‘UYZONE’ ‘NOTBADLLY’ Reviews – Is Uyzone.com and NotBadlly.com Scam or Legit?

By | August 12, 2020



‘UYZONE’ and ‘NOTBADDLY’ Reviews – Our Uyzone.com and Notbadlly.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

We hope you are here before you have given either ‘UYZONE’ or ‘NOTBADLLY, at Uyzone.com and Notbadlly.com, your payment info? We have excellent grounds to call either site a scam. This very quick article will tell you why fast so you may be armed with some information to tell your payment providers for a refund. Please report any e-store that fits the description herein to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section for review. They are currently promoting a beanbag type cushion they refer to as the ‘Lovesac’ <- NOT LEGIT, on Facebook.

All customer reviews about either site are welcome below to help aid others in avoiding both these sites. We will give you the gist of this scam network scam signs so you may avoid all their sites. Yes, both these e-stores are part of a huge online shopping scam network from China.

The time now we got on with sharing our research as we have exposed many of these fraudulent stores from the same people running these two. See the comments for real customer reviews and should there be none currently then feel welcome to share your thoughts about them.



www.uyzone.com was registered on 2020-02-12 and registered for just a year. One or two years for an online business is deemed to be suspicious because quite simply it is deemed to be too short.

WHOIS.com shows there is no owner name, no contact data, and no business information like their business address. That is clearly not a good sign.

WHOIS registration data for www.notbadly.com occurred in 2019-10-14 and it is the same as above. Do not be tricked by the address in WHOIS for this URL as that address is in use by many other websites. It is assigned as part of a privacy service so it is not their true location. I have seen it many times.

On the ‘Uyzone’ e-store we see the email of info@notbadlly.com. Now! When scammers are in a rush, and they are in the business of creating countless sites, they often re-use their other e-stores business info. This is what has happened here.

They have even referred to themselves as ‘Notbadlly.com’ in their ‘ABOUT US’ section. Huge scam signs and that alone would warrant huge suspicion.

Worse than this though we see in their ‘ABOUT US’ section their quote of “…we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision..”, which is a quote found on other and countless online shopping scams – all the same people.

So remember that ‘UNIQUENESS’ quote and you won’t fall for any of their scam sites because there are minimally hundreds of them.

Even today we have found JeansZank.com, advertising on Facebook, and Populca.com also advertising on Facebook. Those of you that find any more Facebook scam ads then do feel very welcome to let us know their FULL URL so we may warn others.

Be certain that we find these scamming sites, as we have already described from the same people, on a daily basis.

We see their info@notbadlly.com show up in a Reddit Conversation Here, that may be of interest to some, where someone is complaining their business account is being used by Notbadlly.com. Very strange but there you go.

3524 Hanover Street is a suspiciously short address and once Googled we get a location of Texas of what appears to e a four-bedroom family home with five baths. FIVE BATHS! WOW – moving on … 🙂 .

OH! So that is a fake address 🙂 and actually these scam sites will routinely, but not always, steal the addresses of others to appear they are from the USA or one other high online spending country. Always Google such info to stay safe.

Their number of 917 697 5279 is also being shared by both websites. So, if they were genuine, which they most certainly are not, then why would a business replicate their company website with duplicate business info to sell the same goods and or services?

Typically, we only see scammers do this in the hopes of getting more sales from unsuspecting customers. Never a good sign most of the time. 

You may check the linked articles above, search our site for the other articles we have written, of which are many, about these scamming sites from the same network. 

You only need to type into our sites search engine words like ‘UNIQUENESS SCAM NETWORK’ and you should get many returns to help continue your research.




















list of scam websites.



3 thoughts on “‘UYZONE’ ‘NOTBADLLY’ Reviews – Is Uyzone.com and NotBadlly.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Nate

    Same here But I only spent 10 dollars and the next day they tried to charge card for 60 bucks. I live in Chicago and I found it on facebook. Facebook should be somewhat held liable to for not checking on these websites. Thats why I only look at facebook when someone sends me a message.

  2. S.K.

    I fell for the okie doke!! Mad at myself. Should have known better. The telephone number is to a Walgreens in Chicago. I’m reporting this to my Crcd company today. One thing that I did do was put a lock on my card so that their will no more purchases.


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