UlMoney.Fun – Is UlMoney.Fun Scam or Legit Paid to Click Site?

By | October 2, 2018

What Is UlMoney. Fun and Why No Can Get Paid By Them.

UlMoney. Fun (www.ulmoney. fun) is not a legit site. They are part of the biggest PTC Scam Network I have ever witnessed. Those asking Is UlMoney Fun safe, legit, good, real, genuine or is Ul Money Win fake, scam, fraudulent, dishonest and crooked will find out everything you need to know here in this UlMoney Review. There is also an UlMoney. Win that is identical to the one being exposed here, so do watch out for that one as well. Any site that looks like UlMoney is a fraud and belongs to the same people.

While UlMoney is not a good site, there are many good and trusted online sites that offer real and paying work. The one that has impressed me the most is Wealthy Affiliate. They start you off with a free starter account HERE, 7 Day Premium Trial to see if it is for you and two free websites. If that weren’t enough you are given 20 free training videos to help set up your site and start making some serious progress to earning up to and over at least $100 a day! You can read here on How to Get Started Online and for Free for those that require more info.


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What Is UlMoney. Fun and What Is UlMoney. Win – 1522 Russian Paid Advertising Viewing System Sites Exposed!

There are 1522 of these identical sites and they are all owned by same unknown person or people. UlMoney. Fun was set up and registered online on the 28/09/2018. These owners will create dozens every few weeks and I have recently determined to expose them all soon as they hit Google’s Page 1 to help others avoid them. And yes to also to recommend a better way for those interested.

The creators name is not attached to their site, there is no real world address submitted and none supplied on their site. They have fake members listed in their sites payout table with unreal payments to them. They are a viral scam network that has and continues to cause havoc with people. Let us get into how it all works and how to avoid their scam all together.

Real Work on Offer for NO Payouts.

You are to sign up for free anywhere in the world. Some or all of you may already question why they do not ask you to confirm your email address. I signed up to one of their sites using a fake email address and it allowed me in. That tells me that they are a fake site already and that sign up form is only a phishing form.

You are to click ads and do a code for every viewed ad. These ads earn you 10c. Members are said to be earning in excess of $4000 a month and averaging out at $50 to $300 a day. Some of their sites require $300 or $150 earnings to cash out. 

10 Cents for every click – here is why that is just bogus.

Anyone can pay a ten dollars and get about 400 clicks on their links to their products or services. At the UlMoney sites you are promised 10c a click, as mentioned, and so now the advertiser is only getting around 50 clicks for their $10 – that does not make any sense to me. Advertisers are losing money in this case. And also, the advertisers have to still pay UlMoney some money for advertising on their site. So, that is why 10c  a click is not real and affordable to anyone.

The owners are indeed getting paid something for all your work efforts but that is not shared to any members. All their sites get nothing but complaints of no payouts and they have never paid out a penny from when they first started back in 2014.

Is 50% Earnings from Your Referrals Real?

No, not a thing on their site is the truth and no one gets paid. There is not a way to cash out anything you may have earned. All earnings are just digits on your screen to help incentivize you to work harder and for longer.

Minimum Payout – Why is it set so high?

That is intentional to make you stay on their site long to work and make them more money. As said, UlMoney is getting paid something for all the ads being clicked. Imagine all the many thousands of copy and pasted sites they have online that come in Russian, English and German, and you will have an appreciation how much these guys are truly cleaning up online scamming people.

Bi Data Fraud – here is where things start to become serious.

Any legit info you have freely given to their sites will be sold online. The bigger the list then the more they can sell it for. Your full name, email, DOB, registration of cars, addresses of homes and work places etc will be phished out of you, if they are successful to that extent. This is called Big Data and is a very easy and financially rewarding to the cyber-crooks.

How They Scam You and Everyone Else!

Once you have reached the $300 earnings marker then you are to find out they are not real by completing two forms. Then you are told to refer about 40 people to their site before they will even think about paying you. This is not mentioned in their Terms and Conditions, which is in Russian by the way, and so it will surprise some people. They will try to sell you 100 new sign ups for $9 but don’t pay that as its just part of the scam and the sign ups are not real people.

After you have made those sign ups then they will want you to pay them about $19 to release your earnings. Any site that asks money before they pay you is not a legit site! Anyways, those that pay all the money or pay some money and make referrals will be locked out of your account. Wherever you shared your affiliate link/Referral link then you can share this article to help others avoid this verocious and dangerous scam.







Final Thoughts.

As mentioned, they are nothing but scam sites. No one has ever reported payment on this website or its YouTube channel – except for one liar. All others are either promoting these sites or complaining about no payouts. No One Ever Gets Paid, and if you take nothing else away from this article, then I really want you know that. Long time running scam network churning out the same identical copies of these sites and actually pulling in tons of people to profit from. Please do report them below if you were scammed by them.

Have questions on UlMoney. Fun or UlMoney. Win? Ask me below and I will be happy to further help. Need a real online job opportunity where you are your own boss to quit your horrible day job, or, to make a high paying job for yourself? Those with the drive and passion can earn $100 a day and well over that with some training and support. I welcome all online entrepreneurs to get their free starter account HERE from WA. Alternatively, find out How to Earn Money Blogging with just your laptop and internet connection anywhere int he world.Thank you for coming to my site and bookmark it for future reference and to report other online scams to. Thanks again.


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