What Is UltraInvests.com – Is UltraInvests.com Scam or Legit GPT Site?

By | October 15, 2018

The Full Report To What Is UltraInvests.com.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

To earn $500 a day for a few simple tasks and referring people sounds like a great deal to me! Welcome as this article answers What Is UltraInvests.com (www.ultrainvests.com). Is UltraInvests com fake, scam, illegal, fraudulent or is Ultra Invests fake, scam, dishonest, bad, crooked and not paying out? This UltraInvests Review is going to make you clear that no site is paying out $500, to all members daily, for such easy work that even a child could do it. That is not a real offer on their site, only a way to Phish You and Grow their Memberships!

Those that have already worked on their site, I know, are going to be disappointed to hear this news. At least now you know and can put it down to experience. However, I find it pointless personally to just tell people bad news all day long, without giving them an alternative. Clearly, anyone working on that scam site truly does want to earn online. For those people you may check out my #1 Recommendation that allows you to sign up for free and learn how to make money online for real. They don’t even ask for credit card details for your free lifetime starter account – so you’ve nothing to lose by giving them a go, WHICH, is how I got started and now happily earning daily 🙂 .





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What Is UltraInvests.com and How They Are Scamming People – Scam Signs.

So far you know my opinion on What Is UltraInvests.com. Now, I will prove to you they are no good and really will only waste your valuable time and energy. It is possible to earn online but this site just makes a mockery of that need and so they know how to capitalize on that. That is their problem in terms of ethics and surely it will recoil on them one day. For now, let us begin to see if we can locate the Founder for a chat.

Ultra Invests was created 22/09/2018 and registered for just one year online. Any site, that offers legit work from home jobs will nearly always register for longer than just 1 year. 1 Year is the time it takes for a site to get some traffic and reputation. Its only the beginning. That is another sign of a fake site, as most scam sites will not register longer than 1 year, though there are exceptions.

The Founder is not listed when their site was registered. That is a very bad sign of a scam. It is also typical as these scammers will cowardly hide all of their details to avoid fines and jail time. Their websites real world business address is PANAMA. That is a typical scammers address and actually I see it several times a day in research with many other sites.

All identity info is hidden and so now we can safely assume we are dealing with crooks! Not even on their site do we see a name or image of the people that owns it, no address either. Not even some fake details to make it half-way legit looking.




What Work Is On Offer?

The work is so easy, as mentioned, so much so a kid could do it. This is why they are so appealing and why many will fall for it. I know how that goes, I shared a scam link for a whole day once. The offer was to share the link, when I get 500 clicks, I get $500. Then when I reached that amount I had to fill out a form.

WHOOPS! I just got phished for my real name, DOB, real address, phone number – THE WORKS!!! So, as said, I really do know how easy it can happen to us all. The page simply reloaded forever and then that sinking feeling kicked in like I just done something awful. And so I wish to say don’t feel embarrassed or anything like that. Those scammers have the problem and I have no doubt their web of lies will trip them up one day.

Anyways, moving on…


When you sign up you will notice a referral link. They will simply ask you to share that referral link on all of your social media accounts. Well, that is called spamming. You are allowed to share your link, for something that is legit and honest, about 7 times a day. After that, Google will start to get annoyed with you and so you may develop a bad rep with that search engine. That is even more important to know if you are a website owner.

$1 Per Click – Why That Is A Lie!

What if my link got 1 million clicks a day? That question alone should let you know that no site is giving me 1 Million Dollars for such easy work. Not one! Aside from that, the action of ‘clicking’ a link does not really produce any monetary value. Sure, if a site has ads, then some amount is generated. However, you need significant traffic to generate any level of income from that alone. Also, I notice that their site does not have such ads. 

Big Data – What It Is And Why It Applies Here.

Big Data is all of your personal data online. That is all that means. These scam artists are using their sign up form, and their customer support form, to take some personal info from you. They either not respond or get a bot to do it for them. So, please do stay away from that support form as its fake.

All personal data, sourced from those forms, are sold online for easy, quick and big money. I have personally witnessed these kinds of lists for around $250 and upwards into the thousands. Other scammers will buy those lists and now they will try to scam you. The thinking goes that if you fell for one scam then its possible to trick you again.

Remedy? Update your Anti Virus, because these sites like to download malware to search your browsing history, cache, for saved passwords. They will even try to access the registry of your device for other info like telephone numbers, addresses etc. Old browsers are most vulnerable and can be ‘cracked’ by any amateur scammer online.

I don’t believe we need more info on their site to know they are not legit. However, here is a list of their scam signs to relieve you of any lingering doubt of what is being said here. Besides, its my favorite part of any article 🙂 …..





At the start of this article you read that their site was created 22/09/2018 – right? Well, have a look at the bottom of their website. It says 2016! HUUUUGGGGEEEEEEE SCAM SIGN! That is only to make you think they have been online longer to garner some trust from you. Its a pure lie that is easy to prove as such.

Pay outs for such easy work is another sign of a scam.

Can not locate founder identity online.

Their pay out table is fake.

Top Earners are making $1000 per day and up to $5500 per month! Bogus statements.

English and their grammar is not the best and so it tells me we could be dealing with over seas scammers.





There Maybe More Of These Sites Duplicated. Do Report Them Here If You Find Sites That Look Like The One In The Image Above – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

Making $500 a day, from work that is low monetary yield in reality, was how I knew – without doubt – we were dealing with a scam site. Besides, $1 per click is also another glaring sign that they are not real and they certainly won’t be paying anyone but themselves. I believe they will be particularly successful due to how professional their site looks. That is the only ‘plus’ for me. When people see professoinal sites then there is an auto-belief in its legitiamacy, at times.

Just because someone has a site don’t make them legit. You don’t even have to believe me – it would contradict my point! Just be sure to search for reviews online about any site you encounter offering paid work from home. Should there be bad reports – you will find them quite easily. However, if you find more good reports then bad then its probably a legit site, as even good and trusted online companies, can get bad reports.

Have questions on What Is UltraInvests.com? You are welcome to ask below and I will do my best to help out. Don’t forget to check out this websites #1 Recommendation for a real way to earn online that won’t fleece or scam you. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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4 thoughts on “What Is UltraInvests.com – Is UltraInvests.com Scam or Legit GPT Site?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Caasic,

      Yep, it is not a safe and legit site to work on. Thank you very much for imparting that very good information about what happens after you sign in to UltraInvests.com Scam Site. Its appreciated Caasic 🙂 . ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Fay,

      I am delighted to hear that Untrainvests.com was deprived of another to make into a victim 🙂 . There are a few copies of their site running amuck online and so it was worth typing every letter to hear you say that Fay.

      Thank you kindly for letting me know as it really does go along to continue this work.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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