Review – Is Scam or Legit?

By | January 18, 2019

What Is About – Please Leave Your Scam Reports Here To Warn Others.

Welcome to this very short Review. Is VIPGoodBuy com real, safe, legit, genuine, good or Is VIPGoodBuy fake, scam, fraudulent, crooked, deceptive? This VIP Good Buy Review is also a review of and They are identical and equally as untrustworthy. Those that gave personal payment details now maybe at risk of having that sensitive data stolen and sold on for a profit and perhaps future fraudulent attempts. Please contact your payment provider for a refund and possibly to get your card cancelled.

Also, please do report them below if you believe you were misled by them in anyway. The more scam reports that people will leave online will directly determine their shelf life online and also reduce their illegal profits. They are from China and are able to dupe many people out of their hard earned cash, if their other sites are anything to go by. Many fake online companies of this type seem to have the means to make their own products. Problem is, these products can be inferior, low quality, counterfeit and pretty much worthless for what you forked for them. 
 Scam Alert!

And so to be clear do not go near or HotWebVIP and BuyInNice as they are all owned by the same people and are without doubt fraudulent. There are many copies online and there could be 100’s floating around. Any site that looks like the one below should be avoided at all costs. It is time now to prove to you why they are not good and only out to deceive others., VIPGOODYBUY.COM and Review



The site above was registered on the internet in 2019/01/08 and up for just 1 year. The other two aforementioned sites were registered exactly the same date with the same Shanghai address. 

Their Phone number is also in use by other sites and that is +86.18951234973. I am doubtful you will get a response from that number. 

There is no email address left for customer support. No one even knows who the founder is because they have not left that basic piece of information. That is typical scam site behavior because they know they are breaking the law and don’t wan to be caught for it.

Head to their site then we can see if they have left anything that they failed so miserably to leave when they first registered their site.

NOPE! Nothing. Not a name, no address of their location, no email address and not even a phone number. That is 100% deceptive and intentional so you don’t have anyone to report to the authorities. Where you see no information on standard queries like this then just stay away from that site. Now these scammers can defraud countless people for the whole year to come and still they may never be caught. Please don’t forget to report them here an elsewhere online to get them shut down sooner. 
 Scam Signs.

There are always a few signs that a site is not legit and only trying to trick your cash out of you. Save yourself disappointment and learn off a few of them for future reference.

  • No founder name.
  • No address of their real world business on their site.
  • Zero contact information such as an email and or phone number.
  • Prices are too cheap and they are using the same old images are they are using on their other sites.
  • Images do not belong to them. Fake sites usually do not have the permission of the real owners to promote using such digital resources. So you must always be careful with sites that have excellent quality items but look too cheap to be real.
  • Identical copies online! Not on any of their sites have they been honest to their unwary customers about the horde of other sites that they run. That is only a sign of a deceptive site but also of a scam network. Always look for reviews, and where you find out that complaints are far too many, then give such sites a miss.
  • They go by ‘SuperBuy’ and ‘Hot Shop in Web’. Where you see those phrases then know that is the ‘calling card’ of at least one online scam network, and of course, should be avoided.
  • Have a read of their FAQ’s section. IT IS GENERIC AND GARBLED. “How can the products be below market price” is one such question. The answer is “We offer a procurement service :- buy on some else’s behalf.”. That is their answer and actually that simply makes zero sense. I have seldom seen such an overt display of nonsense on any site in my life then what I read in the first question and answer of their FAQ’s, just makes no sense. It makes no sense because they have 100% failed to answer the question properly.



 Scam Reports Can Be Placed Below In The Comments To Help Warn Others – Thank You.















Final Thoughts.

So you must now realize no legit site hides so much basic information about their founders, real world location and contact information. They are from China and so that is yet another thing against them. Prices are far too low on their site and their answer for that is nonsense and garbled. Those that lost money to them are welcome to report them below. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for the good of all.


List of Internet Scammers.

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Thank you for clicking on this article to know more on What Is I hope it really has saved you some money and why not say ‘hi’ below if it has. I love to hear from people who visit our works and so I always respond personally to all comments. Taking questions and accepting additional information on today’s topic. Those with questions are welcome to ask them below. Report online scams here at Why not take a look at our Latest Scam Updates for the most recent online threat alerts. Thanks again for coming by and looking forward to your views below.

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18 thoughts on “ Review – Is Scam or Legit?


    Huge lie I took a chance since they were listed on yahoo web page.

    1. Scam Witness

      Sorry to hear this John and thank you for reporting them to us. You are free to apply for a refund. Make sure you take images of all the communications you may have received from them. If they gave you a fake tracking code then you can take an image of that John and pass that onto your payment provider. When they see its fake then that will strengthen your case.

      Make some provable attempts that you have contacted them to get a refund or you goods. Then provide this as well to your payment provider. Hope this helps John and thanks again for reporting to us. You are welcome to let us know if you get refund. Good luck!

