Review – Is ‘USFINESTORE’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 9, 2019 Exposed as a Scam – Not Legit!

We will quickly detail What Is in our short review. Is legit or is ‘USFineStore’ really only a scam site to avoid. You will find all attached site info to ‘US FINE STORE’, scam signs and why they are not safe, real, genuine or trustworthy. Those that gave payment info need now to contact your payment provider.

We welcome your own reviews / reports below in the comments if they have scammed you. You can as well report any site you believe is a scam to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. I do also show others how to earn online for the long term from home. If this is something you could see yourself doing then why not view our Ways to Earn Online from Home – Free Start Up!



do not login into!


 Exposed as a Fraudulent Online Store.

  1. We will now begin to detail why ( is a scam and not a site to be trusted as legit. This review will find out all the information they have attached to their site. We will be wanting to know who the founder is, where they are from exactly, phone number and email address. All this is standard stuff to have for their customers. 
  2. We see that their site was registered in 2019/10/07 for a year. This length of a time is simply not long enough to ensure business success for a legit business. It is normal to see ethical sites register online e-store domains for five years or over. But scam sites will typically go live for 12 to 24 months casting suspicion on them as a hit-and-run fake site.
  3. We see also they have not bothered to detail their owners name, their address is not their own on WHOIS which is provided by their hosting provider, no email or phone number. This is how bad companies are getting away with anonymity because they are not being forced to be honest. Makes no sense.
  4. Their site has the email address of and the phone number of +86 15884704934 but why no founder name? So their email links back perfectly to their site. We Google such info to see if they are attached to any scam reports as yet. It will only be a matter of time before we see some as they are not ethical.
  5. Their phone also has no scam reports attached to it. Typically it is not unusual to find such information being used by seemingly different sites. Where you see other sites using the same information for their business then you should beware that those sites are part of a scam network being run by the same people.
  6. When you consider it costs about $15 to register a dot com, many times relatively less more, then you can see the set up costs for a fake online business is nominal. Real world you are spending big money for inventory, staff, overheads, logistics fee’s, taxes, sourcing products etc etc etc. 
  7. Online you only need to steal the images of others and upload them and have a plugin for their site and a ‘cart’ to steal money and peoples personal sensitive information. When they have that set up, get their site indexed in Google, and do some work on social media to drive traffic, and that is all.
  8. It can take about 3 months for a site to really kick off with traffic if the scammers have put in the prior work. After that then people will work for them for free unwittingly by sharing scam ads social media groups / pages, to the detriment of others online safety. Please think twice before sharing anything of this nature by looking out for reviews.
  9. There is literally an army of bloggers warning people about online scams all the time, so really, you do not have an excuse not to have common sense to protect yourself and others online. Our ‘beloved’ social media platforms could not care less while they take revenue from scammers. To say they do not know who’s who’ without reports, is nonsense. Its just tacit criminality as far as I am concerned.
  10. Anyways, there is no further information about ‘USFineStore’ online except their bogus prices. Always do a price comparison with the same products elsewhere to be sure they add up.
  11. Where they are too cheap then do not buy them. They may send you out something for your order, but I assure you as the day is long, it won’t be the products listed for less than $100 when the actually could be a lot higher.






Final Thoughts.

So is no doubt a scam and you should avoid them. Put in for refudns at your earliest convenience. Cancel your card for a new one unless you to donate your bank accounts contents to unknown scammers so they can earn illegal millions for further criminal pursuits. Check out our List of Internet Scammers Below before you go or leave your own review of the site in question.




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7 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘USFINESTORE’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Robert Basye

    Truly a scammer phoney from the word go ,show on their website normal merchandise and when pressed for tracking number show a number and send a empty envelope with the tracking as proof they shipped. PayPal wants police report and the police refer you to file an IC 3 with the govrnment and give a deadline to respond which you cannot respond upon time. Hence you are screwed.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      The process regarding law enforcement to refunds has not evolved yet, as far as I can see, to keep up with the millions of scam sites created daily. Sorry for your bad experience but feel welcome to let us know how this turns out. Thanks again Robert.

  2. SR

    Same happened to me. PayPal does nothing. They ignored my request for their policy regarding sellers who rip buyers off. I disputed and explained in detail. I bought a bathtub caddy and they sent me a keychain with a small spoon on the end used for people who do drugs, disgusting. I was offered to send the item back by PayPal for a mere $33.94. The item I ordered cost less than that. Case closed, no refund. PayPal knows this seller is a fraud yet they continued to allow them to participate as a funding resource. I’m shutting down my PayPal account after 18 years.

  3. Sherry Howard

    I got scammed from USFINESTORE my bank seems to think I’ll get a microwave stand lol, I don’t. How does google allow this fraudulent website on their platform is beyond me!! Shame on you google, and PayPal won’t dispute for me, shame on PayPal! F@@@@s😡

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Sherry,

      I find it strange how payment providers will refund some of their customers, due to the same scam site, and not refund another. I am all cash myself.

      I really sorry to read this Sherry and CLICK HERE to report USFINESTORE to Google itself.

      Do you mind if I ask on what grounds did they refuse you a refund Sherry?

  4. Linda Watkins

    Brought a TV from this site never receive the TV. Tried to email them and never received a response back and the phone number hangs up as soon as it answers.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Linda,

      If you can call them again and record if you can them hanging up on you. Is there a way to give that to your payment provider as proof that is not willing to communicate with you about your order after they have been paid.

      Let us know who this turns out Linda going forward if you think of it and thank you for leaving your own customer review.


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