What Is USFitWear.com – Is ‘USFitWear’ Scam or Legitimate Online Shopping Store?

By | April 25, 2020



Where Is USFitWear.com Located – Our ‘USFitWear’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Hello and welcome to our very swift USFitWear.com Review of what at first glance looks to be a fitness e-store. However, why then are they selling printers and other goods? So where we see everything ‘under the sun’ being sold on a new e-store then that always strikes us as suspicious. But also, why so cheap? Too good to be true prices is a huge scam sign. Please report all such e-stores to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 section.

All can use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE to add to our site your won reviews and upload your own images so you can reach a wider audience. Please be informative and use the FULL URL or you will have your submission deleted without further action taken on it.

Time to begin now our quick ‘USFitWear’ Review and see the comments for real customer reviews. If you see there are no reviews yet then why not leave your own by sharing what you may know about ‘US Fit Wear’.



www.usfitwear.com was registered on the 2020-02-21 for just one year and that is not a good sign. One or two year domains for businesses is never a good sign as that is deemed suspicious. It can take up to and way beyond twenty four months to see the benefits of a forty hour week start up. 

They did not leave their founders name, their is no business address as they are using an address provided by their hosting provider which in effect hides their true location, and there is not any contact information. Why hide all of this vital data that customers will instinctively want to know.

We see on their site their business address. ALWAYS Google such information to make sure the information is ‘clean’ of scam reports  / warnings. So many times once you do this kind of basic research you may save yourself loads of time and your cash from scammers.

We see that 6215 KESTRAL VIEW ROAD TRUSSVILLE AL 35173 UNITED STATES is not a real address per their own business. It is actually a residential cul-de-sac and you may click HERE to see the proof of that. It will open in a new browser so you may return here if you wish.

(315) 719-9789 is their number and so now let us see if there are any warnings against this data on Google. We see one website alerting people against this number and so that is our first warning we have encountered so far.

INFO@USFITWEAR.COM is their email and likewise now let us Google that email. Now we see quite a few warnings against that email address all saying scam or ‘maybe’ a scam. With this many things wrong with that website that we are sure they is not legit.

Erm, appears too many items are too neatly priced at $50 or $40 per goods. That is very odd pricing to say the least and no way all their goods were calculate so precisely coincidentally like that. That is just a scammer being lazy and pricing them quickly and so oddly is something to watch out for.

They have the PayPal image on their site and so be careful of e-stores that only accept PayPal. Scammers love that payment provider because it seems they can trick them quite often with their fake tracking codes. If they are sending anything, all they have to do at times it seems, is to stick anything worthless in a package – produce the tracking code for PayPal, and sadly we have received reports, too man, that this trick works too many times in the scammers favor. 

RUMENA BUZHAROVSKA is the name on their site and yet they have not provided any proof that is a real name. Why wasn’t that name submitted when they registered their site? Why is there no proof of a real person behind this site except for a name that we have to take at face value, with the price of our payment information, to see if it is legit or not? 

Never do business, generally speaking, with any e-stores that do not provide sufficient proof of ownership. Especially when they supply fake addresses and have scam warnings attached to their business data. Get a refund from your payment provider guys. So if you paid with your bank card then call your bank. PayPal? Payoneer? Call whichever one you used and get a charge back to your card i.e. a refund.













list of scam websites.



38 thoughts on “What Is USFitWear.com – Is ‘USFitWear’ Scam or Legitimate Online Shopping Store?

  1. Michael Romano

    This happened to me, very frustrating, but I finally got my money back!! Okay so once you file a dispute on the purchase, they will definitely close the case because the fake company provides a fake UPS tracking number(which is probably not to your address right? I used the app Arrive in order to find a location where the “package” went)(It was in my city but not my house, it went to city hall supposedly). You need to work with UPS and message Paypal in the message center. What I did was I spammed Paypal and they told me to get proof from UPS that the package did not come to me. So I called UPS with that tracking number about 5 times and it took a while and I hardly got anywhere, but they said that they cannot provide a document(which is what Paypal asked me for) BUT they can verbally approve that it did not go to your address. So while on the phone with UPS you need to somehow have a case number made for you(this finally happened for me after a few times, but if you ask maybe it will happen the first call). Then, in the message center, tell Paypal that you cannot get a document, but your case number is … and your tracking number is … and ask them to CALL UPS for you and verify that the package did not go to you. Eventually, I was refunded!! I hope this helps, this site is a scam and ridiculous how smart they were to avoid getting caught.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Oh my Gawwwwddddd Michael! What is wrong with the people working at PayPal! You have amazing persistence and very well done on this. My head would of been double-wrecked with this. I am delighted you fought for your cashback and great work on this and I really hope this additional information spans the net for those encountering a similar problem elsewhere. 🙂 . – Philip ~ Scam Witness 🙂 .

  2. Julie

    The BBB Says It’s A Scam Here is the report.