  2. Jean

    Hello from Central Texas – I happened to stumble on to your great site while I was looking into the VIPTHIEVES .
    I was sorely tempted, too, but that old adage “if it sounds too good to be true…..” prevailed and I checked further. As soon as I read that first question and their ridiculous answer, I just about sprouted horns and a tail! That ENTIRE page was firing off red flags and sirens!! I’m going to ask PayPal what the hell is going on – I wonder if they really use PayPal, or just make it look like they do. I’m off to leave a few words with the good guys at RipOffReport. BTW, the vet who got ripped off should keep after his credit union. I think the people at RipOff Report can help him out about that.
    Thanx for all you do — Keep on keepin on…

    1. Scam Witness

      Hello Jean 🙂 ,

      Lovely to hear from you Jean and thank you kindly for reporting VIPGoodBuy to us here at Definitely report them to that site and I will certainly crack on here exposing many online scams 🙂 . Much appreciated Jean.

  3. John Piper

    Hey I just went there and they now have an address now in the contact us area they did not have it a week ago.. I was going to order from them and when I noticed the free shipping and payment at checkout seemed fishy. Gave no credit card info, sent me order confirmation tried to delete to no avail. Glad I did not send any money, besides my bank does not allow any online payments outside the US without my permission first, they will stop payment.

    MPay Thang Long Company Limited
    Floor 4, No.110 Nguyen Ngoc Nai
    Street, Khuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan District,
    Hanoi, Vietnam
    Call US:
    +84 58 4771489

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi John,

      I believe they added an address when bloggers like me expose them. Its like they want to try to make us look crazy and themselves legit. I found yet another one of their sites and in the middle of writing that one up.

      Really appreciate you leaving all of that information there and I know its going to go along way to helping others finding the true answer to What Is VipGoodBuy. Thanks again John 🙂 . ~ Scam Witness.

      1. Joe Kossak

        my name is Joe, and I was scammed by they are also tied up with wrapstyle Singapore another site and company to watch out for. if there is anything more that I could do to help out taking down these scum bag please let me know

        1. Scam Witness

          Yes Joe, there is one thing more you can do if possible.

          Is that you are talking about. They have 5 star reviews – I have to be very careful. If you could confirm that for me then that would be great.

          You can get a refund for the funds that you were defrauded of by applying to your payment provider.

          Hope to hear back from you Joe and thank you for reporting on!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Probably their Terms and Conditions claims no responsibility for anyone getting scammed using their service. So, I am not a solicitor and consulting is best, but I don’t think so. Thanks for your question Nevin.

  4. David Stotyn

    found this sight on Yahoo so i thought it was a lagit website i placed an order and when they sent my conformation number and transaction number there was no tracking number or carrier information witch lead me to believe this was a scam. please take these people down and Yahoo should be ashamed of themselves for even having this on there website.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      HI David,

      Your report, and others, is what will do them the most damage online. I am sorry you bumped into their horrible site. You can go to their site and see who is hosting them and complaint to that hosting provider about them. Also you can complain to the and IC3 – they are the heaviest hitters online when it comes to scam busting. Thank you kindly for your report David and I hope you get a refund from it. All the best for now and feel free to come back anytime as is run by just 1 person – myself. So continued support really does make all the difference 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

  5. K.Strong

    The vipgoodbuy website is a sponsored site on Yahoo News. People beware they are not legit. I did not buy anything but just wanted to let everyone know. I researched the site and it is not legit.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi K. Strong,

      I am pretty shocked to hear this and now there is no telling how many people may lose their cash. This is insane! We have social media owner-tycoons taking fee’s from scam advertisers and so people click on those ads because they trust the platform. Now it seems we can no longer trust them with their ads. Please report all suspicious ads here so we may have them exposed very fast and for all to know. Thank you kindly for your report.

  6. Tim

    I contacted “Desert Financial Credit Union”, formerly “Desert schools federal credit union” and was told they could do nothing to reimburse me after getting defrauded out of $250+ by today…should have been more wary but alas I was not and these people got my money. Is there nothing I can do? I canceled my card and ordered a new one but I guess that $250+ is in the pocket of some creep in China and I have no recourse…would love to punch the !@@#$ out of this scammer right now! I’m a disabled vet and that was a good bit of money to me.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Geezzzeee Tim, I am so sorry to hear about this. I really am. I hate to hear these stories because I too am at a loss what to say to you. Only thing to say is to REPORT THEM NOW TO BBB.ORG, IC3 AND RIPPOFFREPORT!!

      As for getting your money back – I AM DISGUSTED WITH YOUR CREDIT UNION FOR NOT DOING ANYTHING TO GET YOU YOUR CASH! DISGUSTED! You should probably say about them in every report you give.

      Thank you for letting others become aware at how VERY REAL the THREAT of dealing with VIPGOOBUY.COM IS! It is only these reports that make these posts on my site have any value whatsoever. For that I am grateful to you Tim and once again I really am sorry this happened to you. ~ Scam Witness.


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