buy from.

1). No Founder Name – that is a big scam sign. No name even on their own site.

2). Conflicting business addresses – another huge scam sign. Why can’t they provide legit proof of their business location if they are a legit online company?

3). Phone Number attached to multiple other sites online and other scam sites.

4). Items may not be theirs.

5). Complaints of no items arriving after payment is given or not the one that was ordered.

6). The date of their sites registration is in the year of 2018 – as stated. Why then do they have their site dated from 2010 to 2018? Sometimes scam sites love to pretend they are older than what they actually are. The older the site then the more it seems to imbue a greater sense of trust to have lasted so long online. I guess, that is the reason they are clearly lying about their time online.

7). Have you read the ‘About Us‘ section? They call themselves ‘Quiet Lavender‘. ‘Quiet Lavender’ is NOT the name of their site and so that is another disturbing sign that something is not right. I know from past research, that scammers that are used to setting up scam sites will simply copy and paste their old scam sites source code, and simply change the URL and site logo name.

Where you find a site referring to themselves by another name, is simply because the scammer FORGOT to change that very important piece of scam-alerting detail. It is nearly always a reliable sign you are dealing with a scam site just on that one point alone.

8). Phone Number, and possibly other info, returns searches exposing such details belong to other online fraudulent activities/websites.

9). None to little positive reviews they are a legit site.

10). Tracking information maybe false. Perhaps that info has just suddenly disappeared? More signs you are dealing with a fake company.

11). Perhaps their email shows you can’t deliver your mails to them? That is another sign of a fake site.

12). Has customer service become vague, rude, stalling for time, asking you to sypatheize with them for their difficulties in delivering your product to you? These are a few more typical signs of a fake online shopping store. Please do report them below if you have not received anything or what you ordered after payment – thank you.








Final Thoughts.

After payment, do contact your payment provider to seek a refund. Your item may not be delivered to you. Should they deliver something to you then it more than likely be an inferior product, replica, cheap knock off. Cross check their addresses and contact info – see if they shows up anything shady about them online. Vs Troll has already accumulated a unhealthy level of complaints online for not delivering after umnwary customers have paid for their items. Watch out for the scammer who advertise on Facebook with tremendous success in scamming people from that plaftform. For me, I would NEVER ADVISE ANYONE BUY ANYTHING FROM FACEBOOK ADS!!! – Too many reports of late of people being scammed through such ads on that social media platform. Vs Troll is going into my sites List of Internet Scammers – for good.

I hope that has quenched your query on What Is VsTroll.com. If not, you are welcome to ask your questions, report your experiences or opinions in the comments below, where I will always respond to you. Should anyone have suspicions of other fake online shopping sites, or any site that may have scammed you or a friend/family member, are welcome to leave the FULL URL below in the comments. Thank you for clicking on this article and looking forward to all of your comments to come.

Beware also of Bealoving, 2uFuture, 2uBest, Ebuyea, Awtoed, LaLaLandy, SkullnMore, AmeliaCotton10, CottonBlanket, CottonColor, GeemaLand, KenShinArt, ZeloraFit, NokEast, SenMok, FairySeason etc as those are fake online shopping scam sites as well.


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24 thoughts on “What Is VSTroll.com – Is www.VsTroll.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Diann Huggins

    I ordered a Murphy bed on December 10, 2018. It was on an ad connected with Wayfair, so I thought it was legit. I paid $139 for a fold out mattress in a wooden box.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I am assuming nothing has turned up to your door Diann? If so then put in for a refund as that is a lot of cash to be down. Thank you for your report Diann.


    On Dec 9th 2018. I also ordered two cabinet beds from Vstroll that I have not received. I tried contacting the company but was unsuccessful in receiving any feedback. Its been six months and still nothing has been received. I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges but was informed that they couldnt do anything about it due to my dispute being over 120 days. I am so mad and will not order again from unsuspected sites. This is a scam and needs to be addressed and reported for their inadequacies to consumers.
    Tyrone Dixon

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Tyrone for your report here today. I really am sorry to hear about your situation. I advise to report VSTroll.com to the BBB.Org among all other invites to comment you find online.

  3. Mary Asselstine

    I ordered Scout the pony on Dec 2018, paid for it by credit card and waited and waited and waited. You guessed it it’s a scam, I thought it would be a great gift for my grandson and since it was a promo ad I thought it was safe. Well guess what it wasn’t, I thought since it was offered from Facebook that it was a legit business ( after all FB wouldn’t want to see their people scammed or used) yeah fool that I am believing that one! I am a senior on pension and disabled so online shopping helps me out in so many ways. Scams like this make it hard for the honest merchants that really want to do business. I know trust any one, I reported the scam to my credit card company with no help. They have the money so game over. Beware of this Scam!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Mary and thank you for taking the time to help warn others. Surprised your payment provider was of no help to you as well. Seems arbitrary that some get refunds and others do not. Thanks again Mary.

    2. Leanne Paddison

      I too ordered the Scout Pony for my grandson – and it never arrived! Beyond disappointed!!
      I should have realised the offer was too good to be true! I too thought that being a promo add on facebook that it’d be safe. Never again!!!

  4. Deborah Baker

    I ordered a kitchenaid mixer as a Christmas gift back on November 26,2018 and have never received it but the funds was taken out of my account. I intend to report them as fraudulent and I hope yjey get what is coming to them.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You can also put in for a refund and I hope that works out in your favor. Thank you kindly Deborah for reporting VSTroll.com for scamming you.