    Location of This Business
    Trussville, Trussville, AL 35173
    Email this Business

    BBB File Opened: 4/28/2020
    Alternate Business Name
    Contact Information

    Rumena Buzharovska
    Additional Contact Information
    Email Addresses

    Email this BusinessPrimary
    Email this BusinessOther
    Additional Business Information
    BBB serving Central and South Alabama has conducted an investigation into an online retailer, usfitwear.com. The investigation was sparked by a spike in consumer complaints and BBB Scam Tracker reports about the business starting April 28th. Since late April, BBB has received over 40 complaints and over a dozen Scam Tracker reports about usfitwear.com. As of Wednesday, May 6, BBB had received consumers’ complaints from 18 states.

    Usfitwear.com is an online retailer that sells exercise apparel and work-out gear via its online store. The business’s website claims an address in Trussville, AL. That address is a residence, and BBB has confirmed through communication with the homeowner that the business is not related at that address in any way, shape, or form. The phone number the business claims has a New York area code, and continually rings busy. BBB has researched the website’s domain registration and found that the website was just registered on February 20th, 2020 and the registration was done in a manner to conceal the identity of the operator of the site.

    Consumers who have submitted complaints and Scam Tracker reports placed orders and payed to purchase everything from gaming chairs, above ground pools, trampolines, bicycles and adult tricycles, to blenders, motorcycle components, exercise bikes, swing sets, and play sets. Interestingly, none of these items are directly listed or advertised on the businesses website, yet were being located for sale on Google ads by the consumers attempting to purchase. Consumers report that the only payment method offered is via PayPal, and that once the payment is processed, it does not show as being processed to usfitwear.com, but to what consumers say is an individual whose name shows as letters of the Chinese alphabet. PayPal being the only payment method has caused some issues for some of the complainants when it comes to submitting fraud claims with PayPal in an attempt to have their payments returned. Some of the complainants have reported that the vendor supplied PayPal with bogus tracking information showing that packages were delivered, which resulted in PayPal denying the consumer’s claims. One complainant stated that the tracking number provided to PayPal was for an Amazon package.
    Paying customers report that the business is unresponsive to communication attempts, and not a single complainant has confirmed receipt of the product they ordered. BBB’s attempts to communicate with the business have gone unanswered to date.

    Fraudulent online retailers continue to be the most common scam facing American consumers, and have been for multiple years running. BBB advises consumers to be very cautious when dealing with unknown online retailers.


    I didn’t know anything about this before I started researching this company. I was scammed out of money. I order a bike from this company on April 27th and they took the money off my credit card through pay-pal. Today I got an email from them with the shipping information and when I checked the tracking it said that it was shipped and sent and delivered to me on April 29th. Which I was home and nothing was sent. Today I called my credit card place and disputed and not waiting to know what is going to happen. I should have know that it was to be good to be true. I will know to research companies first that I haven’t heard of. I have email them and tried to call them as well and nothing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I personally, and I am sure others Elana, would be interested to hear back from you regarding your refund situation? Sorry this happened to you also and thank you kindly for letting us know 🙂 .

  4. Lawrence Karl

    Just some info to add on: I have been researching swimming pool parts for over four years and have bought several things from reputable pool supply web stores for the same amount of time. These parts are quite expensive, but searching online occasionally turns up sales. Yesterday out of the blue one of my searches (for a pool valve actuator) returned USFitWear as a supplier of this pool part (???) at a discount of over 60% to the price of ~$67.00. At the time I did not know that this is in the standard scammer price range, but since this was a site that is named and displays mostly fitness apparel, I did not attempt to go further than placing the item in their cart (to see if it would continue to show in stock). Subsequent research on a different computer initially returned results for USFIT.com which had positive and negative reviews on Amazon going back to 2006. Then I found this site and the research into the usfitwear site. If it hadn’t been for the disconnect between the fitness apparel and pool supply industries, I might have been a victim, too. Thank you for the effort to collect info on this site and others.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You are welcome Lawrence and it is certainly worth it when it achieves its objectives of helping to inform / warn others. Thanks again Lawrence.

  5. Jason

    My wife asked me to look into this company since they are selling items at 50% off. For starters, the address posted on the website is a residential address and not a warehouse or corporate location. The name RUMENA BUZHAROVSKA appears to be a misspelling for an author. The website was registered in February 2020, I checked viewdns (dot) info. They are hiding who registered the domain too. They have zero online footprints anywhere. The telephone number is for New York and not Alabama. I wouldn’t trust this website and I will be shopping elsewhere.

