What Is Veldrop.Online – Is Veldrop.Online Scam or Legit?

By | August 28, 2018

What Is Veldrop.Online – the Truth!

Should you be new to investing online then I am glad you Googled What Is Veldrop.Online or www.veldrop.online. Those asking is Veldrop Online fake, scam, fraudulent, real, genuine, safe, paying will find out now in this review of Veldrop. The owners of this site is running a Ponzi Scheme. That is an illegal online enterprise. You can read below how they are doing it. They claim that they are certified by Companies House, and go so far so say, they are approved and authorized by Companies House. I will prove, beyond all doubt, their statement is a gross and 100% – LIE!

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What Is Veldrop.Online, Founder Info and How it all Works to Scam their Members.

Veldrop.Online Site

To begin to know fully What Is Veldrop.Online, let us try to seek out ownership details. First off, Veldrop says they have been “the core backbone of Bitcoin” since 2012. Well, this is quite remarkable, because when they first registered their site that registration is dated 27/08/2018. Well, unless they are holding out on us regarding time travel, that date was just yesterday! See date of this post. This is obviously and abundantly clear now that they are telling little lies here. Anyways, the owner is not declared at site registration or on their site. Nor are any of their ‘specialists’ and neither do they prove claims of having data centers to mine Bitcoin. All this is a very familiar script I encounter on a daily for sites like Veldrop to trick inexperienced investors to part them with their cash.

What are they?

Just a Ponzi Scheme! Another phrasing for that is a ‘HYIP’ or High Yield Investment Program. There is no real world product, or service, and the only thing you have to offer to make new sign ups for commissions, is the chance to invest and either lose or make money. The older the site, them more likely over 90% of members are going to lose their cash. That is the bottom line. The best time to invest is the first two weeks. Should you be fortunate to bump in this article before that time then now is the time. Though, you are entering into an illegal online enterprise so do be prepared to pay the piper when it all goes Pete-Tong!

All their talk on investments and Forex is smoke and  mirrors mirage to blind you to the real truth of their operations. They are collecting monies from strangers online and promising the following levels of returns:-

Levels of Investment with Veldrop

As we can see, the minimum investment is affordable for the many. The max gets insane the higher you invest. Those that get in early and invest now, again – see date of this post, stand a good chance of earning. Those that are reading this post donkeys months or even years down the line, probably should just forget about it. These sites, when they are aged, will just stop paying out. Usually these HYIP Schemes are online for no longer than a year. Even some collapse out of nowhere in months to weeks.



‘Approved’ and ‘Authorized’ by Companies House – Lets have a Look!

They make way too much about being registered with Companies House. For those that don’t know what that is, then, they are simply the UK’s online registrar to catalog newly incorporated businesses. They even sell online registration certificates from £5 up to about £135. However, overseas website owners can simply buy one of these certs and then say they are legit by saying they are ‘approved’ and ‘authorized’ by Companies House. This is nothing but a gross misrepresentation of that service online and nothing but a lie, in this instance.

The company registration number they claim is theirs is 10399155. I Googled that number! See the attached registered company details in companies house below:-


Fake Companies House Certificate

Dissolved on the 30th of January 2018! And the company name is different to boot. So, they were hoping no one would check, I guess. Furthermore, to say they are approved and OKAY’ed by Companies House is a common tactic many overseas sites will try to pull off to garner instant legitimacy from those that won’t think to look further. The need to earn quick, easy and big money is what brings in new investors in the first two weeks. The experienced High Yield Investors KNOW this is now the best time to get BIG MONEY!! SO YES, the potential to earn eye watering amounts is there for all so early on. However, and yet again, there is no guarantee, it is indeed a high risk venture, and not one should mess with if you are investing money you need to pay your way.



Doomed to Collapse – How it all Ends.

Their business model is illegal for good reasons. Historically the stats show that over 90% just lose their cash to, online anyways, unknown website serial scammers. The owners of these sites know all too well they will never have the money to pay all the members, despite passionate claims to the contrary. They life blood is new investors. These new people will invest. That money is paid to older investors. NOW the new wave of people are waiting on money to magic up out of think air by new investors. Then we see the real purpose of their affiliate program. 

Those that share their link then are allotted 10% of all investments made by people who sign up through their link. This is only good news if you are working for ethical websites. However, these guys warp this practice by using your time and energy to bring in free traffic. These website visitors then have the same chance of you of being scammed by this fake investment program. There maybe those that will avidly protest this article as they have been paid, and can prove it, but my point is MOST WILL LOSE THEIR CASH!

When the traffic to such sites dwindles to nearly nothing then we see that there is no more new sign ups leading to no more new money. The owners will never pay out equally and will keep most of the money individual investors make. They will even go so far as to make fake accounts to make it look like they have loads of happy investors on their sites. I can’t prove this is happening with Veldrop, but it is common practice in their line of work.

The time from when traffic fades off, no one can tell. Only the owners know this. When this happens their site can be intentionally shut down over night. Those who think this is a false claim should check out my article on MLC247look to the comments to read some very harrowing losses suffered by people who simply could not afford to lose it!!




Final Thoughts.

Clearly, I am not endorsing any site that runs a business model that is illegal. Their model is set up so many have no choice but to lose their investment. The older their site then the more random their payments to members becomes, if any. Only invest what you can afford to lose and you should never consider any HYIP program as a problem solver for money worries. First two weeks there is a chance, even up to 4 weeks with some sites, but then after that you are seriously rolling the dice. These sites are as illegal as they come to create, and those that promote and earn, can lose their monies to the authorities. Good luck if you are STILL thinking of investing with them!

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