What is UpeMoney.Bid? Scam or Legit – PTC Job Exposed.

By | July 18, 2018

What is UpeMoney. Bid – Full Operations Exposed. 

Exposing Another PTC Fraud

Need to know What Is UpeMoney. Bid? I am glad you researched it because we will answer as well is UpeMoney Bid false? Is Upe Money Bid really paying out huge monies for no skill work? Their Paid Advertisement Viewing System has been replicated in three languages and with many 1000’s of identical sites online. Not one site has ever paid out a penny to any of their members. Those really looking for a trusted way to earn online are advised to read our article on What are some ways to Earn Money by Blogging <<- Free Start Up!

Through my investigation in these guys I have a number of similar, almost identical sites actually, providing the same service and high payouts – ‘get-rich-quick scheme’ style’. They are baiting people into watching ‘ad units’, as they call them, where, after sign up, you will receive your own account and affiliate link, and be credited money per video advert to your account. Unfortunately, the web and YouTube, are waking up to this site and how they are not paying people their money.

Let’s have a look at WHOIS, a website that identifies people’s website online, and we see UpeMoney was created 15/07/2018 – three days prior to this article. All ID around Founders are fake and well hidden online. Unknown creators have been running these sites since 2014 and have them in Russian, English and German.


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There are many sites, as said, that are the same as UpeMoney. See the list below of the one’s we have exposed in 2018:-



  1. acimoney win.
  2. okamoney club.
  3. usemoney site.
  4. ormoney site.
  5. opomoney bid.
  6. otomoney win.
  7. inamoney bid.
  8. rimoney club.
  9. oxomoney site.
  10. vkumoney win.
  11. oximoney win.
  12. almoney bid.
  13. akomoneyclub.
  14. atmoney bid.
  15. opymoney bid.
  16. ewumoney club.
  17. enymoney site.
  18. ugamoney bid.
  19. audmoney site.
  20. olmoney club.
  21. enamoney site.
  22. fsamoney bid.
  23. ugmoney win.
  24. eromoney win.
  25. afmoney win.
  26. satmoney win.
  27. ukmoney win.
  28. ummoney win.
  29. elmoney club.
  30. afumoney club.
  31. nonmoney bid.
  32. yxmoney bid.
  33. ydmoney bid.
  34. edmoney site.
  35. elmoney win.
  36. akmoney win.
  37. ubmoney win.
  38. agmoney bid.
  39. utemoney club.
  40. etimoney bid.
  41. oxmoney win.
  42. ogmoney win.
  43. opmoney win.
  44. avmoney win.
  45. yhmoney win
  46. ovmoney win.
  47. epmoney win.
  48. abamoney bid.
  49. fawmoney site.
  50. ebomoney win.
  51. ocemoney bid.
  52. ubemoney site.
  53. ammoney win.
  54. agmoney site.
  55. uxmoney win.
  56. osmoney win.
  57. ommoney win.
  58. ifmoney win.
  59. exmoney win.
  60. asmoney win.
  61. uvmoney win.
  62. odmoney win.
  63. ytmoney win.
  64. ygmoney win.
  65. olomoney site.
  66. ewmoney win.
  67. ekmoney win.
  68. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  69. ehmoney site.
  70. obamoney win.
  71. ormoney win.
  72. emumoney club.
  73. arimoney bid.
  74. immoney club.
  75. ubamoney club.
  76. duomoney site.
  77. otmoney club.
  78. atmoney win.
  79. ecamoney site.
  80. aqmoney win.
  81. epomoney club.
  82. ucemoney bid, apimoney. win. efomoney win. pzumoney site. netmoney. 2017. exumoney club. ycamoney win, termoney bid.




Lets compare some sites:-

fepmoney.club website.

The following image is for the doc dengie. top website.

Docdengi.top website.

Easy to see that these two sites are exactly the same layout, same color and style, and, the same offer of payouts for ad views. Easy to see those sites are the same as the one we are exposing now.




Get Rich Quick Scam By UpeMoney. Bid Reviewed and EXPOSED!

