What Is UnixProfit.com – Scam or Legit? HYIP Alert!

By | August 18, 2018

UniXProfit.com / UnixProfit Ltd HYIP

What Is UnixProfit.com and Should You Invest – My Concerns.

Welcome and thank you very much for clicking on my article to find out What Is UnixProfit.com. This article will also address questions like Is UnixProfit com fraudulent, criminal, dishonest or Is UnixProfit safe, honest, paying, legal? Answers will be provided in this Unix Profit Review. First Off, they are a HYIP Program (High Yield Investment Program). This is a model that breaks Laws in many countries. The risks are high with no way to get your cash back, though, some have. Let us have a look at your chances of success as we break down their offer to Make Money Online via Investment.

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Company:- https://unixprofit.com.

Created:- 30/06/2018.

Founder:- John Doeson.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts’ end of this post for a quick briefing.

Farewell Note.





What Is UnixProfit.com, How it Operates and the Legal Side of this Venture.

OK! Let’s find out more on What Is UnixProfit.com. The founder as said is John Doeson. This site offers huge returns per their investment levels. Their site describes themselves as follows:-


UnixProfit and What they are About


That is a very generalized description and actually I still don’t see how they are making money to give high returns to their investors, per their description. However, that will be explained shortly anyways.


Here is How it Operates:-

1). Sign Up.

2). Pick Your Investment Level.

3). Make Your Investment via Payeer, Bitcoin or Perfect Money.

4). Wait the Predetermined Time for Your Returns – if any.


UnixProfit site tries to say something about they have been in some investing industry for several years and are able to make investors money. They supply no evidence on their sit they have anything to do with such things. This sheer lack of transparency is a sign of something is up!


Below are the Investment Levels, thanks to carigold.com:-

HYIP UnixProfit Investment Plan

Minimum is $10 and Max is $50,000!




Companies House Certificate and The Legal Side of Things.

The Companies House Certificate is Legit! That was surprising, as most of these HYIP sites say they have one that is real, but some investigation, proves they are not. OK, so I looked a little deeper into their certificate. Their online company does indeed show up in Companies House Data Base.

For those that don’t know, Companies House is the UK’s Registrar for UK businesses.

Having said that, you can buy a certificate (FROM ABROAD!) for:-

$5 up to $135!

It is worth checking their prices HERE <- opens in a new browser so you can come back here, if you wish 🙂 . OK, so now we see that you can be abroad, potentially submit false ID details, and get a certificate. So now its easy to see that a company can provide a UK ADDRESS, but still be abroad!


UnixProfit Address is, per their website:-

25 Mitchelle Street,


United Kingdom,


That address does NOT display what borough that location is from! Not a good sign when a ‘legit business’can’t even display its own location details correctly. Incidentally, the borough appears to be Islington.

Also, to help you in your own research, their Company Registration Number is:-



Is the Founder Name Legit?

‘John Doeson’ does not show up on Google attached to any site of this nature! There are several John Doeson’s on LinkeIn but none display a connection to UnixProfit. Should such an individual really had been investing online, and doing so legitimately, there would some kind of foot-print of his activity. This appears not to be the case in this instance. You can make of that what you will, but in my opinion, that is cause for concern.



So, we have covered how their site works. You sign up, make your investment, and hopefully reap your profits.



While I am not a Solicitor, here are a few things on the legal side of such schemes.

Is it Legal to Set Up Your Own HYIP?

NO. Most countries have strict laws against setting up HYIP/Ponzi Scheme Scams. Most investors lose their money while the creator makes most of the profits. Those bragging of profits are few and ever decrease after two or four weeks of the sites creation. After this point, Unknown Founder may just keep the rest, or perhaps, give out few payments to maintain more sign ups.


Is it Legal to Invest Your Own Money in Such Schemes?

Erm, incredibly, YES!

But only if you did not know it was a scam. Money earned by referring others to such schemes can be confiscated from you. However, money earned from your own investments can be legally spent – SO LONG as you DID NOT KNOW it was a scam and YOU DID NOT PROMOTE IT! <- NB!

Gratitude to justanswer.com for this clarity!




HYIP and Ponzi Schemes – What they are.

HYIP Program

Briefely, HYIP and Ponzi Schemes are the same SCAM.

You invest money to usually unknown creator.

That money is then paid to an earlier investor.

New wave of investors come in to pay you as your money went to someone else.

When no more new people – the whole thing collapses! This can happen in weeks.

They are characterized by having no discernible product/service for monies you paid. 


Who are HYIP’s For?

Ultimately, at this moment in time, there appears to be no way to control the spread of HYIP’s online. While authorities warn people about the risks, the common consensus online is – Its Up To You. There are no come backs for refunds. Some programs may refund you, but, many won’t and most are just frauds anyways, that will keep all monies. Such sites will lead all members down the garden path for a month or two, and shut down.

The Savy HYIP Investor knows when to invest. That person will know the following:-

The Age of the Site – if the site has just started, your chances of earning are high! Well, minimally you have a chance. Should such sites be older than about 2 to 4 weeks, then your chances are significantly reduced. 

Payments in and Payments out – Investors who see big money paid in, but little money out, will know (if those figures are even true) to invest or not. Obviously, if you see big money having been paid in by investors into the many thousands, and only 2 or 3 figures worth of money paid out – don’t go for it! Founder is greedy and probably will shut down soon anyways to only to start up a new one – common practice.

Those really are the two key things to look out for.

However, such victims of these schemes see pay outs and so they tend to invest the most amount of monies. They may not be aware that in actual fact they are dealing with an illegal scheme. This type of investor can lose thousands in one go. Should this sound like you – you have been warned. People in this group are the novice of such schemes and are most at risk of them.




Final Thoughts.

Just to recap, UnixProfit is a HYIP/Ponzi Scam! Their business model dictates that older investors will continue to receive returns so long as new investors are apparent. When no more new sign ups then you are lost for your returns. The only good time to invest is when the site has just started. Should you promote a site and receive earnings then those earnings maybe taken from you. Those that invest without knowing it to be a scam can legally keep that money. Ultimately, it really is up to you

That is my research on What Is UnixProfit.com and I really hope you have taken much from this article. Before you leave, I wish to draw your attention to a free sign up on this page. Below is your invitation to learn how to earn money online with fear of losing investment. There you can learn how I earn monthly payments from blogging online. For more info you can see our #1 Review Recommendation.

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