What Is Veromoi.com – Is ‘Veromoi’ Scam or Legit Ladies E-Store?

By | April 13, 2019

Your Research Ends Here On What Is Veromoi.com – ‘Veromoi’ Review.

This review is going to compile info that is easily accessible online. We will take a look at www.veromoi.com to see if they are a scam, fraud, deceptive or if they are real, safe, genuine and legit. This ‘Veromoi’ Review will then try to figure out if they are scam, legit or not recommended.

We are always asking our sites readers for their own reviews on such sites. Those that have experiences with this site, or any other website online that you may feel is a scam or honest, are welcome to give your views in the comments. Perhaps you have found an e-store you do recommend? Let us know because a common question surrounding these kinds of sites is which one is legit to buy from.



scam or legit

Is www.veromoi.com a scam?




Veromoi.com Review – Our ‘Take’.

  • Scammers are so good at replicating legit looking sites that it is easy to make a mistake on whether they are safe or not to use. We start off by asking the usual questions of who the founder is, where can we find them on a map and is there contact information for their customers.
  • Many times, where sites are fraudulent, they will actually steal the biz address of legit sites. Or, their biz address is being used by other sites. Sometimes these other sites have many scam reports about them. Cyber-crooks are very good at manipulating traffic to their sites via cheap prices for high quality looking goods.
  • We see that their site was registered in 2018/09/26 for 12 months. That is not a long time for a new business. A business, that invariably, has taken or will taken tremendous to get off of the ground. So we see that 1 year is only the start of a new biz.
  • Some would say that is indicative of an online scam that is only a hit-and-run in nature. Others may argue that the founder may want to see how their first 12 months goes before renewing. Unless we are certain, we are asking for your reviews about all sites we look into.
  • WHOIS does not show usu the founders name because the site owners of Veromoi.com did not leave it at their URL’s registration. That is not a good sign. We see, for the 5th time today, a PO BOX from Panama. That same PO BOX is being used by many-many-may companies online. Another bad sign. So that address, for what it is, is hiding their real location and seems to only serve the purpose of registering a domain.
  • Their websites contact resources appears to be only an email address of support@veromoi.zendesk.com. I do not see a phone number for support and struggling to locate their business address. We normally expect to see these kinds of information. 
  • 30% Discount seems a bit generous. The prices per the quality of goods also seems to be very reasonable, perhaps, too reasonable? I do not really know this as I am not a woman lol and so I really do not know the right prices for these kinds of goods. What do you think?
  • So if the prices are that reasonable, and the goods of the high quality we see advertised on their site, how is it then they are making good profits?
  • Perhaps, and sure enough this is the cynical and skeptical side of my scam-busting nature, they are sending out slight inferior versions of these goods. Of course, I could be wrong.
  • Let us take swift look online to ascertain their online reputation and what their customers are saying about them.



Online Reputation / Customer Reviews For ‘Veromoi’.

We find five reviews at scamadviser.com. Those reviews are very stinging and it does not look good at all. Some are saying that the quality of the goods are “cheap and crappy”. Another says that customer service is horrible. Yet another says that order took two months to be delivered, have to pay for returns to China etc. That site rates them with a 69% Trust Score.

There does not appear to be too many other reports and so we are asking you for yours, yet again. The more that exists online the more readily people are able to get on with their day by making up their minds faster.

That is all on What Is Veromoi.com and we hope it has been of use to you. We are not recommending them right now as we feel there is far too much covered up. An email address is all they have for customer service and that really is not typical of a legit site.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Veromoi.com – Is ‘Veromoi’ Scam or Legit Ladies E-Store?

  1. Jill

    Real company in that I placed an order and received merchandise. But poor quality, poor sizing, poor manufacturing, and nothing like the pictures you see of the actual item online. Return policy is 30 days, but only if you claim product was received damaged. Can’t return for sizing issues. So I have $100 in clothes I neither like or can even wear because they are not even relatively close to my size. Avoid, avoid, avoid and save your money.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Jill for your report on Veromoi.com and sorry to hear you are not pleased with your goods.


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