What Is ‘VIBER International Balloting Award Programme’ Lottery – Scam?

By | March 17, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘VIBER International Balloting Award Programme’ Lottery Here – Genuine or a Cyber Scam?

First off, you should know the answer to What Is ‘VIBER International Balloting Award Programme’ Lottery is it is just NOT real. There is no such thing. Is this ‘VIBER International Balloting Award Programme’ lottery Scam or Legit? Definitely not real and only a fraud. This is only another fake lottery run by cyber-crooks for various fraudulent means. We will cover that briefly soon. Those affected are welcome to report their experiences below in the comments. Please be also aware yet another fake lottery programme running called the ‘Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award’ lottery. Equally corrupt and there are no winners!




What Is ‘VIBER International Balloting Award Programme’ Lottery Really About.

Never make contact with anyone claiming to be from a lottery outlet you have never heard of before. It is more thank likely it is just a scam unless of course you are directly contacted by a reputable lottery outlet. Be sure the URL is exactly the same as the lottery site you may know well.

We already know by now What Is ‘VIBER International Balloting Award Programme’ Lottery:- they are fake and I am sorry to let you know if you really thought you were a lucky winner of some lottery. Also, and as mentioned, do stay away from any texts or emails from the ‘Sprint World Apps Intl Balloting Award’ Lottery as well.



The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award Scam




Your Personal Information and What to do!

Those that have responded to a text that says you have won 100’s of thousands, or even millions, should take a deep breath and always look up for reviews of the lottery name (or website) they have given you. Typically, if they are fake then there should be someone online that would have exposed them already depending on how new/old this lottery is.

When the cyber-crooks make contact they will probably congratulate you profusely to get you worked up. Once you are ’emotional’ enough then they are going to need your personal banking information. That is a trap! 

Once they have that information then they may ask you to give them a processing fee, or some kind of fee, for them to release your earnings. Anything online that asks you to pay them, so you can get your cash, is a con. If a payment is needed then why can’t they just take it out of your winnings?

So it is a phishing scam and also an advanced fee fraud scam as well. Phishing is where a site, or an online scammer, will lie to you about who they are in order for them to extract your personal information and or money.

Advanced Fee Fraud is where you are asked to pay cash before anything else occurs, in this event, before you can have your winnings released to you. So any text or email saying you have won the lottery, then asks you for your banking information and or a fee, is a scam.


Please report all such instances here. The following to come is for those that have fallen for the aforementioned scam and how to safe guard yourself going forward.


Safety Steps After Falling For A Fake Lottery Scam.

  • Those that have handed over your personal banking information will have to make contact with your payment provider. Tell them that you believe you have handed over your payment information to a fake lottery company online. 
  • They have to cancel your card because now the cyber-crooks may have that information. This means they have the potential to access you funds via charges randomly. So cancelling your card should stop this from happening. 
  • Where lottery scams required you to sign up via your email address then there are some steps you may need to under go.
  • Since most people use the same password for all online accounts then that is the first thing to address. Change your passwords where they are all the same. Ideally 9 passwords across all of your accounts online is enough to safe guard your online security.
  • So in the case they have one password to one account, at the very least, not all of your accounts online are compromised. 
  • Scammers may want to access all of your accounts so they can engineer a profile that looks legit. Where enough information is gathered then they have be able to get loans, credit, identity in your very name.


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Final Thoughts.

So do be careful because there are examples online on the clever ways they are trying to get all of your personal information out of you. Those that have questions, affected by the scam we have just written on, are welcome to ask us below or to leave your own experiences.

They are going into our List of Internet Scammers List and I hope this article has helped clear up any confusion on What Is ‘VIBER International Balloting Award Programme’ Lottery. Thanks for coming by and hope to hear from you and others in the comments below.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!






2 thoughts on “What Is ‘VIBER International Balloting Award Programme’ Lottery – Scam?

  1. Amanda malshi

    I’ve got an email from viber saying that I have been selected as a winner of viber balloting award program. So I gave my details.
    How can I recover from this scam?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      So you have been phished of your personal information. It all depends on what you gave them. If you gave payment information then you must contact your payment provider and let them to order you a new card and cancel your old one. Hope that helps.


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