Review – Is ‘TwistedxOutlet’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | November 5, 2019

Beware of – ‘TwistedxOutlet’ Review. ( is not to be taken as a legit and trusted site. After only a few seconds on their site we know they are a scam. There are other e-stores pulling the same trick such as,,,,, CatShoes.Online,,,,,, and Nik.Red. Some of those sites are identical or so similar we suspect them to be part of the same fake Nike, Adidas, CAT and VANS sneaker stores.

Anyone who lost cash, who whom just wishes to report about any of the sites above running fake sneaker e-stores, are welcome to let everyone know in the comments This is going to help so many from losing their cash. We also have a section called List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. I am also in the business of showing others how to earn online, and for people that may have an interest in that, you are welcome to read our Ways to Earn Money Blogging – Free Start Up!




  1. So do refer to our short list in the first heading for more information about such sites in general that are alike Even we can see that their site layout is so similar as to suspect a connection. There we see items they have not the permission to promote. The prices are too-good-t-be-true as well. So we shall find out more about them now to show you why we are 100% certain they are not to be trusted.
  2. They registered their site in 2019/11/01 which makes them just days old. This is good news for us all as we have found them early enough to maximize this scam alert’s exposure to many people potentially. We hope some of you will share this alert to help others online who may not suspect them.
  3. Anyways, they did not leave their founders name, email or phone number. Their business address is not even there and they are only using their hosting providers address. This is clearly a very bad sign and we have to ask why are they hiding such basic information that we know should be there.
  4. So we head to their site and the situation just gets worse. There is nothing. We do not see even a founders name and only fake content with unreal pricing. Not only are they trying to get your cash but also they are a phishing page. So they will want all of your payment info, name, address, email etc. Do not fill out their contact form!






Final Thoughts.

No business transparency. There are too many other sites online that look just like them. Their pricing is all wrong. You should do a product price comparison and so you will know the prices are not to be trusted. is a scam.





12 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘TwistedxOutlet’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

  1. craig

    I ordered 2 pair of shoes for my wife for Christmas. On January 8, 2020 I received 2 pair of socks in the mail. I just wish there was a way to get my money back.

    1. N Kent

      call your credit card company and tell them it is fraud.
      happened to me lastnight , but was able to stop transaction with credit card as fraudulant, credit card company
      also recognized as fraud, this fraudulant site is coming out of Beiijing

  2. Dena

    I ordered a pair of twisted x men’s boots from this site the first part of November. When I originally ordered it said my card was declined and moments later I received a email saying thanks for my order & a tracking number. I immediately replied I didn’t think my order had went through but there was no reply. I checked my bank account and I was indeed charged. When my order did not arrive by the week before Christmas, I emailed again. The email address in the email with my tracking number was no longer good & told me to go to their website. I did & their reply was we show it was delivered. They said I guess it was both of our loss & asked if I wanted to order again. HELL NO THEY AREN’T GETTING ANYMORE OF MY MONEY!

      1. N Kent

        you have to call your card company or bank and let them know it is fraud, as with banks you may have to file a police report for them to give you a refund. Capital One told me my payment transaction was going to Beiijing.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Thank you kindly N Kent but I bought nothing from them and only wrote this article to share info with others. Thanks though N Kent for you kind consideration – it is appreciated 🙂 .

    1. Julie Retcher

      I had the same experience! Totally frustrated as it was shared on an agriculture site. I asked the lady that shared it if she had ordered from it and she assured me she had with no issues.

  3. Teerah

    I also ordered several pairs of their shoes and then they sent me an email with a tracking number. When my package arrived it was a belt not 5 pairs of shoes. I have contacted them several times to ask about my order. I would love to know how I can get my money back from these thieves. I only wish I had seen this site before now.


  4. Pete

    Hell yes they are a scam. As soon as you put in your card number they decline it but have your info then hit random websites charging your card. I fell for it!! they even send you a tracking number days later saying your package is being sent from China so to be patient. What a bunch of sorry lazy individuals. Don’t do it!!!!

  5. Deanna

    Well..I fell for it and ordered only to do further research (that I should’ve done PRIOR to giving them my info. No contact number, only an email address..I had to call my bank and lock my card out of fear and just to be safe that they won’t get anymore of my money. My own stupidity..


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