What Is VaMoney.Fun – Is VaMoney.Fun Scam or Legit Website?

By | October 2, 2018

What Is VaMoney. Fun, What Is VaMoney. Site, What Is VaMoney. Club and What Is VaMoney. pw – The Whole Truth on their ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Fraud!

You are in the right place to find out What Is VaMoney. Fun. Those asking Is VaMoney Fun dishonest, scam, crooked or is Va Money Fun good, genuine, real, safe, legit will find all that out in this VaMoney Review. I will cross check website credentials and founder identity to see if we are dealing with a good site or not. However, as the title already gave that away, I can say they are not a good site and you won’t get paid. The rest of this article will show you why. 

While I am certain VaMoney, and the other sites, are not safe there is some good news. There are thousands of good companies online always looking for people who want to earn online. I know such a company and they are called Wealthy Affiliate. They can show anyone how to make a full time income online in a relatively short time. Read about How to Get Started Online and for Free. To save you reading anymore, and for those that want to make their own online business, then you can get your 2 free websites and free starter account HERE.


Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.





Full Answer to What Is VaMoney. Fund, VaMoney. Club, VaMoney. Site and VaMoney. pw.

VaMoney.Fun Exposed!

www.vamoney. club.

Go to any of those sites and you will see they are all the same except for logo and URL. The swift answer on What Is VaMoney. Fun, or VaMoney. Site, VaMoney. Club and VaMoney. pw is that they are paid to click sites. They are all created by the same person or people. Their identity is completely unknown. They have been operating from Russia since 2014 and is a booming scam network – the biggest I have come across online for a PTC site. They produce dozens every few weeks or so to replace closed down copies. No one ever gets paid for any of their work.

Website registration details are sparse and nothing to help identify the owner. There is no owner name, no real business location address and no such details on their site. That is the first sign of a scam site when they intentionally cover up all of their information online like this. All the sites listed so far from this PTC network were created 28/09/2018 and only registered for just 1 year. 1 Year Online is only the start of your online business. Those that offer paid to work from home jobs online, really never (mostly) register for just one year. Here is another sign that they are not legit.

What is the work they are trying to make people?

Clicking on ads all day for pay. Referring others to make 50% commissions on referrals work efforts. That is the work on offer and only the founder profits. All ads you see are from real advertisers, where when you click on those ads, then the owner will make some profits for themselves.

How Many More of these sites Exist?

They are numbering into the many thousands. For the English versions there are currently 1522 sites that have been replicated. Many are shut down but these sites mentioned in this article are all new and should last for about 1 year of scamming people. Do report them below if you were scammed by them.

50% Profits on Referrals – why this can’t be true.

VaMoney, and all their other sites, promise that you will receive 5c for every successfully complete click by your sign ups. However, reading their home page description they clearly state all members are to receive 10 cents for every completed code and ad viewed. Where does the other 5 cent appear from to make sure your sign ups earn as you do? Well, it does not come from anywhere as no one is getting paid.

10 Cent Per Click – Why that can’t be true either.

Its well known among advertisers how much they have to pay in order to get ‘X’ number of clicks. Now, paying $10 for get clicks would net them about 4 or 500 clicks. On VaMoney, and all their other sites, such advertisers would only get 100 clicks for $10 – you see now now how paying ten cents a click can not be true? No advertiser is paying that, especially not on a scam site.

Minimum Pay Out and The Beginning of the EndHow They Scam You.

You must earn $300 to cash out. Some of their sites have it as low as $150. However, $100 is normal for sites that are not scams but really it would usually be set below $20. By making sure the payout threshold is high then they are ensuring they get max effort and monies from all members actions on their sites. High min payout is a sign of a scam as well.


  1. Once you apply for your money and then you will have to apply with a second form. They want you then to make them 40 new members. That is not listed on their site and is only part of their scam to get more traffic to their site and signalling to Google they are popular and so turn up more and more in search engines. This is all bad news and obviously leading to more being scammed. This is why I am avidly exposing as many as their sites as quickly as possible soon as they are created. 
  2. OK, let us say you make those sign ups. The scam is not over yet. They want you to pay them about $20 to cash out. That is just a scam sign right there for any site to ask you for money to get your money. Its a huge scam sign as well and really no honest site would ask this of you but would say something like the processing fee’s to go to your payment processor and how much they will charge yo from the profits. 
  3. Also, and something I almost forgot to mention regarding making referrals to them, is they will try to save you a significat amount of time by pretending to sell sign ups to you. That will set you back around $9. Some people will pay because what is $9 and $20 when you could be cashing out hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  4. Once you make those sign ups, and pay, you are simply locked out of your account and you won’t see a penny of your earnings.


Unfortunately, there is more to their scam site.

It is possible they have secretly downloaded some nasty software generically called malware. This software could be hunting for your passwords, addresses, DOB, registrations of vehicles and anything identifiable to you. When they have amassed all the members personal details then they will just sell to them scammers. Now, they can get big money for all this data and it is also quick money as there is no shortage of scammers online looking for those details.

When you first signed up to their site then you would have entered your email. OK, so that was a phishing form and now that email is harvested to be sold on and to spam your inbox to make you fall for other scams. Report and Delete such emails where you don’t know the senders of.







Final Thoughts.

All those PTC sites are from a ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Scam Network that has gone viral as a whole since 2014. The owners of these sites are dotted around the world in Russia, UK, USA, Canada etc. They only want people to work for them for free. They will phish your for your personal details to sell on for a profit. No one ever gets paid and so there is no way you are allowed to cash out – those earnings were never real to begin with for reasons stated above. They are a scam site and there is zero doubt about that! Please report them below to help stamp them out quicker, thank you. 

Have questions not addressed here on What Is VaMoney. Fun, VaMoney. Site, VaMoney. PW, VaMoney. Club? Ask me below. Need information regarding online business and how to make money online for real and for the long term? Find out How to Get Started Online for Free or claim your free starter account HERE with WA for long term financial success. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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