  5. Shirley Moore

    I was ripped off by VStroll as I ordered an item and have NEVER received it and when calling the phone number that was provided it has been disconnected (626-456-6688) My funds have been taken from my bank account and now not for sure how to get the money back? This is really upsetting as this was supposed to be a Christmas gift and I am a single mom . They need to be STOPPED

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Shirley,

      Please contact your payment provider Shirley and hopefully then they will refund you. Thank you for reporting them here, and the more scam reports left on VsTroll, the quicker they will be stopped. Thanks again Shirley.

  6. Laura Trueman

    I ordered a chest murphy bed and received a plastic 3 drawer storage chest that was 5″ x 7″.
    I contacted my credit card company who said it is not considered fraud since i gave them my
    card number, they would dispute it as non receipt of item. I understand that the credit card
    company does not recover the funds, but ends up writing it off as a loss. They do credit the
    funds back to the cardholder though. I was told to mail the item back to sender, but the
    return address on the label is conveniently missing the first 3 or 4 letters/numbers on each
    line of the address. It is not the same address as on the website. Here is the part I could read:
    8# houdai street Suzhou Industrial Park
    Phone 1810572787

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Laura,

      Thank you for that piece of invaluable information and I am sorry you never got a refund. Appreciate your comment Laura.

  7. Jeff

    Definitely scam ordered one of those cabinet beds and got a $2 plastic 3 drawer container labeled on box as cabinet bed

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jeff,

      That is just a joke, and I do mean, they are having a laugh. The arrogance is actually shocking. I am sorry this happened to you Jeff but your report is going to help others avoid their horrible scam site. Have you tried yet to get a refund? I would love to hear the outcome of that should time permit.

      Thanks again Jeff 🙂 . ~ Scam Witness.

    2. JERRY ORR

      On Dec. 9th I was charged $130.00 for a cabinet bed and when I did not receive it, I contacted Vstroll and asked where my merchandise was. I heard nothing so I contacted vstroll again, asking when I can expect shipment. I’ve heard nothing further but did receive a little plastic 3 drawer box unexpectedly that I know I did not order. Vstroll is a scam!

  8. Kristin Stauch

    I was scammed by Vstroll, I also know they own quietlavender.com and neostylish.com.

    Fun fact, they try to charge you 2 times… and then you don’t get a receipt.. and when you call the number provided in the website, no shock it’s not in service.

    They finally responded to my email in broken English stating “we good company we quality product” ok bogus. I’m on an email thread with hundreds of others that this company mass emailed out who have demanded refunds. As you might have guessed by now, nobody has received product or a refund. But I was able to tell them I’ve reported them to the DBI internet crimes via online form submission that I got from the FTC who has an open investigation now who I was directed to after I filed with the BBB.

    Dont be another victim here of their scam.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kristin,

      I am sorry to hear that you were scammed by VsTroll. I am very grateful you have decided to comment to help alert others – it is very much appreciated.

      Those that were also scammed are welcome to report them here to help warn others. Certainly also please report them in the locations as stated by Kristin.

      Thanks again Kristin 🙂 .

    2. Lisa

      Hi, I have also been scammed by [ censored ] hole.company VSTroll, they took my money, no shipping trackment, have been tryng to get ahold of them, nothing! Phone # disconnected, can’t get emails answered! I’m [ censored ]!! I received something from a company in China it was like some cheap organizer for a desk or something, on the paper it.said cabinet bed. I don’t know if this is the same.place , but for my 139.00 dollars it’s not what I ordered, I didn’t pay for a cheap piece if plastic. I want my money back. I wonder how many others this.has happened too? Please everyone don’t be fooled by this company! It was VSTroll.com VSTroll London. Located in China . I don’t what to do now?

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Hi Lisa,

        Thank you kindly for reporting VSTroll.com on how they scammed you. It is very much appreciated.

        You simply contact your payment provider and get them to investigate. Would love to know if you refund is successful or not if you have the time Lisa.

        Yes, I have been scammed online before as well but there are steps you can take to get your cash back, as said above.

        So, don’t despair too much and see how your application turns out.

        Thanks again Lisa for your comment and the time it took to make it 🙂 . ~ Scam Witness.

        1. Diana Bray

          I to have been scammed by vstroll the same bed the same price.how can this happen again to all of us.you would think the law would put something on the sight that as soon as it pops up it’ll say BEWARE SCAM!! I hate this happened to me and all the others especially at Christmas.i did call the bank ,I did start an investigation in my stolden money ,I had the bank to stop any other payments that could be made out of my account .there is nothing else to do but hope these people are stopped. Now I forever will be Leary of any on line products

          1. Scam Witness Post author

            Hi Diana,

            I am sorry to hear about your experience with the scam site called VSTroll. Would you consider to simply shop at good and trusted sites like Amazon? I am very weary as well of ads on social media especially. Always search out reviews before making purchases on sites that are new and that you don’t know.

            Thanks again Diana and I hope you have a great New Years 🙂 . ~ Scam Witness.

      2. JERRY ORR

        On Dec. 9th I was charged $130.00 for a cabinet bed and when I did not receive it, I contacted Vstroll and asked where my merchandise was. I heard nothing so I contacted vstroll again, asking when I can expect shipment. I’ve heard nothing further but did receive a little plastic 3 drawer box unexpectedly that I know I did not order. Vstroll is a scam!


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