What Is VariedShoes.com – Is ‘VariedShoes’ a Scam Or Legit E-Store?

By | March 9, 2019

Find Out What Is VariedShoes.com Here – The ‘VariedShoes’ Review Including the ChellySun.com Scam Site Connection!

Not sure on What Is VariedShoes.com at www.variedshoes.com? Is VariedShoes com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, fake or Is ‘VariedShoes’ legit, safe, real, genuine and delivers your ordered goods? This www VariedShoes com Review will display concerns that can be sourced online regarding their site. We will do our own search for associated site information as well. Those with reports, ‘Varied Shoes’ or ‘ChellySun’ customer reviews, are welcome to leave such information in the comments.

This article is to discuss the trustworthiness of the aforementioned sites. To this end we are not passing a ‘verdict’ but merely presenting data, with our opinion in some aspects leveraging our experience of researching online, for your own consideration. The more that leave comments then the more helpful this forum will become for those seeking a finite answer.



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What Is VariedShoes.com About – The Research Here Should Help You Decide For Yourself.

We will cite our sources as we go and so all outbound links will open in a new tab so you may return here, if you wish 🙂 . We need to find out some basic info about their biz such as the founders name, business address, contact data and when their site was registered. Where all of this information is hidden then we are dealing with someone that simply does not want to be known.




www.variedshoes.com questions:- fake or real?



While there are many legit e-stores online that may have suppressed this data, there are 1000’s that take advantage of unwary customers, and get away with it because they have hidden themselves so well.

Registration date of ‘VariedShoes’ was in 2019/02/11/ and one year is all they have registered for. It is quite normal for sites to register for years when they are trying to make good revenue in this niche. However it may also be a legit person just seeing how their biz goes before investing longer in it.

Zhejian, CN is the address. That is incomplete but at least we know they are from China. Most fake shopping stores online come from this region but that is never enough to justify calling any site a scam.

There is no founder name displayed in WHOIS and so let us now go to their website to see if we can source some data there. 

variedshoes@outlook.com is their preferred form of customer support contact. I am struggling to locate a telephone number and so they may not possess one.



VariedShoes.com Scam Signs Including Online Reports.

The reality right now is we do not know whom we are dealing with regarding that site. That is a situation where you are giving over your payment info without full transparency on these details. Let us now see if they have a few scam signs that can alert us to a fake site or a legit one.

As covered, no phone number, no founder name and a clear absence of a business address. Only form of contact we can see is an email address. 

While some products have slight reductions, others have more than half price shaved off of the original price tag, and so that is perhaps too-good-to-be-true. Those that have received goods from this website can best inform us all in the comments below.

Free Shipping on orders over $1.99 is also very generous as well and maybe a red flag because that maybe too much in terms of savings on some sales.

A Facebook Group has been discussing about ‘VariedShoes’. A snippet of an error where they called themselves ‘ChellySun’ was caught. This is the connection between these two sites.

ChellySun has already been called out as a scam site by other sources online. You may read about sitejabbers Review Here where they are clear about their own Verdict about that site.

Given they maybe run by the same people, and the 226 1 Star Ratings in sitejabber review site, then we maybe dealing with two scam sites?


See the image below sourced from SCAM ALERT – Zaful, Rosegal, DressLily and other common Facebook Scams Group.


www.variedshoes.com error maybe revealing! Taken with thanks from HERE.


Thank you to Beth from this Group who had the foresight to save this piece of evidence for everyone else. As we can plainly see, ‘Chellysun’ is the name they are using on their own ‘VariedShoes’ selling website. Without that mistake then perhaps this connection could have never been made.

We have already left a source to another review above that has already spoken on ‘Chellysun’ and so there is no need for us to do that again.




Fake E-Store Scam Signs – How To Tell.

The Following is pretty typical to any online fake shopping site. We are not saying the aforementioned site called ‘VariedShoes’ is a scam. We are saying these few tips, as leveraged from personal experience researching and reading many online scam reports, is what stands out the most.

Purchase Receipt/Confirmation of Your Order?

Were you sent anything by ‘VariedShoes’ as proof of payment to your inbox or by any means? When a site is fake then they can sometimes fail to do this and is a glaring scam sign.

Taxes Inc for Your Ordered Goods?

Again, dishonest sites will just forget to include taxes on purchased goods and really a legit business would not forget this.

Tracking Code Is Fake or Not?

Very common is for untrustworthy shopping sites to hand out fake tracking codes. They may tell you to go to track17.net etc but they may not know what you are talking about. Espcially, if the fake site has not sent you a package.

Where they release a new tracking code this maybe because of two things:-

    • First time it was a genuine mistake i.e. typo.
    • Or, they are sending you out something. Check the information on the tracking code page and see the weight of your order. If it is far too light then it maybe they could be sending you out something fairly worthless.

What Fake Sites Have Been Known To Send Instead of Actual Order.

    • Cheap Shades.
    • Empty Envelopes.
    • Empty Bubble Wrapped Parcels.
    • Cheap USB Cables.
    • Cheap Ear Buds.

Really, it could be anything that is only worth a few dollars you could of sourced from your own local thrift store.

Delivery Time Is Just Too Long?

Generally speaking when it comes to fake site they tend to make their customers wait some time. While they may promise a few weeks, it is often complained, that customers have been known to wait 2 months and well up to 4 months.

Customer Support Not Professional?

Where you are in communication with Support, and all of a sudden they speak to you unprofessionally, then that is a bad sign of a fake site.

They may say things like:-

    • be patient.
    • sympathize with them.
    • understand.

They may even start in with all kinds of excuses as to why your order is late. These excuses can range from ‘technical problems within manufacturing’, Logistics Problems, Package Been Destroyed En-Route, Slow Down Of Processing Because of the Holidays etc etc.

once I read a report of a ‘Tsunam‘ had affected their region and is why a package was not delivered yet. This was clearly disproved as nothing was reported about it.






Final Thoughts.

Given the research above, you should have your own answer on whether they are good or not. We are not calling them a ‘scam’, so please do be clear on this. They are a new site and so perhaps we should wait just to be fair. 

Your Reports.

This article is trying to serve dual functions. 1 is to inform. The other is to give a forum for people who have made contact, purchases, with the aforementioned sites. In this case you are welcome to leave your complaints, positive/negative reviews below with details of your experience. 

In this manner we can all know the full truth on the new site i.e. ‘Varied Shoes’. That is all on What Is VariedShoes.com and looking forward to your comments to come. Thank you for choosing us for your reserching needs in this matter.








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