What Is VeroElla.com – Is ‘Vero Ella’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | March 26, 2019

Find Out What Is VeroElla.com – The ‘Vero Ella’ Review.

This review on What Is VeroElla.com , at www.veroella.com, will seek to answer Is VeroElla com a fraud, scam, fraudulent or Is ‘Vero Ella’ safe, legit, genuine and safe? This ‘VeroElla’ Review begins by asking those with their own reviews to leave them in the comments below this article. The complaint we have uncovered so far is that, you may get your dress, but it could be a size or two too small. 

Many times fake shopping stores are coming from China. We will try to find out their location, contact information, the founder name also. Where this information is missing, or fake, then we can begin to have some concerns. 




What Is VeroElla.com – ‘Is Vero Ella’ A Scam?

They are a relatively new site that sell wedding dresses and special occasions attire. We will take a look at their site and try to see if they have legit information as described above. We will also research that info, if any, to see if it checks out as true. We begin however by going to WHOIS and inputting their site name.




www.veroella.com review – what are your views?



Here we can see that VeroElla.com was registered in 2018/07/09 and only for 1 year. So a business that registers for just 1 year is a pattern that scammers follow. 1 or 2 years is a little suspicious as it can take some considerable time to make it online.

But in some occasions founders may register for a short time and then renew if they are have some success. So we must be careful not to read too much negatively so soon about them.

There is no founder name and also there is no real and legit business address. They have a P.O. Box from Panama

We go to their site and we see an email address of service@veroella.com in their contact us section. There is no business address there which is not really acceptable for a business. 

We have checked their site and we can see there is no business address and also we can’t locate a founder name. So just an email address, and a contact form, is not really sufficient customer support means.

Even they have not a customer phone number!



Online ‘Vero Ella’ Reports.

So we have taken a look online concerning their site. We have gone to scamadviser.com and they have given ‘Vero Ella’ 66% Trust Score with No Positive Points. 

There are two reports there that are saying their dresses were just too small. Both times they have complained about poor customer service where a refund was not forthcoming.

When threatened with a bad review online then they offered to give back just $17 out of a $170 order and told the lady to keep the dress with a 15% discount for their store. You may view those reports HERE.

Per RatingPlease.com there are a number of highly positive reviews on their site. They have a rating of 4.5. They also say that ‘VeroElla’ is based in Hong Kong and so that is something to consider in your purchasing decisions. This makes sense as one report says that they only respond at night times. You may view those reports HERE.



Critical Points Of Control.

Time and time again I have read many complaint in the following areas of any selling site online. Where there are too many of these points showing up as ‘negative’ in your experience then we could be dealing with a fake site.

Purchase Confirmation – E-Receipt?

When you purchase anything online then it is of course normal to get a receipt of some kind. Where that does not happen then that is something you should make a note of. Contact the company and request they send you proof of purchase.


Another area where fake sites fall down is many times they do not take for the taxes, and any other relevant charges, on customer purchases.

Payment Taken Ahead of Time – Random Charges or Overcharged?

When items are shipped is usually when you will be charged for your product. Fake sites will tend to take payment either straight away or simply ahead of the agreed time.

But worse they can sometimes over charge people for their order and or charge their customers cards randomly. 

Where this occurs you should contact your payment provider for a refund and also to probably cancel your card. This will stop random charges to your card.

Delivery Time Is Too Long?

Bad sites can make people wait up to 4 months at times for their order. Anything past 2 weeks even is actually too long in most cases. 

Make reasonable attempts to contact the company and record those attempts. This will help you when it comes to getting a refund. 

Facebook Comments.

Where the company has a Facebook Group then see if there are simply too many filtered out comments. There really is no reason for this but only if there are too many complaints. I can not see a company doing this for positive comments or customer queries in general.

This is happening on their FB page right now i.e. too many comments being filtered out.

Shoddy, Damaged, Inferior and or Wrong Sizes / Cheaply Made Goods.

Receiving anything other than what companies have charged you for is not acceptable. That is grounds for a refund for sure.

So check the sizes and see if they are correct. Also, compare the actual received goods to the products you were presented with on such sites.

Where there is a clear difference then contact the company. Many times, where they are not a good company, they will do and say just about anything not to give you a refund.

Contact your payment provider in this instance.

Legit Tracking Code?!

This one here has to be one of the biggest scam signs! Where they are not sending you out anything, despite what they say and you having paid for it, they will give out a fake tracking code.

They will say to contact the logistics company, and when you do they will not know what you are talking about, and so you go back to the scam company.

So then they may issue you a legit and working tracking code. Check the information. Specifically, check the weight of the package. Where it is clearly too light in weight then they are probably sending  you out something that maybe worth only between $2-5 in value.

Take a screen shot of that info. 



Final Thoughts.

So they appear to be a mixed bad for now on the few reviews we have found about them. We are concerned that they are filtering out so many comments on their FB page.

Also, there is no address, founder name or customer phone number. Only an email address. These are legit points for your consideration.

What has your experience been?

Those that have purchased from the site in question are welcome to leave your own reviews below. Where we get too many then we will list them in our List of Internet Scammers.

Of course, if you have had a positive review then we would love to hear from you.

This forum is now open for all of you whom may have questions. Check out the comments below, if any, to find out more from real customer reviews. 

We will ‘hold’ for now on ‘scam or legit’ verdict until more information becomes available.

That is all for now on What Is VeroElla.com (‘Vero Ella’) and very much looking forward to hearing from you and others below in the comments.



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  1. Bonnie

    I bought my prom dress from veroella. I did a custom order. My dress is everything i hoped it would be. Very beautiful

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Good to hear Bonnie and thank you for your VeroElla.com Customer Review Recommendation. Much appreciated.


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