– Is Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | October 9, 2018

What Is and Are They Really A Gaming Site For Profits? – I Don’t Believe So.

Fake or Real - VecTroxion Reviewed

This article is dedicated to clearing up any confusion about and their legitimacy online. Is What Is Vectroxion com? Is Vectroxion fake, scam, fraudulent and filled with malware or is Vectroxion good, genuine, real, safe, legit and paying out? This Vectroxion Review is going to clear all that up for you to have clarity on whether you should invest with them or not. Personally, I don’t believe they are what they say they are. First they say play games and win big money. But then they constantly use the word “invest” through out their website. So, there is great confusion on what they are offering. For me, they are SCAM SITE!

By the end of this article, my opinion could change, so its worth reading it to the end. However, any site that requires you to gamble, or invest, is a risk and one where the house always wins. Those looking to earn some real, and stable money online, should know that you must work at this. Of course, we all know this, but its a matter of finding those offers. One site I know is called Wealthy Affiliate. They are 1 out of thousands of good and trusted companies online. For me, I recommend them because they have helped me earn online and that figure is climbing by the day.






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’s Make Money Offer and How It Really Operates – In My Opinion. offers members to play games in the form of gambling. However, the confusion kicks in for me when they are asking for investments. Gambling and investments don’t seem to go hand in hand and so it peaked my interest further in terms of my suspicions. 

Let us begin first with trying to find out who owns their site. I see at their sites registration they listed their site online on the 20/09/2018. The founders name is not there and there is no real world address for their online business company. Not good at all and usually an indicator you could be dealing with a scam site. There are no identifying details on their site either, that I could see.


Is Vectroxion Fraudulent?

Go to to login – not recommended.


I stand corrected:- 20 Bedford Row, London, UK. <<<– I don’t believe that is their real address for one moment. I expose online scams and so I am finding, already, significant problems with their site. Their email is listed on their site and it is Why these details are missing at WHOIS is not clear but indeed suspicious.

Who Are They?

Well, no one appears to know. They do describe themselves as competent, smart working team of individuals bringing easy wealth to the public. <<<- That is scammer speak and not something you can trust. That is playing on peoples need for quick cash whom may be in dire straights financially. Such sites are deemed to be ‘SELLER OF DREAMS’!!

Are They A Real Gambling Investing Site?

I can’t see any evidence of the kind of games you will be playing. They are definitely ‘playing games’, but I am afraid you are their ‘game’, and most will just be duped out of real money. The ‘Investing’ side of things is not clear either.

What Exactly Are People Investing In? 

This looks like a Ponzi Scheme to me. Their way of earning cash is not proven to anyone on their site. They hide all their identifying credentials and then expect ‘trust’ when no one knows who the owner is. Knowing who the owner is – is very important! Should fraud occur then we have someone to ask for our money back. In the case of Vectroxion we see that they can just shut down and walk away with all the cash. No questions, no queries, no worries and its all your money they will be living off.  Be careful.

What Exactly Is A Ponzi Scheme?

Ponzi Schemes are marked by big returns, quickly, and for no real product or service. It is simply handing over money and then (hopefully) getting back a relative fortune. Where does the cash come from? That comes from new sign ups who similarly invest, as you may have, and then they wait for their own returns. Yet again, more people sign up and then they also pay. NOW, that money yet again is paid out to older members. This can’t continue because sign ups will run out sooner or later. When this happens then their site will crash and you will/maybe left out of profit.

Most At Risk?

Everyone is definitely at risk from losing their cash. However, the one’s that lose the most money are newcomers to investing online. Such people maybe ‘wowed’ by the website and fall for their fake claims to legitimacy. At this point, they may invest a little, earn something and then get excited to invest bigger. At some point, the founders may say that the last investment is big enough to keep and so that is what they do. That is a typical Ponzi Scheme behavior. Another word for such schemes are HYIP’s (High Yield Investment Programs).

How Can ‘Scam Witness’ Be So Sure Vextroxion Is A Ponzi Scheme?

No Proof of how the money is really generated! I mean, no one is winning/earning the returns for simply playing gambling games on any site. That is unheard of and actually may equate to a newbie winning the world series of poker, which of course, has happened.

Their payouts are far too high at a quick glance.

No real product or service exchanged for your cash.

There is no work involved to make those earnings – just hand over money. 

They say their ‘gaming bot’ is making very high money daily and this is how they are earning money. The ‘bot’ is winning money from where? From their own site? This makes no sense at all as that would mean they would have to take money out of their own pockets to pay everyone. Should the ‘bots’ be winning from other sites then they surely would be blocked for life. Real gaming sites are mostly just for entertainment purposes and you really should not expect huge returns. I once played on a real poker site, and in a few hours of playing, I was dealt 7-2 5/8 times! Completely against the odds, and even worse, when I folded them as I should, I got full house on the flop so many times!! Arrrgggg, haha. Oh well, that taught me.














Final Thoughts.

Those that disagree with my verdict may take a look at ScamAdvisor scam exposing site. They have given Vectroxion 4%/100% for their Trust Rating. That is really enough to know for sure. I have listed a few reasons why they should not be trusted. The structure of how money is earned is hidden by their, lets face it, very sophisticated and impressive site. However, with so many scam signs glaring me in the face, I had no choice but to help the online community by exposing them as a scam. You are welcome to disagree below in the comments section or continue on to do further research.

Need to have more data on OK, ask away below and I will see how I can help. Need a real way to earn online without loss of your hard earned cash? There is a free start up below for those that want to work honestly for their online income, and not rely on sites to generate them false profits. Sure, some will or maybe earn something, but mostly you will just get scammed. Those that have work ethic and sense to know what I am saying is true, are welcome to seek further info on a free start up below. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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