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By | February 14, 2020



What Is – Our ‘Ushopii’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews.

Millions of scam sites are uploaded daily and so this is why we always say look out for review. We found and we have some concerns. They maybe a scam site. We will look into their sites information and wherever else we can locate it. If you were scammed by ‘Ushopii’ or any site then we would appreciate all such reports to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1900+. Also, if scammed, file a refund claim with your payment provider and cancel your card for a new one. 

Anyone with images as proof you were duped out of your hard earned cash are welcome to use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. Upload your images with your full length reviews and we will do any editing. Also, you can use our comments to leave any reviews you deem relevant.

Please supply the FULL URL as I have seen many times people not doing this, at which point, no one can really help you. Time to begin our short quick-fire ‘Ushopii’ Review and see comments for real ‘Ushopii’ Reviews, if you see any at this time. If not then you are welcome to be the first 🙂 .



We begin now by finding out when their site was registered and so we go to and see that they registered their site on the 2019-03-21 for one year. It is hard to find to an e-store suspicious when the owner has opted for just twelve months in business. 

Two years is often not long enough as that is typically the required to set up your business, get promoting and get some good reviews, and generally become well known and trusted. It takes time but the long term benefits are worth it potentially.

They are using a privacy service that has the effect of hiding their real location. They have not supplied their founders name and so that is not good. Why would any e-store owner not want to be known for their products?

Well, perhaps their e-store is being run by someone working from home? In this even they have to establish that clearly on their site to their customer base. Otherwise, there is no excuse not to have adequate business transparency.

Speaking of which we now go to their website and see what they have left in this regard. is their email address and that perfectly reflects their sites URL and site branding name. Where you find sites using emails and their company is missing then usually something is very wrong. 

Having Googled their email we see that has given them 1% Trust Score. Very bad sign indeed but keep in mind these kinds of sites like Scam Doc can get it very wrong. I have seen such sites give scam sites 100% Trust Scores so just look out for human reviews instead.

There is also one complaint on website Via a Customer Review. It is not pretty

707-951-5328 is their number for their customers. Per that number has a name of Danelle Zoel attached to it. When we click on the verification captcha then ‘TruePeopleSearch’ says they are using software to protect their website from online attacks. Whatever. And so we have snipped the image shown in Google in connection to that number below:- Phone Number of 707-951-5328! Phone Number of 707-951-5328!




3548 Foxcroft Path,Bryan,TX 77808 is their address per their own website. Business addresses with e-stores, where they are scams, is the precise point their camouflage comes falls away. Too many times fake stores online steal the business info of others or use someone’s residential address. Lets Google it to find out if legit or not.

Lastly, we research their address. That is a house being sold for $303.300 if anyone is interested. That is a scam address! Or, their e-store is being run from here? So it can be murky trying to find out if a site is legit or not. 


You can find the info for that address at Here.

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list of scam websites.



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