  6. Dori

    I am embarrassed to say, I too made a ‘purchase’ from these heartless blood suckers at usfitwear on 4/28/20. I should have listened to that gut feeling when trying to buy a $150 bike for $87 plus only $5 shipping, and I could only link to it from my Google search. There were no similar products anywhere on their site. I have received no correspondence from them AT ALL, no order acknowledgement, confirmation, etc. Surprise Surprise. After I saw the info on the Paypal transaction – Sent to “Siyuan Gao” and Purchase Details say – “ournone i23zk95e”, I immediately opened a dispute with Paypal. The strange thing with my transaction is that I didn’t create an account on their site AND I NEVER logged into my Paypal for the transaction. BUT, Paypal replied within hours that they found the transaction was NOT unauthorized and not covered under Purchase Protection and closed my case. My payment is still pending as it’s through my bank. I’ve read everything I possibly can to try to stop this. But as others have mentioned – Paypal is NO help, USFITWEAR has bogus contact info on their site (phone number just gets a busy signal, emails are not returned and address is someones house). I can’t get a hold of my bank since they are on a skeleton crew, but it doesn’t appear I could stop it from clearing on their end either from what I can tell. This is absolutely crazy. I can’t believe people get away with this $hit and are still submitting ads on Google for products I’m pretty sure they don’t even have! I should probably just cut my losses and face the fact that I just lost $91.99 to some tard that doesn’t care about anything but themselves and stealing money from innocent people. BUT, seeing that I’m hitting roadblocks in my investigation, that they are still at it, and the many people who have commented above who have been ripped off just pisses me off. I may not get my money back, but these a$$holes have to be shut down one way or another. *End rant*

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      So, you got no product? And PayPal is not refunding You?

      Just report PayPal to the BBB.org and tell them everything. Is this not fraudulent incompetence? Do you mean to say they have people working at PayPal that do not know what an online scam even looks like? If so, how can some of their employees be qualiifed to make decisions regarding other peoples hard earned cash?

      Just report them to the BBB.org, TrustPilot because really no payment provider should be the final say on someone elses cash when they are in the wrong.

      Thank you Dori and you can rant here anytime 🙂 .

    2. grace

      I too, have fallen for the same exact thing. I thought I did my research first. their webpage looks legit. but have had the same issues . I just put through a dispute today. Hvent heard back from paypal, but i’m sure it will be the same as yours. I don’t understand why paypal doesn’t do something about it, after many have complained. some poor woman keeps getting the phone calls, she had to make a recording. I will lodge this with BBB, as mentioned below if I get no result from paypal. bye bye mothers day gift …

    3. grace

      I too have fallen for this. ordered an $85 bicycle. I put a dispute through to pay pal today, we’ll see what the answer is. I had looked at their website and it looked fine, but when I got the paypal receipt and it had a Chinese name, I knew something was up. DONT BUY FROM THEM. that is the end of my mothers day gift.

  7. chris evans

    Glad i did a little research. I know 94.00 was too good of a deal on a Tricycle priced alot more in stores but the proof in the pudding was s&h for 4.99 on something that big. Laugh.

  8. Di

    Thank you so much for providing this invaluable info! I almost placed an order for a bread making machine as I have had no luck finding any in stock anywhere … at all. I decided to do some research before placing an order with usfitwear.com and I am so relieved I did!

  9. Paul

    Just purchased a mountain bike earlier this morning (4/28/20), then recieved an email that made me suspicious. Didn’t mention anything about shipment. Also I paid with my debit card but came up as PayPal. I found this sight and did a google search of things and do believe usfitwear.com is a scam. Called my bank and made a claim and canceled my card. Get a refund in about a week. They are going to look into it. This is Wells Fargo for banking.

  10. Tamara Teigen

    A while ago I bought something that was too cheap at like $54 through PP. A couple of months later (recently) I did get something in the mail, probably fake RayBans, not what I ordered. I haven’t opened a claim yet but will do so.

  11. KE23

    I thought I was purchasing a bicycle trailer and became suspicious after the Paypal receipt came back with Chinese writing. I went back to the website and noticed that they did not have bicycles or anything related to bicycles on the site. I tried to search for the trailer that I purchased and it did not even come up. I immediate started the dispute process.

  12. James

    They got me today for $91.91. My credit card company also said I have to wait for payment to go through then file a claim. Are you also getting a new credit card, or because it’s through Pay Pal my CC information is secure?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      If you paid by PayPal then I do not see a problem. If you paid by credit card then you may need to cancel it for a new one. If the later then seek advice from your bank James.

  13. Gena

    Same as above, total scam. I can’t even figure out how to report fraudulent activity to PayPal.

  14. Jenifer

    They got me for 98.99 on 4/27/2020. Opened a claim with PayPal. My bank said they have to wait for it to go through before they can do anything. 🙁

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Well that is just annoying and pretty much of no help. Hope this works out in your favor Jenifer and I am sorry this has happened to you. Let us know if you win your case. Hopefully, by then, there will be many customer reviews of people sharing their own experience that you could share with your payment provider as proof. Thanks for letting us know 🙂 .

      1. Jenifer

        Update: PayPal was able to get the payment cancelled and refund my money. Scam Witness, Thank you for posting this and all you do!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You may need to alert your payment provider Jen. They may say the transaction is in progress so you may have to wait about thirty days. By that time, if they do indeed prove legit, you should have received your goods. If not, then you will know for sure.

      Your up dates are welcome if you have the time and you think of us. Good luck with this and thank you very much Jen for letting us know. ~ Scam Witness.

  15. Richard H

    I also got scammed for 98 dollars. Funny how I cannot cancel a pending transaction at paypal.

  16. Brian

    I got scammed by usfitwear on 4/25/2020 for a saw purchase I made thru PayPal and my card company will not stop payment. They say I have to wait for payment to go thru then file a claim. They got me for 98.99


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