What Is UcMoney.Fun – Is UcMoney.Fun Scam or Legit Paid Online Job?

By | November 10, 2018

What Is UcMoney. Fun – Replicas Of The ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Flooding The Net Continues.

Nice job on doing your research to find out What Is UcMoney. Fun. Is UcMoney Fun fake, fraudulent, scam, crooked, dishonest and filled with malware or Is Uc Money Fun genuine, real, safe, legit, good, honest and paying out? This UcMoney Review would like to alert you to the many other copies of these Paid Advertising Viewing System Network Online. Below is everything you need to know to understand how much of a scam all these sites are. Here are some recently made ones that scamwitness.com has exposed such as EpMoney. Host, EtMoney. ICU, ApMoney. ICU, ArMoney. ICU, PenMoney. Club, EpMoney. Fun, UhaMoney. Win, UpMoney. Bid, PoMoney. Club, ReMoney. PW to name a tiny few of them.

There are many other sources online that are debunking this whole Paid Advertising Viewing System copied sites and no one ever gets paid. At this point in time, there is just no doubt, you have encountered a scam site when any site looks like anyone of the URL’s above. However, there are good ways to earn online. Those with a work ethic are very welcome to take a look at my #1 Recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate. I have bias for WA as they have been the only ones to help me earn online and for the long term. Most others were too complicated or too pricey – or both.

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What Is UcMoney. Fun Paid Advertising Viewing System About?

That heading is basically asking how is UcMoney. Fun a scam?! That is a fair and necessary question per the claims being levied against them here. As mentioned, there are many copies of them online. In English versions there are now 1667 copies that have been created since 2014. Some have shut down as they are only registered for one year. They come in German and in Russian, Russia being where the scam originated from. Their network name is called WebDengi – Google ‘Dengi’ and you will see it means ‘money’ in Russian.

OK, let us begin to see how they are false and not real. May sound obvious but we start with the creator of this site. Like I have done 100’s of times before with this networks sites, I check on their sites registration details. Here I can plainly see they created this copy of Uc Money on the 11/03/2018/ and as always only paid to stay online up until the same date in 2019.


UcMoney.Fun Site

don’t work for www.ucmoney. fun!



The Founder Name is always missing and there is no change on that score with the site being exposed now. These guys offer paid work from home jobs, and yet, they never register a real address or actual contact information. Knowing where to look and what you are looking at will make it clear to you that they are not legit. There is NO DATA AT ALL ON THEIR IDENTITY! In essence, you are working for someone or people that you can not know if you can trust!

Lastly we go to their site and look for any identifying data to help us trust them. I don’t see any. Some of you may be able to locate an email address of helenagillmoor100@gmail.com. Please know, that email address is linked to a vast number of online scams past and obviously presently. A quick Google search on that email address will spring up a very disturbing report on it. 

Now we have established beyond all doubt that the creator of the site in questions has intentionally hidden their online identity and expertly so. But, to what purpose? Below is their offer and how they are hoping to scam ‘YOU’!




The Work – How It All Works To Defraud From Start To Finish.

It is no cost to sign up. All are welcome. The work is simple and all you must do is click on ads and do a code. The second way is to share your referral link. They are just a paid to click scam network going by many different URL’s and logo’s. They are so identical that the admin names, member names, payout figures, errors are all copied and pasted. 

10c per click is the pay out. The Minimum Threshold to get your earnings is $300. Usually sites can only afford half a cent or less per click. So 10c is not real and too high. $300 payment limit is set to make you last longer on their site before you realize they are not legit. In this time you can do much work and make many referrals. However, per reports left at my website regarding their past sites, people have reached and exceeded that amount in a day and a half to within hours! That is not real. 

It takes time to build up your presence online and trust etc to earn anything. Usual time is 4 to 6 months though many have tasted financial sooner. To be able to earn those figures in that time scale is indicative of a scam., in my experience of having been scammed online years ago.

50% referral earnings from your sign up’s work efforts is also another lie. It is a lie because all are told you earn 10c click and code filled. So and obviously how is your referrals meant to earn that amount if YOU are taking half of their money? Where is the other 5 cents coming from? The advertisers have already paid to have their ads viewed so its not coming from them. The site owners are scammers so they are not paying you anything anyways.

All in all, the earnings for the work is all fake. You can continue on your research elsewhere and you will find other sites exposed by other people online as fake and not real if you doubt what you read here.


How They Try To Scam You.

As with all scam sites the scam kicks in at cash out. Here you will apply for your money. Be told some unbelievable and shocking nonsense that you have to wait around 3 months! The quick option will only lead you further into their scam.

  • Once all forms are filled out then they go to work on you for real. You are told you should have made forty sign ups to their site as a condition to release your earnings. That is no doubt alarming because that is not stated anywhere on their site.
  • Or you can buy those referrals for $9. That is their first request for money, but not their last, for you to cash out – which you can’t.
  • Now they want $19, sometimes a little less or more, for you to cash out. If you pay they may say they system crashed and now you must pay again where they swear blind to pay you. All heartless and cruel and still you won’t get paid.
  • Those that refuse are stuck where they – never cashing out. Those that pay are locked out of their accounts for life and you can’t delete them. They will exist for as long as their site is up and running.
  • All personal data is more than likely sold onto scammers where the site owner can make very good money selling such personal info. 
  • All forms on their site, including sign up form at the beginning, is only a phishing form. This is meant to say they are luring you in with a false offer to get something out of you.
  • Malware has been known to be downloaded to peoples devices. Such software is programmed to take your passwords, DOB’s, addresses of homes and work, vehicle registrations etc to make fake ID, commit financial fraud in your name etc.












Final Thoughts.

You may click on the other reviews provided for any additional data. Also check the comments, if any, for additional reports. Do report them if they scammed you. Should you know of any other scam sites then it is appreciated if you could drop their URL in the comments. If found to be fraudulent then this website will expose for you. Uc Money and all their copies are scams and they will never pay you. You can’t ever cash out!

Have questions on What Is UcMoney. Fun? You are welcome to ask below where I will be happy to help. Those still interested in earning online are welcome to check out my #1 Recommendation, as previously mentioned, by clicking the image below or the relevant links above. Thank you for your time and looking forward to all of your comment to come.


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4 thoughts on “What Is UcMoney.Fun – Is UcMoney.Fun Scam or Legit Paid Online Job?

  1. Yolandi

    Hi. There must be a new one. ucemoney.xyz I joined. I am deleting it Now. How can I block them? Or check if they put stuff on my phone?

  2. Paul

    Hello Mr. Phillip,
    Kindly help me to check if this online job uecmoney.xyz are scammers as i just registered with them few hours ago.
    And i’m also interested to know more and the online platform you can introduce me to.

    1. Scam Witness

      THAT IS 100% SCAM PAUL! No doubts, no uncertainty, no ‘humming-and-hawing’ on that one. They are all duplicate scams and there are thousands of them. See our WORK FROM HOME SCAM SITES SECTION MENU BUTTON above where I have painstakingly listed them out. If you you are looking for real online work then I can help. You have to ask me though as I am not here to spam anyone.

      You must come with a can-do working attitude just like in the real world.

      Here to help so ask for it Paul if wish 🙂 .


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