What Is VastPower.Bid – Scam or Legit? Must Read Here 1ST!

By | August 9, 2018

VastPower. Bid Website

What Is VastPower. Bid and Can You Trust Them.

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site today 🙂 . Those that want to know What Is VastPower. Bid, Is Vast Power Bid safe and paying, Is VastPower Bid a fraudulent enterprise, will find all those answers here. We believe they are caught themselves out with a claim that we appear to have proven to be untrue. We shall seek owner info and break down what they are about. Ultimately, you will know if it is safe to invest with them or not. 


Company:- https://vastpower.bid.

Created:- 06/08/2018. Registered for 1 Year Online.

Founder:-Not Disclosed with Site Registration Details.

Affiliate Program:- 1% Referral Commissions on Referral Investments.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts‘ at the end of this post.

Farewell Note:- Contains our  Recommendation to Earn Online.




Let’s Find Out What Is VastPower. Bid (VastPower Agency).

VastPower and Who are They.


The quick answer to What Is VastPowerBid is that they are a new HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). That is just another way of saying it is a Ponzi Scheme! Ponzi Schemes are not legal and actually more than 90% of participants of such business models will be stung.

Here is how it all works with these guys:-

You sign up for free but then you must invest to gain returns Here are the investment levels:-


Min Investment:- $7.

Max Investment:- $5000.

Deposit Bonus:- 5%.

ROI:- 41%.

Runs for 8 Hours like this.


Min Investment:- $17.

Max Investment:- $5000.

Deposit Bonus:- 5%.

ROI:- 61%!

Runs for 8 Hours.


Min Investment:- $35.

Max Investment:- $5000.

Deposit Bonus:- 5%.

ROI:- 91%!

Runs on those returns for SIX HOURS!


Min Investment:- $75.

Max Investment:- $5000.

Bonus Deposit:- 5%.

ROI:- 141%!!.

Runs on this criteria for 6 Hours.

Those are insane returns! Anyways, below is to explain how it works and if it is a legit way to earn online.





How it all Works and Why 90% will Lose Your Monies! – if you invest.

We build the plants, which process all types of plastic and paper, having creating new jobs and positively influencing the environment“.

That is a direct quote from their own website. They are coming across as though you can make an investment in this area and see returns as they promise. There is !NO! evidence of this on their site!


Much that is displayed on their website is tantamount to a generic blurp! Common with sites to write in such a meaningless way as to give only an impression of content.

The real business model is only to make your investment and cross your fingers for returns. Since such are very prone not to pay members, when such a biz model is employed, then they can collapse at any time where the founder may just run off with all of the money. Be warned!

Ultimately, you sign up. You help get others in on this site. They invest and you get a 1% commission. Then, when enough have landed and invested, you are to see your promised returns. However, it is more than very difficult to keep up the supply of new sign ups. Once they stop coming in then the Founder is faced with the impossible task of paying all the older investors. 

Now we can see how they are likely to collapse at any time.

My own suggestion would be why not learn to make your own website and learn to make that earn you a full time income online. Should there be people that are wiling to lose money to make unreal returns, then why not use that money to receive World Class Training in Affiliate Marketing from Wealthy Affiliate <<- That is our review of their Platform, of which, we are a member of.




Sign of Deception!

They have said on VastPower website that they have registered as a legit company with Companies House. This is just a site that holds all the business vitals of legit businesses in the UK – Its a big deal.

Vast Power Agency, as they refer to themselves on their site, is claiming they have registered with company registration number of:-

Company number: 10980878 <<<– I Googled this Number!

See image below to see what turned up:-


VastPower Companies Houses 'Proof'.


The Business Number is Correct but it is for ORIGAMI FINANCE LTD! Clearly, this is not VastPower Agency (.bid – or whatever they are going by) and actually appears they have a ‘doctored‘ certificate from Companies House! That is enough for me to call them a scam right there! So, that is what we shall be declaring them as. No legit business would do this – clear sign of deception! 

Should the Founder of VastPower disagree, and I have made a gross mistake, then he/she/they are welcome to correct me. Ultimately, coupled with my research, this article is my opinion and people are welcome to have their own.


Other Signs to Watch Out For.

No Founder Name- Real and Trusted Sites will be very proud of their Founder.

Online for only 1 year – can be indicative of a hit and run site, but not always.

Generic Statements – this is the same as a lack of transparency to a sites real product/service.

No Payment Proofs!

Appears to have lied about being with Companies House – this is common with such HYIP/Ponzi Schemes.

Their Email Support is not a legit email address placed top left of their site.



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Final Thoughts.

Clearly, we are not endorsing their business model as legit, safe, trusted and many will lose their cash. The best time to invest, if you are so tempted to do so, is the first two weeks. That is the only best time to invest. WE ARE NOT ENDORSING YOUR DO THIS! That is just for those that will anyways within that time period. Let us know if you lost your money to these guys to help warn others.

Did you investment yield you your promised returns?

Great, I guess – just know – several people had to lose money for you to illegally gain it. Let us know below.


That is all we have time for today to answer What Is VastPower. Bid and we hope we have supplied clarit to their operations. Those that do not want to risk losing their money to such an unstabble platfor, are welcome to have a Free Lifetime Account with Wealthy Affiliate HERE. I have personally been earning with this company for some time now and know they are legit and safe. Thanks again for stopping by and we I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come – take care guys 🙂 .

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