UpGradeMyBiz.Net Review – Is ‘UpGradeMyBiz Net’ Scam or Legit?

By | November 8, 2019

UpGradeMyBiz.Net and the ‘Telplex’ Connection.

Have you received a call from a very convincing customer service agent trying to convince you that AT&T is using ‘Telplex’ and UpGradeMyBiz.Net to switch from copper to digital? What Is www.upgrademybiz.net really about? What Is Telplex.com? Is ‘UpGradeMyBiz’ and ‘Telplex’ a scam or is both or one of them legit? We will provide everything you want to know about these companies in our review.

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www.telplex.com website.

Scam or Legit?




UpGradeMyBiz.Net Working with ‘Telplex’ (Telplex.com)?

  1. It does appear that Telplex.com is using the very same AT&T image that UpGradeMyBiz.Net is using. That is an important link. I read a report on the BBB.org about a gentleman who received a very convincing phone call stating ‘Telplex’ technicians were coming to upgrade his system so as not to use landlines, only as a backup, and that would lower that mans costs.
  2. The man was still suspicious and decided to look further into it. The agent on the other end of the phone, pretending to be from AT&T, politely agreed and let this gentleman go “graciously”. So, ‘Telplex’ Technicians are working on behalf of AT&T to upgrade peoples phone lines to go digital with their own systems. Problem is, this is probably just a scam.
  3. The man was steered towards upgrading his plan. That is really all there is on the ‘UpGradeMyBiz Net’ site, just to upgrade and that AT&T image. That image does not link to anywhere. If they were really working for AT&T that image would link straight to AT&T onto a verification page of their working partnership.
  4. Instead, when we click on that image, nothing happens. Legit companies do not operate like this. A legit company would have a whole section of their site dedicated to FAQ’s and generally proving themselves to be who they say they are. We do not see evidence of this on that site.
  5. But on the Telplex.com site we see some more information. So let us now try to seek out information about both of these sites to see if they check out or if they have covered up all their business credentials the way scam sites always do.




Background-Checks on ‘UpGradeMyBiz’ and ‘Telplex’.

  1. I suspect ‘Telplex’ are the ones initiating contact and ‘UpGradeMyBiz’ site is the one collecting monies, potentially illegally.
  2. We can see that ‘Upgrademybiz’ was registered online in 2013/09/17 until 2022. That is a long time and actually is typical of legit sites. Fake sites normally register their scam sites for just a year. Sometimes they will do that for 2 years. So when we see businesses registering domains for that length of time, it does appear to be already convincing.
  3. There is an address in WHOIS for that company, but when we Google that address, we can see there are other companies online using the same one. So it maybe that address belongs to their hosting provider to seal their identity. Speaking of which, no founder name was left by the registrant. Nor is there a company email or phone number. Not a good sign at all. These kinds of data is expected as a basic from legit companies.
  4. So now we go to their website and find out that their phone number is 888-753-1753 and it safely links back to Telplex.com and to a bunch of phone directory websites. We were looking to see if that number is being used on other websites which it appears it is not.
  5. If so, that is usually a sign of a scam network as one company can not possibly have the phone number /credentials of another company without making that connection. Their address of 16830 Ventura Blvd., Suite 350 Encino, CA 91436 also appears to be legit, and we see a company called Telplex Communications. So that is more good news.
  6. Seems their company has been legitimately established which is very common at all to fake sites. Having Google that address we did find some disturbing and many reports about their service, how they speak to their customers, even one report from a former employee etc. It is insane! I read some of these reports page and all reviewers give just 1 star using the word ‘scam’ many times.
  7. Lastly on their company information, I do not see the founders name. This is a little strange since they appear to have bothered setting up their company in a legitimate manner. I am not saying it is not somewhere on their site but why is it not in plain view?
  8. So it is by the scam reports online we must decide if they are legit or not. Both companies that is.




Let us now loo into ‘UpGradeMyBiz’ similarly…

  1. UpGradeMyBiz.Net was registered online in 2018/12/07 for just one year. That is a far cry from the registration of ‘Telplex’. So when we see businesses only registering for one year is a bad sign indeed. Why register one site for years and another for some 1 or 2 years? No, there is something wrong here.
  2. Once again, there is no founder name, no email, no address and no phone number when they registered that site. Actually, there is an address for their business but it is not theirs. I have seen it many times with scam sites and it belongs to their hosting provider.
  3. You may go to WHOIS and see it for yourself, and why not Google it, and you will see other companies using it as well. Once again, one address per business and why are so are these companies hiding that address info upon registration? All very suspicious alright…
  4. Heading to that website we see nothing that clarifies them per their identity. When we click on their upgrade plans we are blocked by a request for our email etc. So when I see a site that will not allow me to see their content without being held ransom for something out of me, it makes me uncomfortable.
  5. Having said that, I found this tactic being used on a site yesterday, that proved to be legit, and so perhaps I am reading too much into that. Incidentally, that was a site called TomesSurpriseSale.com, which were or are running a 65% Discount on their goods, for anyone interested… AND NO, I am not affiliated with them so there are no affiliate links to avoid 🙂 .
  6. That concludes our background checks for these websites. You may view the reviews of the ‘Telplex’ company bottom of this article just below. I advise you to read some of them if you still have doubts about them, they really are very interesting, how a company will set up legally and then behave (per these reports) in such a way. Staggering really…





Final Thoughts.

Based upon the reasons above, and the horrendous reviews about them online, we are saying UpGradeMyBiz.Net and Telplex.com are scams. They appear to be operating a terrible service indeed and so we are taking that decision based primarily on so many bad reviews. I mean, people are not just making this stuff up randomly, and so it is always customer reviews we side with if we are uncertain by even 1%.



Yelp.com Customer Reviews on ‘UpGradeMyBiz’ and ‘Telplex’.


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