What Is Tylious.com – Is Tylious.com Scam or Legit? Read Here 1st!

By | January 13, 2019

SCAM ALERT On What Is Tylious.com! – Please Leave Your Scam Reports Here.

Researching What Is Tylious.com at www.tylisous.com? Is Tylious com dishonest, scam, fraudulent, crooked, criminal or Is Tylious good, legit, genuine, safe, real, honest? In this Tylious Review you will find out that they are fake and also they have other identical sites. These sites include NuxtFit.com, Coolerones.com, SetComing.com, Poisly.com, 1SuperShop.com, VsTroll.com, Morderneo.com, GadJetMart.com, SuperGoMall.com, InnovStylish.com, Rena1ssance.com, YouthForSome.com, InnovGoods.com, InovGoods.com and still there are many more active right now. Those already scammed are welcome to leave their scam reports below this article in the comments section.

The above sites are all owned by the same cyber-crooks and are hailing out of China. Most bad shopping sites come from here and so it is something that we all must watch out for. Many a time such bad sites have a way to make low quality goods, inferior goods, cheaper versions of the items they are offering on their sites. Even counterfeit goods maybe what they will send out to you. They are also after your banking information and you should contact your payment provider to cancel your card and get a refund.


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Good Work On Finding Out More On What Is Tylious.com.

To be clear and to avoid confusion NuxtFit, Poisly, SetComing, Coolerones, VsTroll, Morderneo, InnovStylish, SuperGoMall, GadJetMart, InovGoods, YouthForSome, InnovGoods and 1SuperShop are all bad and dishonest sites. Since we have already reviewed so many of their sites, as a review of 1 is a review of them all, then we are going to be keeping the expansion of What Is Tylious.com short and to the point.


Tylious.com Review

Do not buy from www.tylious.com!


Let us quickly find out if we can see where they are from. At WHOIS they have only registered Beijing, CN as their address. That is an address that is not completed and a sure-fire scam sign. Where we find no addresses, fake addresses – and in this case – in complete addresses then we should be suspicious. Honest businesses will dedicate much effort to give out correct details on their real world location.

Founder name is not attached to their site anywhere online and another glaring sign of a scam. Why would you not disclose who the founder is? This is obvious when you know they are a scam and only if they exposed who the founder was would they all be shut down.

There is no contact information at registration. No email and no phone number and that is the same for all of their other sites. Where we find out no information then we can say, already, that they are not a good site and classify as part of the List of Internet Scammers on at ScamWitness.com.



The Scam Signs To Warn Others.

1). The copyright 2010 – 2019 is the wrong date of their site. We already know that their site was made in 2018. When they lie about the age of their site is only to give you a sense of trust to increase sales. Legit sites do not lie about such details and is a scam sign that is hard to spot.

2). The prices on their site for their advertised products are too low and not viable to sustain as a business. And also they are giving you free global shipping as well. I mean, how cheap is their manufacturing and business process flow in order to give away so much for such a young site? This kind of site is unstable and collapse at anytime.

3). They have a phone number that is 1 626 256 668 and that has other sites using the same number. Separate businesses can not be using the same number unless they are owned by the same people,and also, there is a report on them as well on page 1 of Google of that number complaining about them. Always looking up information where provided by sites to see if there is additional data attached to it in your own research.

4). Should you look up the linked reviews of their sites in the intro, go to their About Us part, and you will see that it is identical. That is another sign of a fake site. They have not disclosed all of their site to their unwary customers and there is no need for this unless they were trying to do something underhanded.

5). In their Privacy Policy Page they have a link called ‘Contact Us’. That links off to a site called Jeulia.com. I have no idea yet if that site is legit or scam yet. I don’t believe they are owned by the same people. That is another weird signal that we are not dealing with good people.

6). Images are not their own and have been sourced online elsewhere.

7). Beware of social media advertisements! That is very important because many people are complaining of clicking on ads on e.g. Facebook and running into a scam company.Facebook is not doing anything about complaints of this nature or so it seems per their responses, which is, they do not violate our policies. That is not good enough. Facebook ad fee’s, scammer gets illegal funds and only the customer loses out with no recourse from the hosting social media site of such ads. And yet, it seems to be legal.





Do You Have A Tylious.com Scam Report? Please Feel Free To Leave Those Reports Below In The Comments – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

Many sites that they do not disclose. No identity attached to any of their sites online. May send you out degraded, cheap, shoddy, inferior versions of the products that won’t be anywhere close in value relative to your payment for it. Even some customers may receive a package that is either an empty envelope or empty bubble wrapped box. Of course, don’t be surprised if they send you out nothing at all. Please do take a few seconds to report them below to help alert others.

Thank you for stopping by to read about the malicious nature of the site in question. I hope your question on What Is Tylious.com is answered and you were saved from their site. If not then at least you now know to apply for a refund. Please take the 2 free websites below by way of thanks for stopping by and is part of this websites promotions. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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