What Is UpMoney.Bid – Is UpMoney.Bid Scam or Legit PTC Site?

By | October 14, 2018

What Is UpMoney. Bid and What Is UpMoney. PW AS This Scam Network Continues.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

This article is going to answer What Is UpMoney. Bid and What Is UpMoney. PW! Is UpMoney Bid fake, scam, crooked, dishonest or is Up Money Bid genuine, real, legit, good and paying out. This is not my first time exposing one of these sites from the now notorious ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Russian Scam Network! This UpMoney Review is going to leave you in no doubt as to whether you should join them and have your time wasted. There are multiple threats to be aware of before considering paying for your earnings. Below is my research that I hope will save you from their con.

While there is no doubt UpMoney is only designed to trick money into working for free and parting with cash, there are ways to earn online that will no t scam you. My #1 Recommendation will help you work for yourself, as I do, and earn real money online doing so. You now have the offer of making and running your own website (x2 for free) and learning how to get free traffic to your site. In time, you could be earnings a substantial payment every month from your time and efforts. Long term goal with long term financial benefits. No cc to start and beginner friendly. Let us continue with exposing the Up Money to the hilt!




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What Is UpMoney. Bid and The Trail Of Their Paid Advertising Viewing System Continues to Defraud.

Don’t worry, I really can back up every word I am saying. I know it sounds/looks weird that one site can call another site a scam and that there are no consequences. Well, only if I am right will there be no negative outcome for me personally. So, let us begin to try to find out who the owner is. I mean, if UpMoney. Bid is legit enough to pay out, surely they are good enough to provide owner details? For me, everyone knows their boss when they are getting paid to work for them. This is also a review of UpMoney. PW – they are identical almost and so a review of one is a review of them all.

UpMoney was created 12/10/2018. They are only online today because I check every day my source. I checked yesterday and day before (please see date of this post) and there were no new ones. This scam network are releasing about 50 of these copied and pasted sites every two weeks now. So, this website has been keeping an exceptionally close eye on them. By



UpMoney.Bid Site

do NOT login into www. upmoney. bid.


Anyways, as usual with these unknown fraudsters, they have not left a founder name nor a legit address. Only dishonest sites will withhold such vital and I blame the registrars for allowing this to occur. I can see these registrar companies being fined millions in time if they don’t have some kind of automated protocols to verify site owners identity. NOW! YOU know how the scammers are getting away with their criminal online activities! Do leave your complaints at NameCheap who are providing the service to UpMoney owner. If you don’t complain its only going to continue.




How It All Works to Trick and Defraud You.

First off, this is a particularly nasty little scam to fall for and there is more to worry about then just having your time wasted. Below is a Q&A Format so you can scan to your preferred info quicker.

What Are They Offering?

Only a way to get scammed but let us run through their lies. They say they are offering 10 CENTS per advertisement that you click on and view and a code that needs to be filled out. Once you complete these simple tasks one by one then you will see fake monies adding up in your fake account. This is convincing to many as so many don’t suspect a thing and carry on working.

They even go so far as to say everyone that views an insane amount of ads will $5000 a month or just under. That is ludicrous and not sustainable on any site that only offers you the work to click ads and earn money that would be two pay checks for most families.

Referral Commissions.

You are offered 50% for every person you refer to Up Money. Those that participate will accrue fake earnings of their own. Their website says since you referred them then you get half of that persons pay. This makes no sense as now the news recruit will only earn 5 cent per click and code, when the site clearly promises, everyone gets the full 10 cents. So, where does the other five cents come from? You see the problem now here, yes? It’s not coming out of the site owners pockets for that would only make them run at a loss. None of this makes any sense when you stop to think about their offer.

50% Commissions – Why It Can’t Be Real.

Paid to Click sites are notoriously poor for pay for the work they offer. Consider that clicking on an ad actually produces nothing of worth and only allows the advertiser to get his moneys worth on advertising fee’s. The people on this site are not even interested in buying anything and so now the advertisers are getting ripped off as well. 36% of the internets traffic is fake and only by bots and its costing advertisers a small fortune in their marketing revenue! Should this continue the internet at large will be an unusuable wreck where the good sites will be lost under all the ill-raised bad sites.

Cashing Out Is Not Safe!

Minimum Pay Out is $300, on some of their sites, its $150. It does not matter, both pay out thresholds are too high! Only $100 is legit and standard and anything above that is clearly fraudulent. Remember that one point for all sites you encounter because it is a very reliable sign of a scam.

OK, when you try to cash out then you are asked for $9 for 100 referrals if you have not made 40 of them by that point. Then you are asked for $20/$19/ or $30 to cash out your money. Those that pay will just be locked out of your account. Those that don’t can’t proceed any further and so stuck wondering what to do.














Final Thoughts.

They have been running their gimmick since 2014. They are a Russian Scam Network, whose networks name, is Web Dengi. ‘Dengi’, incidentally, is the Russian word for ‘money’. Check out their sites FAQ’s and you will see it is in Russian. Many site errors and fake pay out table as well. All their reviews sound like they have been written by the same person. Easy to know this if you look at the ‘rhythm’ of the reviews, its all the same ‘tone’. For me, and the rest of the internet, THEY ARE A SCAM SITE! No doubt about it.

Have Questions on What Is UpMoney. Bid? How about on What Is UpMoney. PW? Two identical sites looking to scam you. I am taking questions on those sites here today. Any other sites you think are scams you are welcome to leave them below in the comments section. Those looking for real online work, as mentioned, check out my #1 Recommendation Below by clicking on the image. Thank you all for coming here and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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