Here is how you can earn huge money in a short amount of time with these guys, supposedly:-

  • You will (not) get paid 10c for every ad that you view.
  • You can ask for your ‘easy-earned-money‘ at a small threshold of $150.00.
  • For every referral you send to UpeMoney you will make an easy 50% commission.
  • This site claims if you spend three hours to five hours a day viewing advertisements you can earn up to $50 to $300 a day
  • Upscale all the ad views, in a single month, to 1000 views, you can potentially, $4800!
  • Per day you can earn up to $150 – $300!
  • You can get your money wired to your bank account, which oddly enough, is being transferred from an ‘employee’s’ personal bank account.

At this early part into this investigation into this online scam it is already abundantly clear that fepmoney. club, docdengi. top and UpeMoney are by the same people. How do I do for sure? I went to WHOIS and saw that the same:-

  • Postal address.
  • Same address details
  • Email is protected.
  • No contact page or way of contacting them.
  • Founder is not listed.
  • One day difference in ‘registration-dates’. Coincidence?
  • Their PO BOX is 0823-03411. Fep and Docdengi have the SAME POSTAL ADDRESS! All the same as UpeMoney. Need I say more!?


Here the Scam Works.

  • You may find this site through a friends link on Social Media or you see an advertisement, on an actually ‘legitimate’ website, with the hopes of earning money for watching advertisements.
  • You will sign up and be given your own account.
  • You will be instructed to start watching some videos and, to your delight, you will money accredited to your own account as the videos sail on by.
  • You will be advised if you spread your affiliate link and get ‘referrals’ you can earn 50% commission, as I’ve already said.
  • When you hit the pay out thresh hold of $150 you seek you get your money.
  • You will be told that you need 40 OTHER REFERRALS before you can get your money.
  • If you don’t have enough referrals then they will offer to sell you referrals – DON’T BUY THEM!
  • If you do, or don’t, buy these referrals AND if you persist in being ‘cheeky’ enough to ask for your money, you are LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! SCAM OVER AND HAVE A NICE DAY!
  • Your referrals will continue along this fruitless journey into ‘Disappointments-Vile‘, located somewhere between ‘Hope‘ and ‘Despairs-Vile‘.
  • You don’t get a penny.



Please tell others about this scam online to help stop this website from ripping off others before, I have no doubt, they get shut down! Feel free to share this post and leave a comment about your experience with this scam or if you have any questions regarding a scam on line.


Key Red Flags To Spot Scam Sites.

  • Too Good To Be True Earning Potential! Doesn’t Exist! Watch out for people online telling you how much you can earn a short amount of time. This is usually a pretty reliable indicator you’re dealing with a scam.
  • Positive Reviews Scam Indicator. If you come a cross a website, that is new like the one reviewed here, that has a large amount of good reviews then please look for the following points of scam warnings:-

1). Read and look out for similar wording reviews. That’s it. They are written by the same author.

2). Drop images, from these ‘honest’ reviews, into Google search engine. They will direct to a total different site – Probably someone else’s website or social media profile image – thus telling you it’s a dishonest website review.

  • Poor English with astounding grammatical errors. This is a sure sign of a scam.
  • A ‘classic’ sign of an online scam is when you can’t find the ‘Founder’ of a website then you have to ask why the founder is ‘cloaking‘ himself online.
  • Look for a ‘Returns Policy‘ and a ‘Shipping Policy‘ when dealing with ANY online site business site. If these are missing then you are dealing with a scam say the least, an unprofessional and potentially dishonest website. Be careful.




Final Thoughts.

Well every one that is pretty it much from me. I truly hope you did not get caught out by this scam. While they don’t seem to steal money from you, unless of course, you buy referrals, they just waste your time and leave you with that sinking feeling of being scammed of time and robbed of achieving your goal of earning money via the internet.

I have had fun writing this post and would to hear from you guys about this. If you have come across other potential scams online then why not tell about it in the comments section, where, I will always get back to you.



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Thank you all for stopping by and that is pretty much it on What is UpeMoney Bid! We ask one and all to report suspicious sites to us and we will investigate for you. Below is our MOST TRUSTED way to earn money online. Simply click the banner for your free account. I will be your personal mentor to show you EXACTLY how to make it big for your financial prosperity. Take care guys and looking forward to hearing from you all.






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